I’m not sure if you have heard or not, but they are apparently playing the Super Bowl today. That’s the other game that super athletes play with that odd shaped “ball”. It’s the most watched event in the United States each year. Because we are all crazy people (though some of us more than others). The Patriots are taking on the Eagles. And while I can’t stand seeing Tom Brady and the Patriots win again, and I really hope they don’t, the idea of picking Nick Foles over Tom Brady is some kind of crazy talk. I’ll hope for the best possible outcome and that the Eagles defense just puts so much pressure on Brady that it leads to problems all night, but….. yeah, I’m not expecting Nick Foles somehow outscoring Tom Brady, even with the two defenses involved.

Let’s actually talk about the best part of the Super Bowl, though: The Commercials. They are insanely expensive, but if you do it right, they are worth every penny of the $6M you pay to have it run. It’s pretty much the only time a company is going to guarantee that they can reach almost anyone in America. Don’t screw it up, guys. There are a lot of memorable commercials that premiered during the Super Bowl over the years. The first big one that I remember was the Budweiser frogs. This one from Doritos, though, is my all-time favorite:

Unfortunately, I looked into running one for RedsMinorLeagues.com and it was just outside of the price range. Maybe next year.

So, who do you think is going to win the game tonight? I’m taking the Patriots 33-17, unfortunately. But more importantly, I’m picking Doritos to have the best commercial once again.

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  1. B-town Fan

    Hope this doesn’t date me too bad, I was a freshman in college at the time. It might not be a funny one but the Apple 1984 commercial is the one I always remember.

    • Doug Gray

      It’s probably the most famous of the Super Bowl commercials…. but, came out a few months before I was born. I know it well, but I wasn’t really around to remember it or have it make that impact on me.

  2. Madison Mike

    The first super bowl I can remember watching is the 2nd Niners- Bengals super bowl. The Budweiser frogs definitely stick out as the most popular from my childhood.

    • Colorado Red

      Was skying that day.
      The SB almost made me cry.
      (Yes, I was an adult and up at Breckenridge)

  3. BABull

    I just don’t get the whole anti-Brady and the anti-Patriot sentiment. Love you, Doug but I will go with Tom and Belicheck. Gronk catches the winning TD pass, 31-24.

    • Doug Gray

      You don’t get why people are tired of seeing the same thing over and over and over? Much less that we know for a fact that they cheated their way to one Super Bowl already (recording the practices of the Rams)…..

      • BABull

        I get the videotaping thing. Also, I get the seeing them win constantly. The under-inflated football thing was just flat-out bogus BS. There seems to be a major undercurrent of jealousy running through folks, however.

      • Doug Gray

        Oh, no doubt I’m jealous. I want my team to win. Instead, I’m a Bengals fan.

  4. Wes

    Go phili

    While I don’t know if it’s exactly political or not, people have made it that way, so I’m taking it away. Honestly, you should know better.

    • Wes

      Sorry Doug. Wasn’t suppose to be political. Just echoing the biggest football story of the year

  5. Piggly Wiggly

    The commercials have become too commercialized in the last 5 years or so. They’ve become quite lame compared to years ago. The commercials rank with the pre-game show and 2 week hype leading up to the game. Bland and not necessary. All advertising, well about 90% of it, is geared to millennials. Just as in baseball, millennials are ruining everything.

    • Doug Gray

      Of course ads target younger people. They are the ones who haven’t made up their minds on everything they’ll ever buy for the rest of their lives yet. It’s tough to convince a 53-year-old to try something new and give up on “old reliable” product XYZ. It’s not as difficult to convince a 31-year-old to try a new product.

  6. Colt Holt

    Don’t know if it has aired yet or not (it has been available online already and I am not watching the game…), but Alexa lost her voice is epic!

  7. Reggie

    Get ready for the Patriots to come back and win, because this is the year where all the most hated teams win. I’m looking at you, Alabama.

  8. BABull

    I’m sitting in a bar in Ohio listening to all the conspiracy talk involving how the league/games are fixed in the favor of the Patriots. It never ceases to amaze me how unintelligent the average person is. Biting my tongue…

    • Reggie

      I’m sure you’re the kind of guy with a Patriot/Yankee/Ohio State/Warrior stickers on your Hummer.

      • BABull

        Not quite, Reggie. I drive a Kia, have never had a bumper sticker on a vehicle and am a lifelong Packer fan as well as a Reds fan.

  9. Cinvenfan

    And this is why you play games. Love when the underdog wins. Great story for Foles.

  10. Doug Gray

    Nick Foles is the best NFL player that ever lived.

    Australia Tourism with a great commercial, but also me being very upset that we aren’t getting Danny McBride as Dundee movie.

    Michelob Ultra commercial with Chris Pratt was also quite good.

    I have no idea what Coca-Cola was thinking with their commercial with the girl dancing. That was the worst. I can’t believe that they spent $5-6M on that. Nor can I believe that ANYONE thought to themselves “this is a good idea”.

    Tide did a good job.

    • The Duke

      Pretty sure a Dundee movie couldn’t pay for a cast that includes Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe, Margot Robbie, and both Hemsworths. That said, I agree, I wanted to see the movie they were faking, haha.

      • Doug Gray

        Are you suggesting that a new Dundee movie wouldn’t bring in about $750M? Lol

  11. jim t

    Never watched a commercial. Watched the whole game and I am thrilled that Philly won. At 64 I have as much use for product endorsements as I do for political endorsements.

  12. B-town Fan

    The Jeep Jeff Goldblum Jurasic Park one and the Tide one with the guy from Stranger Things, I thought were the Best.

  13. pw

    My favorite ad was from Sprint. All the robots are laughing at their creator who made a dumb decision in their opinion.

    • Doug Gray

      I did enjoy that one, especially when that little robot comes walking up and he’s confused, then he insults the human. To be fair, though, he probably should have kicked that one lol

  14. Gilbert Keith Chesterton

    I miss the days when the aim of the Super Bowl commercials was to try to be funny, and not push socio-political agendas. But that ship has long sailed.