When the San Diego Padres re-signed reliever Craig Stammen they needed to open up a spot on the 40-man roster. That led to them designating infielder Jose Rondon for assignment. The 23-year-old has limited time in the Major Leagues, racking up 26 at-bats in 2016.

In the 2017 season Jose Rondon spent his entire year in the minors. However, nearly two months were spent on the disabled list in two separate stints. In April he missed three weeks, playing in just six total games for Double-A San Antonio. Then between July 7th and August 18th he played in just one game that wasn’t a rehab assignment in the Arizona Rookie League.

When Jose Rondon was on the field, he hit well. During his 51 games in Double-A he hit .293/.343/.433 with 16 walks and 43 strikeouts. After his promotion to Triple-A, which was interrupted with injury, he hit .282/.330/.412 with six walks and 16 strikeouts. He makes contact at a decent rate, walks at a solid clip and while he’s never shown a bunch of power, he’s not powerless, either.

Defensively, though, is where Jose Rondon could make the most sense for the Cincinnati Reds. He can play shortstop. Among the players on the 40-man roster for the Reds currently, only Jose Peraza is viewed as an every day caliber defensive shortstop. The team needs another option at the position, on an every day basis, just in case something happens with Peraza. Whether that is an injury, or he struggles to produce, there simply aren’t options right now beyond him. Picking up Rondon could fill that need.

The Reds won’t be the first team that gets dibs on Jose Rondon. Both the San Francisco Giants and Philadelphia Phillies are ahead of the Reds on the waiver wire. But if he does reach the Reds it may be a move that makes plenty of sense for them. With one option year remaining, the team could send him to the minors and have him playing daily until needed in the Majors.


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  1. Shawn

    Looks like the kind of player the Reds need to add. Get it done!

  2. Colorado Red

    Who would we have to DFA if we pick him up.
    Or do we have a spot of the 40 man?
    If we have a spot take a shot.

  3. Bill

    Since we have an opening on the 40-man, there’s no reason not to claim him if he makes it to the waiver wire. He might even be worth a “cash considerations” trade. We need someone like Rondon.

  4. Mark

    Yes he is probably better than peraza and would start for the reds

  5. AlphaZero

    Yeah, this seems like an easy claim given the open roster spot and the current lack of viable SS options on the 40 man. Rondon still has some upside too.

  6. Greenfield Red

    Unless there’s something about this guy we don’t know about (injury, arrest, ect.) this is a no brainer if he falls to the Reds.

    Two years ago Dan Straily was a waiver wire pick up. Last year it was Scooter Gennett. This year may be Rondon.

    With tens of millions and in some cases hundreds of millions of dollars being thrown around like it was change from our ash tray, it’s amazing that the Reds have picked up two above average major leaguers in the last two years, and the possibility of another good one staring them in the face for almost nothing.

  7. Cguy

    Hey, he’s 9 years younger & $17MM cheaper than Cozart. What’s not to like?

    • Colorado Red

      Last year Zack was a All-Star, so far Radon has not hit his way out of a paper bag.
      That of course, could still give him a shot

  8. Norwood Nate

    This seems like a no brainer and there’s nothing to lose by claiming him. The Reds have a specific need, he fills that need, and he’s still got an option on top of it so he can be sent to the minors. Out of all the DFA possibilities this seems like it’s tailor-made for the Reds to put in a claim.

  9. Shamrock

    Ya know, it’s a tad embarrassing that we are discussing the San Diego Padres scrap heap……but yea, the kid does look like he’d serve a purpose here in Cincy.

    • Michael

      Ppl we likely thinking the same thing last year when we shifted thru the Brewers trash.

    • Stock

      Waiver wire picks are more about the depth of a system rather than the quality at the top. Sure the Pad’s don’t have quality at the top but they have one of the better farm systems and therefore whenever they DFA a player he should be considered. KC on the other hand is not deep so most players DFA’a would not move to our 40 man roster.

  10. HavaKlu

    Another player who would be worth at least a minor league sign is 25 yr. old Daniel Castro, an above average fielding SS who had brief appearances with the Braves in 2015 and 16.

  11. Michael B. Green

    Rondon’s defensive metrics in the minors were better in 2016 than 2017. His defensive metrics at the MLB level were not exciting – although it involves a small sample size.

    He is young and could possibly play 2B and 3B too but he is quite possibly a younger version of Zach Vincej – and that is not a bad thing.

    Unless we do something crazy like sign Alcides Escobar or look into signing Jose Iglesias next year, Rondon looks like a nice AAA insurance policy for the concern that most have for Peraza – defense.

    It was just a few years ago where scouts did not think Cory Seager could handle SS and, at least for the time being, those issues are emphatically put to bed. While not the same type of player, I still think that Peraza is going to establish himself in the second half of 2018 as a key piece of the Reds contending ball club.

    The last time the Reds turn the corner from also-ran to contender, they signed a 35-year-old Orlando Cabrera to play SS. Cabrera had a good deal of post season experience. They added Ramon Hernandez and Scott Rolen with similar report cards.

    The only SS that is remotely available that has post season experience is Escobar. Iglesias had some in 2013 for DET too.

    The only hesitation in signing Rondon is whether or not it blocks Blake Trahan. I still think Trahan can make it. I like his defense and his plate discipline.

    At the end of the day, I see no harm in claiming – especially if we trade someone on our 40MR.

    • Greenfield Red

      SS in the minors will be interesting this year.

      In the upper levels you have three guys who have not performed well enough (Rodriquez, Trahan, and Dahl). I think their placement depends mostly on the needs of Rodriquez since he’s such a high profile signing. None have earned AAA… or even AA for that matter. While Rodriquez did not hit well enough at Daytona last year, I think he’ll be at Pensacola. If that happens that likely pushes Trahan to AAA after he disappointed in AA last year. Dahl performed well in AA before getting hurt in early 2016. He’s missed almost two years. I guess he drops down to Daytona if healthy.

      Then, in the lower minors you have three high upside guys who are probably all ready for Dayton, but probably only Downs will be there. Hernandez is the youngest of the three, but Garcia hasn’t played in a game for an extended period. If Garcia goes to Billings, I guess that puts Hernandez in Greenville if it actually becomes an affiliate. I’d like all three to get full season at bats, but I don’t think it will happen.

      If they sign Rondon, and he ends up in Louisville, it will be interesting to see how it affects SS throughout the system.

  12. Scott C

    Why not? Shortstop options are pretty slim in upper minors, and who know what he might do. That is unless the Reds can pull off some trade and sign a major league shortstop.

  13. Steve

    The Reds usually carry 23-24 pitchers on the 40 man roster, but it would be a good idea to pick him up, fill out the roster and see what happens in ST. Davis might start the season on the 60 day DL and there may be other injuries that occur during ST. I also hope the Reds take a good look at Darnell Sweeney to fill the U spot on the 25 man roster. He can play both SS and CF as well as other positions and is a Switch hitter. If Quackenbush and Crockett outperform the others in ST, then there will be players DFAd to make room on the roster for them. With Mes, Herrera and one of Duvall, Schebler or Winker taking 3 of the bench spots, it will be interesting if the Reds will go into 2018 with 12 or 13 pitchers to start the season. Trades could happen from now until then to solve the roster issues, but it looks interesting for who will take the U spot on the roster between Blandino, Gosselin and possibly Sweeney and Dixon in the mix.

  14. Shamrock

    Hey DG, why haven’t we heard anything yet??
    (how long does it take for these waiver wire claims to go thru)

    • Bill

      The Padres have 10 days to trade, release or outright Rondon. If they want to outright Rondon, they have to put him on waivers first to allow another team the opportunity to claim him. If they go this route, they have 7 days from Jan 6 (the day they DFA’d him) to place him on waivers.

  15. Dave

    What did I miss? What about Zack Vincej? Why is he not mentioned as a major league shortstop?

  16. William Kubas

    January 7, 2018
    ” Trades could happen from now until then to solve the roster issues, but it looks interesting for who will take the U spot on the roster between Blandino, Gosselin and possibly Sweeney and Dixon in the mix.”


    January 8, 2018
    “What did I miss? What about Zack Vincej? Why is he not mentioned as a major league shortstop?”

    In what I thought was a interesting move, Zach Vincej was selected by the Seattle Mariners from waivers, November 3, 2017.

  17. Dave

    oh that’s right, william. thanks. i do remember that. dude is a slick fielder and his stick is much improved. i saw him play a lot in pensacola. good luck in seattle, vince!