There’s a whole lot of Hunter Greene news coming out lately. A few days ago Yahoo’s Tim Brown covered one of Greene’s baseball camps. I talked about the work that Greene is doing in his community on the podcast this past week a little bit, but he just continues to impress off of the field. If you’re going to read one more baseball article today, read this one.

Mark Sheldon of jumped into the Hunter Greene article frenzy earlier today. The article posits the question of where he will begin his 2018 season. I’ve been on record that he’ll start in Dayton, but the question is more about when that happens more so than if it happens. With his limited innings at just 18-years-old, controlling his workload is crucial. Jeff Graupe had something similar to say to Sheldon:

“Like we do with every individual player, we’re going to create a plan to best manage the year,” Graupe told on Thursday. “Hunter is coming off of a season where he had limited innings and pitches thrown. Just progressing him safely, but at a challenging level, will be the key for the 2018 season. We’ll manage his timeline with what we think will be best for him, long term.”

Now, it wouldn’t be completely unbelievable if the Reds chose to start Hunter Greene back in Billings for 2018. He will pitch the year as an 18-year-old, and with larger rosters in rookie ball, you can not only help limit the innings during a game, but the later start in the year means you can limit the overall innings, too, without shutting him down at any point. Still, if I had to bet, I believe we will see Greene in Dayton to begin his season. It just may not be until some point in May or June.

Major League Baseball and the Players Association held their annual Rookie Career Development program. Alex Blandino was one of the players that the Reds sent. The point of the program is to give the guys an idea of what to expect in the big leagues. How to handle your money, who to trust, things to avoid, etc. At the event he talked with’s Jonathan Mayo.

The Reds added Alex Blandino to the 40-man roster after the 2017 season. He will likely be considered in competition for a spot on the Reds bench in 2018. He’s capable of backing up third base, second base and shortstop. He’s athletic enough that he should be able to play in the corner outfield spots, too – though he doesn’t have any game experience out there right now. After a slow start in Pensacola in 2017 he turned things around quickly, posting an .835 OPS between Double-A with the Blue Wahoos and Triple-A with the Louisville Bats.


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  1. MK

    MLB TV had a Greene segment. There he said the plan he was given have him in Dayton.

  2. MK

    Jacob May released by White Sox. Worth a minor league contract,

  3. Cguy

    Another Adam Duvall or Scott Schebler pretender. It seems anyone who has some success at AAA level is the next corner OF for the Reds. I’ll bet dollars to doughnuts with any one who will bet that either Winker, Peraza, or Blandino ever make Gold Glove Finalist at any position besides DH.

      • Cguy

        It’s simple, how many doughnuts you got?Possibly a stretch with Peraza, but there’s so many “glove guys” at ss the next few years. My dollars are safe with Winker & Blandino.

      • Doug Gray

        What the heck does any of that have to do with your initial comment? That’s where I’m confused. What on Earth made you post that comment? What is the reference?

    • MK

      If you can show me any previous gold glove DH finalist I might be in. But I really have no idea what you original post is saying.

      • Cguy

        It’s called sarcasm. There aren’t any DH gold glove finalists. There aren’t any Gold Glove awards in the future of Winker, Peraza, & Blandino. Reds are replacing good to great defensive players with not so good defensive players. A year ago Reds still had BP & Cozart up the middle. Now we have Gennett & Peraza. Winker is not the defensive outfielder that Duvall or Schebler is. If they trade Hamilton & Duvall, the Reds would have one of the weakest defensive outfields in baseball. Reds ranked 7th in defense last year. With their current roster, they’ll be fortunate to rank in the top 12 this year.

      • MK

        Houston was 20th, Reds 7th. Guess the Reds can drop a few spots and still become successful.

  4. Kap

    I would like the reds to trade scooter now for the reasons we all mentioned earlier (raising salary, possible regression, other cheaper options, ect.). This would allow the reds to have blandino and Herrera battle this spring for the 2nd base job. If the both fail, senzel is the man. At least they are given a chance to maximize their potential.

    Heard that the mets nearly traded for Jason kipnis but it fell through. Scooter is a much cheaper option and had a wayyyyyy better year than kipnis did. Just saying…..

    • sixpacktwo

      I think Scooter and Herrera will make a great platoon at 2nd this year getting us to July. Then Senzel and trades may come into play.

      • Kap

        They should pull a Straily type move and trade him at his peak value. That worked almost to perfection for the Reds

  5. Reds4ever

    Idk if you guys have ever seen Blandino in the infield, but he’s not that good. He can’t move two feet to his left or right. Herrera is legit.

  6. Shamrock

    We have a 2B who’s gonna hit about .280 w/ 25hr + 90rbi……..and you guys wanna replace him with a platoon of Herrera/Blandino???????

    We’re already losing a bunch of offense by downgrading SS from Cozy to Peraza.


    • Kap

      It’s much so much that. Its more like I hope one of those players takes 2nd base and senzel plays elsewhere, preferably short. That’s how little faith I have in peraza

      • Bill

        Senzel was the starting 2B one season at Tennessee and the starting SS for two seasons. He did play SS as well, but it was only in a handful of games. As he’s got virtually no track record as a SS, unless we see him there a lot this spring, I’ve got to believe the Reds simply don’t think he’s capable of manning the SS in the majors except in a possible backup role.

      • Kap

        The Reds have stated that they intend to try Senzel at short. I don’t think he can either but if that square peg can somehow fit in that round hole, roll with it

    • Keith

      Who is this second baseman? Are you expecting Scooter to repeat his anomaly performance? And don’t forget his subpar defense.

      • sixpacktwo

        What you are missing is Scooter did a lot better against RH pitching. And this gives you a chance to give Herrera some at bats as he is out of options.

      • Alex

        He’s in his prime years now. So not odd for someone to break out at his age. More realistic than what happened with cozart. I’m a believer in gennet. Will he regress? Probably, but I still see him as an above avg 2nd baseman

    • The Duke

      Scooter had a career year in which everyone thinks the balls were juiced, plus he’s a bad defensive 2B. If his offense goes back to his career norms then he is what we thought he was before 2017, a solid platoon/reserve player who can play all around the field (2B/3B/LF/RF)

      • Cbus

        Agreed. Scooter has little trade value. I think most teams think he his an average 2B at best who just had a career year that he is unlikely to repeat. Thinking we can flip him for a Straily type return is not realistic.

      • Reaganspad

        Scooter is bad defensively and he does sell out on bad balls to generate much of his power. He has the worst strike zone on the team.

        I could definitely see a trade to a ml team looking for some pop that may send us a AA talent in return. Not all AA talent turns out to be a Luis Castillo but they were hankering to trade him to somebody.

        If Scooter is with us in 2018 he should not be starting every day at 2nd as The Duke points out. I think he will be traded

  7. Michael B. Green

    Here is the list of MLB starting shortstops that had -0- experience at SS in the minors:


    Senzel would set a new precedent if he made that shift. There are plenty of examples of players rotating between 2B and 3B however and I’m very happy with either position he ends up at for CIN.

    We are in great shape at 2B and 3B for our next run at a title.