Games are underway in Goodyear for the Cincinnati Reds and we’ve got plenty to talk about this week on The Unnamed Reds Podcast. We forgot a topic last week, so we doubled up on it this week. Here’s the the conversation broke down for Brian and myself on the podcast this week:

  • Looking at the second and third base positions for 2018 with the Reds.
  • Amir Garrett found some extra velocity on his fastball and it looked real good in his first outing. Does that change the outlook on the rotation?
  • Thoughts on the signings of left handed reliever Oliver Perez and outfielder Ben Revere.

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One Response

  1. The Duke

    With the signings of Pennington and Revere, we may see Ervin and Blandino playing every day in Louisville to start the year. I kind of like that idea, because it gives them an opportunity to get out to a hot start that they likely couldn’t on the big league club in a reserve role. If they are playing well, perhaps that puts some pressure on the Reds to give them a shot if CF or 2B has injury or performance issues as opposed to just going with Pennington or Revere in the interim.

    I hope to see Garrett pitch in the first 4 innings next time out. He dominated his first appearance, but it was also at the end of the game against minor leaguers.

    I think the Reds have enough bullpen depth on the 40 man to carry a LOOGY if they have a spot they can cycle guys through (A Hernandez, Weiss, Brice, Reyes, Mella, Shackleford) if they run into bullpen fatigue and need an extra arm.