In last weeks episode spring training had officially gotten underway. This week, though, everyone is in camp and ready to go. With that there were a few new things to discuss this week. Here’s how the conversation broke down for Brian and myself on the podcast this week:

  • Nick Senzel is going to be playing shortstop and third base this spring. What does that mean?
  • Dilson Herrera is trying to expand his positional flexibility by trying to work at both shortstop and third base in addition to his time at second.
  • Joey Votto wants to move from “rebuilding” to actually winning, and he wants it to happen this season.
  • The new “pace of play” rules have been laid out by Major League Baseball, but do they actually look like they will work?

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7 Responses

  1. donny

    I just don’t get it. As a fan i can careless how long a baseball game is.
    In fact if i was at the ball park i would prefer to have a 3 hr baseball game than a 2 hr baseball game. I would feel like i was getting my money’s worth.

    I don’t understand why everyone feels the need to somehow come up with ideas to make the game faster. What is the deal here ?

    • Doug Gray

      The deal here is that you are not the person they care about. They know you are locked in no matter what. Just like anyone reading this website. You’re a die hard. They want, and frankly need new fans. Those are the people they want to target. And those people want more action. They want less “there’s nothing happening here”.

  2. AirborneJayJay

    It really isn’t fair that MLB wants to change the game for people who have the attention span of a gnat. Next thing you know MLB will have kiosks in all stadiums selling ADD and ADHD meds.
    One lesson Rob Manfred should learn and study is NASCAR. Tinker too much and fans will tune out on drives.

    • Doug Gray

      While Cincinnati is certainly trying to flood, it wasn’t me. I have no idea what happened with the audio, as we were recording everything sounded fine. But on playback and edit, there were chunks that were a mess. I actually cut out, unfortunately, 5-6 minutes of Brian talking because it was just a jumbled mess. I tried to keep in the few times where it quickly corrected itself, or the points that were made were rather short.

  3. wes

    I think the rebuild failed already. Reds had Stephenson and Reed who were both suppose to be the new Aces and neither is close to that title. Peraza was Reds guy whom they targeted as new generation of hope and he’s struggled. Billy hasn’t really got any better, and vets like Homer and Mes don’t help the team.

    I’m grateful the Reds realized where they were at and went into Re-rebuild mold vs trying to compete by trading assets and over spending on FA. Gives me more hope than going 500 this year!