The Mexican Winter League regular season ended last night which can be viewed on Sport One. Sebastian Elizalde entered the day with a .380 average in 250 at-bats, leading the league. Manny Rodriguez was second in the league, hitting .371. Rodriguez, however, had hit .511 over his last 10 games and was absolutely on fire. In what seemed like fate, the two players teams faced off on the final day of the regular season.

Sebastian Elizalde got the day off. Manny Rodriguez did not, but perhaps he should have. Culiacan walked him on four pitches the first time he came to the plate. They did the same thing the next time he came to the plate. In his third trip to the dish, with two runners on, he saw a strike before being hit by the next pitch. In his fourth trip to the plate he was hit by another pitch. Rodriguez didn’t get another chance as he was replaced after that. While it’s certainly possible that all of it was just poor pitching, it seems like bad sportsmanship to not give him a shot to swing the bat in order to protect the other guys lead in average.

Both Sebastian Elizalde and Manny Rodriguez finished the day with the same averages that they began the day with. For Elizalde he gets to celebrate a batting title in his home country. His .380 average, of course, led the league. His .446 on-base percentage also topped the league. He finished fifth with a .524 slugging percentage. During the 67 games he played he showed off outstanding plate discipline, walking 27 times with just 29 strikeouts. You can see the entire Mexican Winter League leaderboards here.

The 2017 Mexican Winter League season was the best of the career for Sebastian Elizalde. Since 2014 the Cincinnati Reds outfield prospect has been a main stay in the league, though he saw very limited action dating back to 2011 as a teenager. He posted career bests in hits, doubles,steals, walks, average, on-base percentage, slugging percentage, and OPS. He also tied his career highs in triples and home runs.

Here’s a rundown of Sebastian Elizalde’s career Mexican Winter League stats (regular season only).

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13 Responses

  1. CP

    Good for him!

    Doug random question. Do you think Lopez and Reyes will start the year in AA sense they finished the year there? Or will one/both of them get bumped to AAA to start the year?

    • Doug Gray

      Reyes, I’d be shocked if he started in AAA, unless they decided to push him into the bullpen. Lopez I’d say is probably more likely to hit AAA to begin the year, but I could see him returning to Pensacola for 6 weeks or so to start the year, too.

      • RedsKoolAidDrinker

        My ADHD brain can not keep Reyes and Lopez straight, in terms of which one is which. Yes i know that was random.

  2. Simon Cowell

    Bush league and that is the sort of thing that falls on the manager. We want coaches teaching kids to hit batters in order to help your own team mate win a batting title?

    • MK

      The Mexican Winter League would fit the definition of a Bush League so in that regard I guess they were acting appropriately. Most of the pitchers are past the kid stage as well. Shenanigans for batting titles have been going on since stats started being kept. I don’t like the hits batsmen but really have no problem making him swing at bad pitches. Ty Cobb and Hal McRae lost titles under questionable tactics.

  3. Greenfield Red

    Off topic a bit, but I think it’s worth a mention.

    There are two pitchers returning from TJ surgery this Spring (John Moscot and Nick Hansen). I’m interested in how their careers go from here. Throw in SS Carlten Daal as another to watch. There must be others too.

  4. Piggly Wiggly

    Elizade was one of the very final cuts last year in spring training. Fresh off this success, it will be an interesting spring watching both Ervin and Elizade battle it out for an OF spot.

    • Doug Gray

      Ervin’s advantages on defense, the bases, with power all give him a big leg up here. Not to mention his spot on the 40-man roster.

  5. Shamrock

    You know, there were a bunch of people openly questioning (over on Redszone) whether or not Ervin would even be Rule 5 protected last summer.
    Doug, what kinda Stateline this years as well as future success do you see in his future??

    (please also provide your outlook on Elizalde as far as MLB)