Fangraphs writers Eric Longenhagen and Kiley McDaniel teamed up to create the Top 100 Prospects list this year for the site. The Cincinnati Reds landed four players in the Top 100.

Showing up on a Top 100 list for the first time is outfielder Jose Siri. He ranked as the #93 prospect on the list with a 50 Future Value. That suggests an everyday caliber outfielder in the Major Leagues. Siri was the final Reds player on the list. His write up is the same from the Reds organizational list, but always interesting to see how others view his game.

There are some red flags here, chief among them Siri’s reckless and epicurean approach at the plate. But he’s remarkably talented, possessing elite bat control and an ability to lift the ball in the air with great regularity. Siri is also a plus runner with a chance to be a plus defensive center fielder with a plus arm, so his bat has some room for regression after a breakout 2017. His scouting report reads much like Nick Williams has for the last several years with a tick better tools across the board.

Nick Senzel was the top player from the Reds organization on the list. The third baseman came in ranked as the #7 prospect on the list, which includes Shohei Ohtani (some lists don’t count him because of his professional experience in Japan). He’s listed as a 60 Future Value player, which generally suggests an All-Star caliber player.

The next Reds prospect on the list is Hunter Greene. He comes in ranked at #42. The right handed pitcher has a 55 Future Value attached to him. That’s an above-average starting pitcher grade, and in line with the guys ranked 24th through his 42nd spot.

Taylor Trammell isn’t far behind Greene on the list. The outfielder came in ranked as the #57 prospect in baseball. His 50 Future Value suggests an everyday player, and is in line with prospects ranked 43rd through 100 on the list.

The “other” Reds prospects

What’s interesting about the list is that Tyler Mahle isn’t on the Top 100. When Eric Longenhagen released his Reds list back in November at Fangraphs it had Mahle ahead of Jose Siri by one spot. Both held a Future Value grade of 50, so the difference between them was small. Still, it’s a bit surprising to see that difference. It would seem that Kiley McDaniel was a bit higher on Siri and talked him onto the list over Mahle.

With that said, Tyler Mahle was listed in the “Other Prospects in Consideration” list. He was joined by several other Reds prospects. Second baseman Shed Long showed up, along with shortstop Jose Garcia among six infielders here. Jesse Winker showed up on the outfielders list. While these players weren’t listed in any order, it would give the Reds eight guys in the Top 137. That’s not a bad look for the depth of the farm system.

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15 Responses

  1. Stock

    8 in the top 137 is impressive.

    With 8 in the top 137, I think this class grades out superior to the pre-2008 class.

    While I don’t think next years prospect class will produce the WAR of this year’s class I do think it will grade out higher because I think the consensus of the experts will consider offensive players such as Trammell, Siri, Stephenson, Jeter and Garcia to be much better than they are giving them credit for this year. On the pitching side I think Gutierrez, Santillian and Lopez could move up. Plus our first round draft pick should crack the top 100 on these lists.

  2. Michael B. Green

    If you look at the battle for the 5th spot in the rotation and the depth at 3B and 2B, you can see that Reds Nation is getting very close to churning out some more stars. Remember that it only took a few stars the last time around to turn Cinci into a contender. Votto and Bruce came on board alongside Cueto, Leake and, to some extent Bailey.

    We are right there…

    Wild Card 2019. Contender 2020.

  3. rgslone

    I know the odds are against Siri – or any other prospect in his situation – becoming even an average MLB player. But, I’m higher on Siri than I probably have any right to be. I’ve seen others compare Siri negatively to Yorman Rodriguez. But I think Siri is a much better prospect. I never believed in YR. Never thought he would end up as a decent MLB player. For whatever reason, however, I think Siri has a real chance.

    • Stock

      I am with you rgslone. Siri’s OPS at Dayton was .150 higher than Yorman’s. His K% last year was lower than in Yorman’s 2 stints there. He can play CF and Yorman could not. He seems to have a desire Yorman never had. Siri seems to be growing rapidly. First half OPS was 0.741 and 2nd half it was 0.976. What an improvement. His BB% in the 2nd half went down and his K% went up so that is a concern. I guess his BB% and K% are also why the Yorman comparisons come out.

      • Doug Gray

        Rodriguez was also significantly younger in Dayton than Siri was. Siri is faster, and his power is better by a tad (raw – game power is much better). Tools wise, though, they are/were quite similar.

  4. Kap

    This is a big season for siri. It will almost make or break year for his status as a future major league contributor or just minor league depth. Hopefully he takes a step forward and enters the conversation for one of the better prospects around

    • Stock

      I think he will tear up A+ ball. To your point, it will be interesting to see how he adjusts to pitching in AA.

  5. Stock

    Yorman was never able to capatilize on his tools, maybe because his work ethic sucked. I don’t know. What I do know is there is no comparison in game power. Siri had an ISO of .300 in the second half of the season. Yorman had only one half season above .200 in his career and his career ISO was .800.

    By the time Yorman hit AA his in game power was pretty much non-existent. His SLG% in AA was .387. Billy Hamilton’s was .383. I know Yorman was 2 years younger but he never showed the ability to get better. Siri has. I would be very surprised if Siri had a Hamilton like SLG% this year (or any year).

    And the fact that Siri plays plus defense in CF makes him a much better prospect.

    • Seat101

      Goofus outranks Gallant. Tommy Timbertoes beats them both!

  6. Piggly Wiggly

    That’s an interesting list.
    Others of note to the Reds.
    #21 Luis Robert OF (CHW). Reds front office bowed out early in a bidding war they had no stomach for. A common theme with new GM Dick Williams (see Yelich and Mikolas).
    #22 Brendan McKay (TB) and #26 Kyle Wright (ATL), top college pitchers passed over for Hunter Greene and were selected #4 and #5 in ’17 daft.
    #31 Luiz Gohara (ATL), another front office miscue as they couldn’t handle the trade discussions with Seattle at the deadline as time expired.
    #33 MacKenzie Gore (SD), the best high school pitcher in the draft passed over for Greene, he was selected #3 in ’17 draft.
    #42 Greene.
    #61 Tyler O’Neill (STL), if not Gohara, Seattle was rumored to have offered O’Neill instead of Gohara and Reds front office just couldn’t pull the trigger with a rookie GM.
    Oh what might have been with Luis Robert in the fold. What might have been with Gohara in the fold. What might have been with Kyle Wright instead of Greene in the fold. Gohara and Wright will be dealing it for the Braves while Reds fans are still waiting and waiting on the Greene hype train.
    A twist of fate here or there and the Reds rebuild and minor league system has a much brighter outlook than it does today. Not saying Reds system is bad, but saying it could have been even better with a little boldness and intestinal fortitude.
    Front office miscues !!! Rookie GM and sophomore GM mistakes.
    The Braves and the White Sox will be the next 2 teams that other teams will try to emulate their rebuilds. It certainly isn’t going to be the Reds rebuild that other teams will try to emulate.

    • Michael Smith

      Are you blaming Williams for his predecessor not pulling the trigger on the Cozart trade in 2016?

    • Brock

      Wow you really hate the Reds organization. I’m really glad I don’t live my life with your negativity.

    • Doug Gray

      The Reds were rumored to be willing to spend about $42M to sign Luis Robert. To complain about this is insane.

      Hunter Greene is rated right there with those guys, or even higher on other lists.

      The Seattle/Gohara thing comes down to who you believe. You can believe the Mariners who say it came down to the Reds not being able to look at two medical reports at once. Or you can believe the Reds who said it was never even close to being a completed deal. We know which one you want to believe.