The year-long rise of Jose Siri continues. The Cincinnati Reds prospect took home the organizations Minor League Hitter of the Year Award for his season spent with the Dayton Dragons in 2017. He then joined the Gigantes in the Dominican Winter League where he hit .321 with a .500 slugging percentage and 11 steals in 78 at-bats.

The Gigantes made the Dominican Winter League playoffs and Jose Siri has been their starting center fielder in most of the games. On Wednesday night they took on Licey and fell behind 2-0 in the top of the 2nd. They would tie the game up in the bottom of the inning thanks to a long home run by Siri. It was his playoff best 3rd home run.

The 22-year-old outfielder took a belt-high change up (unless the guy was throwing 83 MPH fastballs) and crushed it to left-center. His team would take the lead the next inning. The two teams would battle back-and-forth and the game would head into extra innings.

In the bottom of the 11th, with the game tied a leadoff walk put the winning run on first base. That brought Jose Siri to the plate. Things started out favorably as Siri jumped ahead 2-0 in the at-bat. On the third pitch he bunted the ball and beat out the throw for an infield single. During the next at-bat both runners moved up on steals, which for Siri was his 3rd of the offseason. That is also tops in the league, tied with two other players. With 1st base now open, an intentional walk followed and set up the winning run to score on a sacrifice fly.


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  1. Stock

    Striking out more than I would like to see in the playoffs but the pitchers are much better than he will see in April. Look for a big first 3 months in Daytona for Siri

  2. Cinvenfan

    Very encouraged by Siri’s performance last season in the minors and now in winter ball. I know some of you don´t put too much in winter ball leagues, but believe me, it is far more competitive than you think. It’s not only facing some MLB / AAA players but the intensity level is so much different than in the minors which are more focused on development than winning.

    Those extra at bats certainly help a young guy like Siri and getting to know MLB players as teammates and playing in front of family, friends and fellow countrymen does great things for many of them from the mental side.

    Hopefully he uses his time down there to better his skills and becomes the much needed CF heir for BHam in short time.

  3. Wes

    Hope to see him get pushed a bit in his age 23 season. Love to see him hit his way to Louisville to end the year. I’m starting to come around. Been real cautious since I bought aquinos fools gold but Siri is building a longer tract record vs better pitching.

  4. Wes

    Free agency continues to be a shocker. Bruce can only get 13 per for 3 years? Wasn’t impressed at all w cozarts contract either. Only player friendly contract I’ve seen is Carlos Santana.

    Reds need to be kicking tires on a few remaining guys. Never seen the market so low !

    • Colorado Red

      Cozart was tops at SS, but not a lot of demand.
      Bruce was also not the top of the class. Both seems team friendly.
      Not sure what the other big names will get, but a 2nd tier might be a thought.

    • Wes

      There’s going to be 20 teams gunning for 2 or 3 guys next year. So a whole lot of losers with tons of money to spend!

      I have always been against signing free agents because the deals are too long and the annual salary is too high but that’s not the case with this market. Smart management adjusts to market conditions.

    • Bill

      I think the dilemma is this, do the Reds needs match where there may be opportunity in the market? The Reds could use an upgrade in CF, SS and pitching. I think the Reds have good reason to believe that the upgrades at SS and for the pitching staff can come internally. As such, bringing in a FA SS or pitcher prevents the Reds from understanding how Peraza and our covey of major league ready starting pitchers fit long term. Cain would be a clear upgrade at CF, others would could only be expected to bring marginal gain. As the only real difference maker at CF, I anticipate Cain gets a nice FA contract when its all said and done, just as Cozart did.

      I also think there are other factors in play that are changing the FA market that will have impacts beyond this year. The higher penalties for exceeding the soft salary cap are more significant. When Forbes published its listing of franchise values earlier this year, the valuation growth has tapered off which implies macro level industry revenue growth has slowed. Lastly, the cost of buying premium talent on the FA market has gotten so high to where the value of prospects has risen. I think we are seeing front offices prefer to build with young, unproven, but very cheap talent over older, proven players that require long financial commitments.

      • Stock

        The reason the market is so slow is because:

        1. Four teams (Cleveland, Houston, Washington and LA) are comfortable they will win their division by standing pat and therefore don’t need to jump into the market. 4 teams (Boston, NYY, Cubs and STL) are battling it out for the division so they feel the need to make moves and have/will. The other 22 teams are playing for a wild card or are not really playing for 2018 and therefore will not dig deep this winter.

        2. Cleveland and others found out last year they can get Jay Bruce and whatever in July/August on the cheap. By waiting they know their needs for October better than by spending big money now. So by waiting it is cheaper and more efficient.

        For these reason I don’t see Cleveland, LA, Washington and Houston doing much this winter unless it is a financially sound move.

  5. Cguy

    Jose Siri & Taylor Trammel could both finish the year at Pensacola & be in the conversation for 2019. Hey, optimism runs rampant in January.

    • Stock

      I think that is very realistic. Trammell improved dramatically month to month last season. Siri is holding his own vs. AA, AAA and ML pitchers this winter.

  6. Piggly Wiggly

    Jose Siri is playing himself into being an untouchable prospect like Senzel and Trammell.
    Siri > Trammell > Winker as the Reds outfield in 2020. All very well suited to join the INF of Votto, Suarez, Senzel, Barnhart, and a SS to be determined.

  7. MK

    On the home run swing it looks like he has shortened his swing.

    • The Duke

      If he’s shortened his swing and is still generating that kind of power, it bodes well for him this year in reducing his K rate. If he can couple that with further improvements in his walk rate then he could really blow up this year. Exciting times for Siri, and it sure would be nice to have that kind of D in CF with that offensive upside. He may not be Billy Hamilton in CF, but it’s not that far off imo.

  8. lollipopcurve

    I appreciate you posting these videos from the Dominican, Doug. Getting pretty pumped about Siri. Agree with MK that the swing looks more compact. You can see it from the side angle they show. He’s going to have to make some adjustments as he moves up, and if he can…look out.