The Cincinnati Reds have signed Dylan Floro to a minor league contract for 2018 according to SB Nations Chris Cotillo.

It was almost a year ago to the day that I wrote about Dylan Floro and whether the Reds missed out on claiming him on waivers from Tampa Bay. The numbers were good heading into the 2017 season at the minor league level. But, he was shut down near the end of the season with a sore arm.

That didn’t come into play during the 2017 season. Dylan Floro began the year on time and in Triple-A. Just over a month later he was pitching in the big leagues with the Cubs in very limited action. He made just three appearances in the big league. Two of them went quite well, but the Brewers roughed him up for five runs in 2.0 innings in the other appearance. In his three appearances he allowed 15 hits in 9.2 innings with two walks and six strikeouts.

In Triple-A Dylan Floro saw time with both the Cubs and Dodgers organizations. Both organizations are in the Pacific Coast League. The reliever threw 60.0 innings with a 4.20 ERA across 33 games. As has been the case in the past, his walk rate was almost non-existent. The right hander walked all of 11 batters on the season. What did happen in 2017, though, was his strikeout rate fell back to his career rates after taking a step forward the year previously. In Triple-A he struck out just 38 batters.

Dylan Floro did have a strong grounder rate in 2017. In Triple-A his rate was 60%, and in the Majors (in just a few innings) it was 50%. He works heavily with a sinker that he throws in the 89-94 MPH range. He also mixed in a slider and a change up, though it’s the slider that is his main secondary offering.

Looking at how the Cincinnati Reds bullpen stands right now, there would appear to be a spot or two up for grabs. I like a good gamble; that’s why I’m always on free spins uten innskuudd, but this risk is something else. From a stuff standpoint, Dylan Floro is pretty far down the list. But, what he has working for him is that he pounds the strikezone and Bryan Price is clearly a fan of guys that can do just that. The right hander has consistently allowed more hits than innings pitched, though, and his big league experience is rather limited. As someone who hasn’t missed many bats in his career, and the depth and competition for the spots in the bullpen, I’d expect to see him begin the year in the Louisville bullpen.

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  1. Piggly Wiggly

    I remember your article on him last year. I thought the Reds should have put that claim in on him then. Now they get him without having to put him on the 40-man roster immediately.
    Not every reliever in the bullpen has to have 9 K / 9. It helps, but if he can induce ground balls to get out of one-out jams, then that has good value. He’ll have to pitch his way on the roster and that isn’t a bad thing.
    You mentioned that Bryn Price likes guys that pound the strike zone. Too bad he hasn’t had many of those. But one other thing I noticed about Floro that Price also likes. The 60.0 innings pitched in 33 games. That screams multi-inning reliever.
    The Gosselin signing was kind of bland with a little upside. This signing seems to have more upside to it.

    • Doug Gray

      I’d argue the Gosselin signing has more upside to it. He’s shown in the past that he can be a useful big leaguer. He was downright terrible last year, no question, but in the past he’s been a little below-average with the bat, but capable of playing 4-5 spots on the field. Nothing sexy about that kind of role, but it’s one that is certainly useful.

  2. The Duke

    Solid org depth signing to fill out the AAA bullpen, and maybe he gets a shot if he puts a nice year together and the guys in front of him who get a shot first falter.

  3. Piggly Wiggly

    DG, whatever happened to Louis Coleman? The Reds signed him last year to minor league contract, a MLB veteran, and then assigned him to AAA out of spring training. He pitched rather well at Louisville, never got a call up, and then seemed to have disappeared.
    Is he floating around out there again this year in free agent land? He had some pretty good K numbers at Louisville and in his career if I remember correctly. He also had a sinker, but a slightly higher FB rate than GB rate I believe.
    If he is out there as a free agent, any chance the Reds could bring him back on a minor league deal again? I think he is about the same age as Hughes is.

    • Doug Gray

      Released mid-June. Signed with Arizona. They also didn’t call him up. Can’t imagine he’d come back given that they didn’t use him last year.

  4. Lee

    It looks like the Reds need to sign a true shortstop in case Peraza gets injured or just isn’t getting it done. We have an open 40-man spot, I wonder who the candidates are?

      • Shamrock

        I Agree

        In fact, when it comes down to taking a bat out of the lineup it should be Peraza, not Scooter’s.
        Senzel is a natural 3B

  5. Michael Smith

    Shamrock, Senzel started out as a 2b at UT. He can play both. Why move a gold glove level player to shortstop and weaken the defense at two positions?

      • Michael

        MK I respect you opinion but I still need to see it at the mlb level. Suarez is one of the best defensive third basemen in baseball, average at best at short. Scooter is at best average and due for an adjustment offensively.

  6. MK

    Ex-Red Adam Rosales if a free agent he should come cheap as a back-up shortstop.

    • Doug Gray

      Is he really a shortstop though? Or is he basically an older, likely less productive version of Alex Blandino?

      The Reds need someone who can realistically play shortstop every day if something happens to Peraza. I don’t think that’s Rosales.

  7. Cguy

    Is it likely they will find someone better than Vincej that they can sign to a minor league contract (with a ML invite)?

    • Doug Gray

      I’m honestly not sure. I think in a typical year, that yes, that kind of guy is out there. But I’ll be honest – I didn’t go through the hundreds of minor league free agents to see if that kind of guy does this year.

  8. Simon Cowell

    Bleacher report has the Reds farm system ranked at #9 and actually has a good selection of our tier 1 and tier 2 prospects. I know many don’t care for the bleacher report so I won’t provide a link.
    Doug’s information is obviously more informative but it is good to see a “non-partisan” view align somewhat with what a fan is projecting.

  9. Brad

    MLB and AAA pitching spots will be highly contested. Lot of arms to go around between the two levels.

  10. HavaKlu

    The 2 guys I would take a serious look at are Daniel Castro, a slick fielding 25 yr. old who had 2 stints with the Braves and 28 yr old Rey Navarro, a pretty good hitting switch hitter who was red’s property in 2014 and can play all Inf positions.

    • HavaKlu

      This post was supposed to reply to the last of Doug’s comments