The Cincinnati Reds are halfway through spring training if you can actually believe that, and that gives us plenty to talk about this week on The Unnamed Reds Podcast. I’m a terrible scheduler, and once again forgot to add a position preview to the show. That means we will double up next week. Here’s how the show broke down by topic this week:

  • The #5 spot in the rotation and what kind of information could/will be used in in the decision making process.
  • Dilson Herrera’s dealing with shoulder inflammation as he recovers from shoulder surgery.
  • Who could be the players on the 40-man roster who could be in trouble keeping their roster spot?
  • Did a national writer come up with a great way to use Billy Hamilton more effectively? Or is he out of his mind?

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5 Responses

  1. Stock

    You take the 5 best pitchers. All else being equal I agree that Romano deserves the a little rope. But all else is not equal. Garrett has added 5 MPH to his FB thus far. He is a different pitcher than last year because of it. If Garrett does well the rest of the spring he will go north with the Reds. We know Romano is a #4/#5. We all know Stephenson is a #5 (considering his control). Garrett at 95-98 is a #1/#2.

    • Doug Gray

      He does get paid to talk…. though, I don’t believe it’s by the word.

    • MK

      Can’t believe he criticized the talking heads on television with “all the answers.”

      • terry m

        I catch myself yelling at the TV for him to shut up. I thing he is paid per word.