The fine folks over at Baseball Prospectus were the first to publish their Top 100, or in their case, Top 101 prospects list this week. Fangraphs and ESPN (the ZiPS list) are also expected to release their lists at some point this week, possibly even today. The Cincinnati Reds had a solid showing on the list at Baseball Prospectus, with four ranked players.

Nick Senzel, like on all of the other lists, sits at the top among Cincinnati Reds prospects. The crew at Baseball Prospectus ranks the third baseman as the 7th overall prospect in baseball. The #2 overall pick in the 2016 draft has hit .315/.393/.514 in 797 plate appearances while playing for Billings, Dayton, Daytona, and Pensacola in the previous two seasons.

Hunter Greene, also the #2 overall pick in the draft (2017) shows up as the next Reds prospect on the list. He came in ranked as the #39 overall prospect in baseball. This is the lowest rankings so far for Greene among the national lists that you should pay even a little bit of attention to. The right handed pitcher was the second youngest player on the list (Heliot Ramos is a month younger, ranked 61st).

Outfielder Taylor Trammell came in ranked at #59 on the list. Like Greene, this was also the lowest spot on the national lists. He ranked in the 40’s on both the Baseball America and ESPN lists after hitting .281/.368/.450 with 41 steals for Dayton in 2018.

The last of the Reds prospects to make the list was outfielder Jesse Winker. He came in ranked at #91 on the list. Winker missed out on the list after the 2016 season, but previously had been ranked #44 and #50 on the Baseball Prospectus Top 101. In 2017 he spent time with Louisville in the minors, hitting .314/.395/.3408. He also spent a solid chunk of time in the Major Leagues, hitting .298/.375/.529 with the Reds in 137 plate appearances.

Notably missing from the list is pitcher Tyler Mahle. He has ranked inside the Top 100 on the Baseball America, ESPN, and MLB Pipeline lists this offseason.

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12 Responses

  1. Stock

    Fangraphs should come out with their top 100 this week. Maybe it is wishful thinking but I think Siri has a chance to crack the top 100. I am pretty sure Mahle will be in their top 100.

    • Doug Gray

      Someone said last week that it was coming out today, but here we are at 12:41 and no list. Maybe it’ll be out later in the afternoon, but that seems like something you’d want to release earlier in the day, so maybe it got pushed back for some reason.

      • Colt Holt

        Travis Sawchik
        12:07 A LOT of prospect content this week
        And I believe there will be several posts today

        From the Chat an hour ago. Sounds like it is still likely to drop.

  2. The Duke

    All these lists basically seem to have the same guys in the same general areas. I wonder how much of that goes down to accurate evaluation and how much goes down to following the herd. I’d take Tony Santillan over a lot of guys in the bottom 20 in a most of these lists.

    • Doug Gray

      I wonder how much of it comes down to talking to a lot of the same people. There’s no way anyone can see all of these guys, so they all rely on contacts to get more information. How much of that is coming from the same 50 people throughout the industry?

  3. Wes

    Pretty unconventional list! Lots of top 50 guys pretty surprising. Guess if you are a 55 grade prospect though there’s not a big variation between ranking players 10-200?

    Nick Gordon at 35 is a pretty big shock! Guess they think he’s sticking at short. He’s gotta be on reds radar if that’s so.

  4. Jonathan Linn

    Heliot Ramos – is he the guy the Reds were trying for Billy H?

    • AirborneJayJay

      That one on Fangraphs shows you just how great that 2016 draft was not only for the Reds but most teams.
      The 2016 draft had 15 1st round selections in Fangraphs top-100.
      The 2017 draft had 9 1st rounders. My guess is that supplemental and CB picks are included as 1st round, anything above 2nd round.
      Reds did very well in 2016 draft in a deep draft.