Later this afternoon all of the pitchers and catchers are due to be in Goodyear, Arizona to report for spring training. The Cincinnati Reds will have pitchers and catchers reporting to Major League spring training in 2018.

While looking at the list of all of the players who will be in camp I noticed just how old I am – older than anyone who will report on Tuesday afternoon (thankfully, the position player side will save me from being older than EVERY Reds player). But I also noticed just how young most of these guys are. I decided to chart it all out.

You can click the graph to see a larger version to get a better look at the players (which may depend on how you are viewing the site).

The graph would look really funny if the team had Bronson Arroyo back again this year. The gap between he and Jeff Manship, who is the older player on the graph, is the same as between Manship and Raisel Iglesias. Once you reach Dylan Floro (to the left of Tucker Barnhart), there isn’t much of a jump in age for a long period of time. Then there’s a 6-month gap once you reach Luis Castillo, and you see another run of guys close in age. Then there is a gap when you get to Jackson Stephens, Tyler Mahle, and Chad Tromp.

There’s not a ton to this post, I just wanted to share the graph. Oh, and celebrate that baseball is officially back.

6 Responses

  1. Wes

    Mlb doubed disco as opening day starter. Hope it goes to who earns it in spring training and I hope that’s castillo

    • Doug Gray

      I hope the opening day starter has nothing to do with spring training at all. It should be Castillo because he was clearly, unequivocally the best starter the team had last year, and he looks to be that again this year. Full stop.

  2. DocProc

    This graph is really fun–thanks!
    Will you be going to any of ST this year?

    • Doug Gray

      I’ll be in Goodyear for six days during the third week of March. Not sure if I will do any big league stuff, though. I’ll be on the back fields every day. There are some night games for the big leaguers, so it may just depend on how much work I need to get done out there if I make it out for any of those.

  3. The Duke

    I prefer all the graphs be in floating head form for data points from now on.