The Cincinnati Reds hit the road to take on the Colorado Rockies on Thursday afternoon. After a slugfest on Wednesday, the pitching performed quite a bit better. The Reds would, however, lose, 3-2. You can see the entire box score here.

Luis Castillo got the start for the Reds and allowed two runs in 3.2 innings pitched. He allowed five hits, walked two and he struck out four batters. Both of his runs allowed came in the 4th inning. He was working 95-98 MPH according to Statcast, which is installed in the ballpark. Zack Weiss came on to complete the 4th inning, but only needed to record one out. Jared Hughes took over for the 5th and tossed a perfect inning with a strikeout.

Robert Stephenson, who I wrote earlier today probably needed a good outing, had just that. The right hander allowed just one hit in 3.0 shutout innings with no walks and he had three strikeouts. According to the data on Brooks Baseball’s Pitch F/X tool, he averaged 96.5 MPH and topped out at 98.6 MPH this afternoon with his 20 fastballs thrown. That’ll work. Kyle Crockett came on to pitch in the 9th, but couldn’t complete the inning as he allowed the walk-off run with two outs.

Rosell Herrera started the game in right field and went 1-3 with a run scored. He also stole a base. Brandon Dixon, starting at first base, continued his hot start to the spring, going 2-3 with a double and an RBI. Devin Mesoraco went 1-2 with an RBI and he was hit by a pitch. Jesse Winker went 1-2 with a walk and he was hit by a pitch. Eugenio Suarez went hitless, but walked twice in three plate appearances.

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  1. Krozley

    Stephenson much better today. 18 of 23 pitches for strikes using all his pitches in 2 shutout innings so far. Dixon is putting himself in the picture for a bench spot. Too bad he can’t play SS.

    • MK

      Did it coming out of the pen maybe they should build on that.

  2. redleggingfordayz

    Is the article image broken? Or just no pix for today lol

    • Doug Gray

      I hit publish instead of save when I walked away from the computer. You weren’t supposed to see the article without the photo, or most of the game info. But, you know, Doug is a big idiot.

  3. citizen54

    Stephenson goes 3 IP with 3ks no walks 1 hit.

  4. Tampa Red

    I’ve been tracking Dixon for a couple years now, love his versatility and he’s got some thump in his bat. So tired of the Schumacher/Janish type utility players. Dixon can credibly play anywhere but C and SS. I hope he keeps it up and gets his shot.

  5. Michael W.

    Does any one know what Amir Garrett’s fastball velocity was at in yesterdays game? I tried to look it up and could not find it anywhere.. And wasn’t talked about in yesterdays recap like it was in his other two appearances.

    • Doug Gray

      I didn’t see anything. Not sure if it was mentioned and I just happened to miss it, but maybe someone else heard it.

  6. William Kubas

    Former Stanford Cardinal, Alex Blandino appears as a defensive substitution at 3rd base in the bottom of the 5th inning.
    Blandino flies out for the second out of the 8th inning, lowering his batting average to .250 and his on base percentage to .333.
    Blandino commits a fielding error (2nd) in the bottom of the 8th, the runner does not score.


  7. MK

    Poor Alex. It is like everyday is A family cookout and your overbearing sister in law, his mom,has to spend an hour telling everyone how much more advanced and successful her kids are than everyone elses in the family then everyone ends up hating her kids and they get a dollar in a card for their birthday. Alexis just getting a dollar this year.

  8. The Duke

    Bob Steve had the appearance he needed. He likely gets another. If Lorenzen gets blown up again, he likely falls out, and Mahle likely falls out just because of service time issues and enough guys are looking good.

  9. Norwood Nate

    Really happy to see Stephenson go out and throw strikes. If he can control his FB he can be really good for the Reds. Some of the best stuff out of the group of starters. I’m really rooting for him to put it together. Yesterday was a step forward.