Another week and a lack of movement around Major League Baseball has come and gone. Despite that, there was plenty to talk about this week in The Unnamed Reds Podcast. Brian Snow and myself spent some time talking about a variety of topics.

  • Arbitration for the Reds
  • Is free agency broken? And how can baseball fix it, if it is?
  • The Marlins are asking for one of the best prospects in all of baseball from the Braves for Christian Yelich. Would you trade one of the Reds best two prospects for him?

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6 Responses

  1. redleggingfordayz

    Great podcast guys! Definitely one of my favorites so far. Personally, If I was going to give up someone like Hunter Greene for an active player, it would be for another pitcher. A real ace like Chris Archer or something that is reasonably priced over the next few years. Yelich is really good and I would love to see him play CF for the Reds, but I think the Reds have some CF help on the way at least in Trammell and Siri. I would rather take the risk on an ace pitcher to carry this team pitching wise.
    1. Archer
    2. Castillo
    3. Disco
    4. Bailey
    5. Romano/Steph/Finn etc

    This would be a filthy five for sure.

  2. Cbus

    Reds could probably sell the farm and get Yelich and Archer and be playoff contendders for the next 5 years, then we could stop wasting Votto years. Instead we’ll probably have to wait another 2-3 years and waste more Votto time.

  3. Ty

    This episode was the best one so far. Great examination of the “cold strove offseason” that’s currently unfolding. I just can’t blame teams for not wanting to give out 7 year contracts to players in their 30’s. After also reading the Scott Boars interview today, I’m convinced he’s part of the problem. Not that I don’t think players should be taking in their fair share, but it simply doesn’t make sense to be paying someone an Albert Pujols type contact. What Boras doesn’t consider is how small market teams are effected by these excessive contracts. 20 mil is nothing for the Yankees to pay, but losing someone like Homer Bailey for multiple years is huge. Again, you two have made a boring time in the offseason a real treat by having the best Reds podcast I’ve listened to so far.

  4. Mister Redpants

    Is anyone else having issues with the audio? Doug is way quieter than Brian. If i listen to it when Doug is talking then Brian speaks and almost blows the speakers in my car

    • Doug Gray

      I will try to do better with the audio levels next week. That’s on me.