During my trip to spring training in 2017 an unknown prospect at the time, Mariel Bautista, stood out among the group of players that were destined for extended spring training. He had hit .333/.408/.473 the year before in the Dominican Summer League. That performance earned him an invitation stateside for 2017.

The Cincinnati Reds assigned Mariel Bautista to the Arizona League Reds once the rookie season began. The 19-year-old wasted no time at all. In the first week of his season he hit .400, going 8-20 over the final week of June. He didn’t walk, but only had two strikeouts. The right handed hitter also had two doubles and drove in five runs.

The outfielder would not play for the first several days of July. On the 4th, Mariel Bautista returned to the lineup and went 6-17 (.353) over the following week. Another five days would go by before he would see the lineup again. He would play in seven games through the 23rd, going 8-30 (.267) with two doubles. Bautista only played one game over the final week of the month, though, going 2-3 on the 28th. He would only play in 12 games during the month, but made them count as he hit .320/.358/.360.

August began with a seven game hitting streak for Mariel Bautista. He went 11-29 in that span, hitting two doubles along the way. A mini-slump followed in the next four game that included just one game with a hit. He closed out the season’s final eight games with hits in seven of them. Over the final month of the year he hit .299/.341/.390 with five doubles and a triple. He really began to show off his speed in this stretch, too, stealing 13 bases.

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Mariel Bautista Spray Chart

Mariel Bautista Scouting Report

Hitting | Mariel Bautista has hit .320 and .333 over the last two seasons. He makes contact at a good rate and he can use the entire field well. His speed will also help him generate some additional infield hits. The hit tool has above-average potential.

Power | In 2017 he didn’t hit a single home run. The in-game power isn’t there right now. His isolated power was just .075, which is Billy Hamilton-esque. With that said, he’s a lean 6′ 3″ and has plenty of room to fill out. He shows power in batting practice and could grow into average power where 15 home runs isn’t out of the question.

Running | He’s an above-average to plus runner right now.

Arm | He shows off a solid arm that will play at all three outfield spots.

Defense | While he saw most of his action in left field in 2017, he’s capable of handling center field just fine. He has limited action in right field in his career, but can play there, too.

Right now, Mariel Bautista represents a potential 5-tool player. There are plenty of things to like about his current game. He’s fast and he used his speed very well on the basepaths in 2017, going 16-for-17 on stolen base attempts in just 36 games played. He made contact at a good rate and carried a high batting average for a second straight season.

There are some areas he will need to improve, though. While there is power potential in there, it’s not showing up in games at all right now. Improving his strikeout-to-walk ratio will also be key. That is mostly tied to his low walk rate, though. The 19-year-old had just five walks in 157 plate appearances. That’s a rate that will have to improve moving forward.


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  1. James K

    About a century ago, someone asked future Hall-of-Famer Honus Wagner what he did during the off season. He replied that he just stared out the window and waited for spring.

    NOW how many days to go?

    • Colorado Red

      Reporting date for pitchers is Feb 13th. First game is Feb 23rd.
      So, from now until first spring training game (as of 2 Jan) is 52 days and counting

  2. The Duke

    Very nice contact rates, but the lack of walks coupled with the lack of power need to improve. The signs that they could improve are there, Bautista will be interesting to watch in 2018. Big time athlete.

  3. Piggly Wiggly

    CF is not a concern at the lower levels with Siri, Miles Gordon, Stuart Fairchild, TJ Friedl, and now Bautista. How will it all shake out?
    Daytona: Siri and Friedl
    Dayton: Fairchild and Gordon
    Billings: Bautista
    Maybe Siri can get a mid-season bump up to Pensacola if he does well and spread them out a little better. Followed by a bump up for Fairchild, too, maybe.

    • Stock

      I think maybe you could add Sugilio to the Dayton line and Trammell to the Daytona line. I know Trammell doesn’t play there much with Siri on the same team (same for Sugilio in Billings) but I think if others are traded both could field the position.

    • CP

      There is also that other minor league team that the Reds apparently are adding on in Tennessee. Some of those guys could go there to get additional playing time at CF.

  4. Piggly Wiggly

    Sitting there in DFA limbo is RHP Dylan Baker. He was DFA’d by the Indians the same day as Kyle Crockett. The Brewers claimed him, then released him a month later when they signed Yovani Gallardo and Jhoulyis Chacin.
    He is 25, and coming off TJ surgery. He missed most of 2015 and all of 2016. Former starter now a reliever. His 2017 was not bad. Very good ground ball rate, BB rate and HR allowed rate. He pitched at AA in 2017.
    I don’t think giving up a 40-man spot would be ideal, but if he is released, a minor league deal with him might be good. He has and has had good peripherals. He might be ready for AAA and a step away from the Reds to begin 2018.

      • Piggly Wiggly

        It came out about noon today that the Dodgers have claimed him. That would mean the Reds passed entirely. Oh well.
        The Reds might have had to try and slip him through waivers again if they had selected him to maneuver him to a minor league team and to keep their one 40 man roster spot open. It might have ended up a lot of wrangling for next to nothing.
        We’ll see if the Dodgers try to slip him through waivers again here soon.

      • Doug Gray

        It later came out that he actually wasn’t claimed, but acquired via a trade.

  5. kevin z

    Really like the Tools this player shows. Cant wait to see what can do with over 400 PA.
    Cant remember a time, having this many OF Prospects, with the tools they possess as of now

    • Doug Gray

      I imagine that he will get about 200 PA this year, either in Billings or in Greeneville. The depth among the outfielders is impressive below Double-A.

  6. Brad

    Bautista was impressive in spring training last year. A half step below Jose Siri level impressive. His BP group with Christian Olivo and Edwin Yon may have been best I saw.

  7. MK

    Sounds like similar bio as other Latin outfielders we’ve had just coming to states.

    • Doug Gray

      It does a little bit. Fast, projectable tools across the board, but a little raw in some areas, too.