Spring training is officially upon us. This episode of The Unnamed Reds Podcast is the first one we’ve recorded where players are actually participating, sort of, in baseball related activities. Doug and Brian tackled a few topics on the podcast this week. Here’s how they broke down:

  • The first base position for 2018 and how it will play out. Here’s a hint: Joey Votto is good.
  • What are the biggest stories of spring training?
  • How does the middle infield play out with Jose Peraza, Scooter Gennett, Dilson Herrera, and Alex Blandino?
  • Where does Nick Senzel fit in and when could we expect to see him?
  • Bryan Price is heading into the spring with several tiers of pitchers, but mostly it’s the #5 spot that seems up for grabs. Who are the favorites and how could it play out?

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3 Responses

  1. Colorado Red

    First of all Happy Valentines day to all.
    Second, it is possible to put this on Youtube? I would rather listen to it there (since I do not do podcasts).

  2. Wes

    My opinion on lorenzen is that he’s not cut for pen. He looks really good at times but over time he can’t keep his era down. His 4+ era would look a lot better as a starter imo. If he fairs well in the spring- can they send him to Louisville to be groomed as a starter? Or does he have to stay in cincy ?

    With Mahle, no way he makes team out of spring. Poor team management if he does. Have to save service time !

  3. The Duke

    I think Ervin and Blandino get overlooked, which is a funny thing to say about a first round pick and a supplemental first round pick. Both walk a good amount, neither K at a particularly high rate, they both have a little bit of pop, and both bring some positional versatility. If I’m making the decision, I have both on the opening day 25 man roster, and I give Ervin some run at CF until Billy proves his should be playing every day. Ervin has bounced around the outfield all throughout his minor league career. He has the foot speed for CF, maybe with more consistent reps he improves there and shows he may not be a liability as an every day CF. If he’s in AAA to start the year, I hope he is there as an every day CF.