The Cincinnati Reds have been playing games for over two weeks now in Goodyear. They have compiled a 5-10 record thus far, but don’t worry, there’s no correlation between spring records and regular season ones. The Minor Leaguers, however, have not played a game yet. Pitchers and catchers reported to the Minor League side of camp on February 28th. Position players showed up on March 4th. That means that the full camp hasn’t even been going on for a week at this point on the backfields.

Games will begin on March 15th. That’s this upcoming Thursday. I’ve posted the schedule below for anyone who is going to be in Goodyear and is interested in heading to the backfields to watch any of the games or would just like to check things out. Games begin at 1pm. But, if you show up at about 10am, there are pre-game workouts/batting practice that you can also watch.

Camp Day is a bit deceiving in title. This is not where all of the guys get together and put up their tents and make smores, unfortunately. It’s just a day in which there isn’t a game, but the teams have their workouts/drills/so-on. I will be out in Goodyear from the 19th through the24th. So, if you see me out there feel free to come say hi.

For those of you who will be out there, but aren’t sure how to get to the Minor League side of things, here’s a Google Maps screenshot of everything as it related to Goodyear Ballpark. You can click on the image to get a larger, full size version of the image so you can see it/read it better if you’d like.


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  1. Matt Bruggeman

    How much should we be reading into the fact that Ramano has started spring games while the other 5th spot guys are not?

  2. Kap

    Casey mize pitched a no hitter last night for auburn with 13 strikeouts

  3. Michael B. Green

    Will we see CIN DL60 any of Siri, Herrera or Hernandez? I think that one of Pennington/Gosselin is going to seize the MI/UT job if Herrera is unable to field/throw and CIN is not going to DFA Herrera.

    I also think that CIN is going to award a CM spot on the roster to either Kivlehan/Dixon and they do not really have anyone to take off the roster unless they DFA Hernandez and he has the stuff (but not the control) of Zeus.

    Wonder if Hernandez goes to the DL60 to see if CIN can harness his control?

    With Davis already hitting the DL60, CIN sits at 39 – so they can snag someone on the waiver wire a la Gennett last year. The alternative is to award a 40MR roster spot to Crockett/Perez so that CIN has a 2nd LHRP on the roster.


    • Bill

      I don’t think we’ll see any of those minor leaguers on the 60-day DL. First, they have to be injured. Second, the Reds would have to be willing to pay them the major league minimum salary while on the major league DL. Lastly, they would accrue service time while on the DL.

      As of today, I only see one non-roster player making the 25-man roster and I anticipate that being Pennington. My expected roster:

      OF: Schebler, Duvall, Hamilton, Winker and Ervin
      IF: Votto, Suarez, Peraza, Gennett, Herrera and Pennington
      C: Barnhart and Mesoraco
      Starters: Bailey, Castillo, DeSclafani, Romano and Finnegan
      Relievers: Iglesias, Lorenzen, Hughes, Hernandez, Peralta, Shackleford and Brice

      Garrett, Reed, Stephenson or Weiss could take a pitching spot over someone else, but I think the Reds will be comfortable going with 1 lefty in the pen.

  4. Michael B. Green

    Based on lining pitchers up every 5 days, here is what things are looking like now:

    Bailey (Garrett AAA)
    Castillo (Stephenson AAA)
    DeSclafani (Mahle AAA)
    Romano (Reed AAA unless he goes to pen as 2nd LHRP)
    Finnegan (unless he goes on DL)

    With periodic need for a #5 SP in April, it makes sense to place a healthy Finnegan there so that you monitor his early workload.

    Bailey and DeSclafani injuries are substantially covered by Garrett and Mahle.

    • Doug Gray

      What I don’t like: Every single old link to stories no longer works.

    • Doug Gray

      Took them long enough to get this…. (thanks for the link)