Guys, it happened. The Cincinnati Reds made an actual roster move. That means that Brian and myself actually have a real life move to discuss this week on The Unnamed Reds Podcast. We covered a few different topics throughout the organization this week.

  • The signing of reliever David Hernandez.
  • The idea that Phil Gosselin is the Reds backup shortstop.
  • The final thoughts on Christian Yelich and why we both think the Reds made the right move to not acquire him.
  • How the new team in Greeneville could benefit the development of players in the future.

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10 Responses

  1. Brock

    Has Greeneville named their coaching staff? I did a quick google search and re-read the articles announcing the affiliate, but didn’t see anything.

  2. Joey

    Good stuff guys. I think Jackson Stephens will be a great bullpen piece.

    His number last year 1st time thru lineup:
    .176/.222/.324 OPS of .546 as a starter. Cubs x2, Red Sox, Cards.
    .111/.238/.167. as RP. Mets x2, Cards
    2nd time thru as starter
    .333/.429/.833 OPS 1.262
    Thank you Baseball reference!

    • The Duke

      IMO, Stephens looks like he’d be the perfect long reliever for the Reds 2018 bullpen. It’s a role I think he could thrive in.

  3. Shawn

    I think and hope when it was said that Gosselin was the backup SS he meant that he would be available for call up if Peraza is injured. I’m like you. I would rather have Blandino on the bench and have him as a short term option at SS for giving Peraza an occasional day off.

  4. AirborneJayJay

    I wouldn’t fret too much over Gosselin. I have a hard time seeing him on the 25 man roster, even if I squint a lot.
    I am going to hold out hope that the Reds get a good waiver wire pickup at the end of spring training for the 3rd straight year and that it covers backup SS/CF.

  5. AirborneJayJay

    I saw your tweet on the Phillies and former top draft pick Mark Appel giving up baseball. That was somewhat surprising.
    I also saw a link to this and found it extremely fascinating. Pitching mechanics.

    Wondered how that would apply to the Reds Hunter Greene. Went back to look at video of Greene pitching and he doesn’t look like he has that twist in his delivery. He looks more like Nolan Ryan than he does Jose Fernandez, at least from the article.
    Mr. Gray, what do you think of this Tommy John twist?? And do you see the TJ Twist in Greene’s delivery? I couldn’t. That might be a very, very good thing.

    • Doug Gray

      Chris O’Leary is a hack. Don’t listen to what he has to say.

      • Doug Gray

        He’s a “coach” who comes up with “new” ideas every few years about why pitchers get hurt, or what makes a hitter good. He’s been at that game for 15 years now.