Things are almost wrapped up when it comes to the Minor League coaching staffs. Only the affiliate that will be in the Appalachian League has yet to have it’s staff named, and that could be due to the fact that the team doesn’t have an official home yet. The Reds will have a team in the league. They will almost assuredly be in Greeneville, but they have yet to reach an agreement with the local college for the stadium usage, where the team has played in the past.

The Dominican Summer League has two Reds affiliates. The DSL Reds and the DSL Rojos have both named their coaching staffs, though the official release doesn’t say who is managing/coaching with which team. The two managers will be Jose Castro and Cristobal Rodriguez. Both are former players in the Cincinnati organization.

The pitching coaches will be Luis Andujar and Luis Montano. Montano pitched in the Reds farm system from 2006-2009, reaching Double-A that season. The hitting coaches will be Edward Bens and Luis Terrero. Both also played in the Reds farm system, though only one year for each of them. The bench coaches will be Jefry Sierra and Luis Saturria. Sierra spent time in the Reds farm system from 2008-2014, topping out in Dayton.

Reds roving instructors and other staff

The Reds also released their roving instructors for the 2018 campaign. Here’s how that list breaks down:

  • Fielding Coordinator: Billy Doran
  • Pitching Coordinator: Tony Fossas
  • Hitting Coordinator: Milt Thompson
  • Outfielder Instructor/Quality Control: Darren Bragg
  • Baserunning/Bunting Instructor: Delino DeShields
  • Latin American Fielding/Hitting Coordinator: Joel Noboa
  • Mental Skills Coach: Frank Pfister

There are also four guys listed as special assistants to the General Manager, who will be minor league roving instructors. All are former Major Leaguers with the Cincinnati Reds. Miguel Cairo, Mario Soto, Eric Davis and Barry Larkin will all serve in these roles. All of them have served in the roles in the past with the organization, too.

11 Responses

  1. Brad

    I may have just missed it, but was Corky Miller listed anywhere? I am sure he is a good coach but I am a believer in having good people around with a positive outlook on life. He seems to just ‘get it.’

    • Doug Gray

      He was not. I’ll be asking about him and his role, if there is one, the next time I speak with someone. Hopefully that will be within the next 24 hours.

      • Krozley

        Corky is again the roving catching instructor according to Sheldon’s article on the Reds site. I too would like to see him get a shot at managing with Greeneville (or whoever).

  2. Hebron Reds Fan

    Would love to see him maybe get a shot at managing the new Greenville team. Probably won’t happen–but I think he has great manager potential.

  3. MK

    Be nice if Eric Davis would stop parking in the handicapped drop off area in Dayton. Guess he thinks he is special. Saw a poor lady almost get hit by a car trying to get out with her wheelchair in the street.

    • Lee

      I met Eric Davis at last year’s Reds Caravan. He was my favorite player growing up, and left not being a fan at all. Very unfriendly and arrogant. Wanted to throw the autograph in the trash immediately.

      • Greenfield red

        This is too bad. It’should good to know, but sad to hear.

  4. Piggly Wiggly

    Thank goodness Delino DeShields is no longer in Louisville. Why in the world they would have DeShields as a roving bunting instructor is completely asinine. He is the one who completely screwed up Billy Hamilton’s bunting abilities two years ago with his “expert” tutelage. I saw DeShields on Chris Welsh’s Tech Talk pre-game segment on teaching bunting a couple of years ago, and it was very clear that DeShields is not a good teacher and communicator at all. After I saw that episode, I completely understood how Billy Hamilton got so discombobulated with his bunting.

    • Bennett Shuman

      Yes- Delino DeShields as a coach is officially roving so no one can take him seriously. In a similar reaction I am surprised that Jim Riggleman as a coach had also been retained and ready to add to his coaching career that has far exceeded his playing career.

      • T Trees

        I have to come to the defense of Eric Davis. He is very ‘to the point’; doesn’t play around. You really don’t know him if you consider him arrogant.