It feels like this is getting repetitive, but it’s been another week and not much movement around Major League Baseball has gone by. The Cincinnati Reds didn’t do anything, either. But, there was plenty to talk about this week on The Unnamed Reds Podcast. While there were only two real topics, they were both important as far as it relates to the future of the organization.

  • Barry Larkin has expressed his interest in being the manager of the Cincinnati Reds.
  • The Reds farm system has a good showing in the Baseball America and ESPN Top 100 Prospect lists.

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13 Responses

  1. Piggly Wiggly

    Oh my, the Brewers jumping in with both feet into the Christian Yelich pool. That’s a bit of a surprise on one hand with several OF’s on their roster. On the other hand, the Brewers new front office isn’t content with their status quo and make an offer for Yelich.
    Bold front office.
    Reds front office on Stand Down.
    Brewers looking like Cardinal mini-me’s. More and more it looks like the Cincinnati Browns.

    • GM Nep O'Tism

      I don’t blame the Reds one bit for not being in that Christian Yelich pool. Apparently the Marlins were looking for Acuna (recently named the #1 prospect in baseball) + others from the Braves.

      If the asking price is that ridiculous, then there’s no need to get in on that. You’d be better off seeing what the Padres want for Chris Archer, or maybe the Giants will trade Cueto so they have some flexibility as far as the soft cap goes.

    • Doug Gray

      Christian Yelich is a difference maker, so it makes sense that they’d be going in. But, simply the rumor being out there that they made an offer doesn’t do much. As I’ve said before, I’d bet at least half the teams in baseball called to gauge interest in Yelich.

  2. Doug Gray

    For those who listened, were the levels of audio better this week? More of an even sound for both Brian and myself instead of Brian being louder by large amounts than I was? I know that someone mentioned that was a problem in the past, so I tried something different this week.

    • Alex

      I thought it was much better this week. Was the first thing I noticed

    • redleggingfordayz

      Agreed you guys sounded much more level in general throughout this one! Keep up the good work. Also, this guy has by far the best sound adjustment videos on YouTube from what I have seen. He also has tons of stuff about lighting and camera work in case you were even more curious.

      • Doug Gray

        Camera stuff wise, I’m pretty good. I’ve been doing photography/videography stuff for a long time. Audio wise, I’m still pretty new to the game. The biggest issue I run into is that since I’m recording this through Skype, it’s tough to get things onto separate channels, which is what made it tougher to handle the levels. The software I’m using, I have tried a few different ways to set it up to have skype as the input on one of the channels and just can’t make it work. I’m hoping to find a solution this week that doesn’t involve buying an additional piece of equipment (which isn’t happening).

      • redleggingfordayz

        I used to use this to do some simple podcast experiments with friends when I was looking into different tools. It is nice because it will split your audio and the “guest” you have on. Skype for me has always just added a certain level of hiss or reverb that is not present in the base audio. Obviously this is also based on your mic, settings, etc, but it can make it hard to really dial in that FM quality sound lol. Let me know if it works out for you, it looks to still be free as far as I can tell!!/

      • redleggingfordayz

        Oh and I forgot to add it also lets you choose your audio quality throughput up to 320 kbps I think!