The Fangraphs “Prospect Week” continued on Thursday with the KATOH Projection System Top 100 Prospect list. KATOH went through some recent changes in terms of what data goes into the system. How that will play out, well, we will find out in about 10 years. For now, though, let’s talk about how the Cincinnati Reds prospect did on the list.

To note, to be eligible to make the list, a player had to have had at least 200 plate appearances, or have faced 200 batters as a pitcher. Nick Senzel comes in ranked as the 24th best prospect in baseball. There’s a big gap until we see the next Reds prospects, but then Jose Siri, Tyler Mahle, and Taylor Trammell all wind up in the 80’s.

Kiley McDaniel and Eric Longenhagen also released their Top 46 Graduated Prospects (why they stopped at 46, I’m not entirely sure). The Reds graduated plenty of guys in 2017: Luis Castillo, Sal Romano, Robert Stephenson, Amir Garrett, Cody Reed, and Stuart Turner. It was only Luis Castillo who made the list, though, coming in at #10. He was given the future value of 60, which would mean he’s a possible future All-Star caliber pitcher. It was also noted in the write up that both Amir Garrett and Cody Reed just missed the list.

Jeff Manship, Domingo Tapia get big league spring invites

While it was reported on the site last week that both Jeff Manship and Domingo Tapia were signed for the 2018 season on Minor League deals, we found out yesterday from Mark Sheldon that both also received invitations to Major League spring training.

Enjoy your last weekend without baseball until November

This weekend will be the last one without baseball activities until after the World Series. Pitchers and catchers report on Monday for spring training. The first workout will be on Tuesday. While it’s currently 34° outside of my home here in Cincinnati, it’s one of the better times of the year. The offseason sucks without baseball. The winter leagues are nice to follow, but not being able to watch games every day just isn’t the same.

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  1. The Duke

    I don’t really get excited for pitchers and catchers anymore. It’s like groundhog day, if Tucker Barnhart sees his shadow, that means it’s only 6 weeks until real baseball!

  2. Stock

    I was thinking they stopped at 46 because they ran out of 50 graded players. I am hoping Robert Stephenson was an omission.

  3. HavaKlu

    Congratulations to Fred Norman who was just announced as being elected to the Red’s Hall of Fame. This was a long past due honor to one of the Big Red Machine’s toughfest competitors. At 5’8″ and 155 lbs, the little lefty won 85 games over 7 seasons with the Reds.

    • Joe Blow

      Freddie Norman, dilly dilly! Fearless. Back in the day, you wanted him out there when it counted.

    • Doug Gray

      Not yet, but I’m hoping to hear something soon. I will be trying to reach out to the Reds this week for some more info on some things and this will be one thing I will be asking about.

  4. Soave

    He also never passes up the opportunity to discuss the current state of the Reds and says it’s comforting knowing that his family members aren’t the only people who struggle through watching the lack of on-field success the Reds have been putting out the past few years. Tammy says that one of the most identifiable traits among Reds fans is the high expectations fans have for the team every year. No matter the game, Reds fans expect pitchers not to walk batters or ever miss the strike zone, Tammy says. Thomas says the Reds and their fans expect the players to do everything in their power to try to win every single game. Compared to other teams, Tammy admits that Reds fans, who have seen their team win five World Series titles and countless pennants, are relatively spoiled when it comes to their rich history.