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Following the previous update I walked away from the computer for a little bit. Shortly after the update, though, Brandon Finnegan also tweeted this out:

This has been updated at 7:15pm on Sunday

Brandon Finnegan just tweeted this out:

Obviously this is good news. We still don’t know exactly if it means he’ll be back around in a few days to take the mound again, but if nothing else, it seems like this is a very good thing.

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Brandon Finnegan, who missed almost the entire 2017 season, just left his start in the 1st inning against the Seattle Mariners. This happened less than an hour after the Cincinnati Reds announced that Anthony DeSclafani injured his oblique on Friday night.

Obviously, at this point in time there is no word about what exactly it was that happened with Brandon Finnegan. Nothing was obvious while watching the game. Not to me. Not to the Mariners broadcasters (the game is on MLB Network). The beat writers in Arizona didn’t seem to notice anything, either. We’ll find out later, but the Reds simply can’t buy a break on the injury front.

Fortunately, it seems like they are more prepared this season than ever to handle an injury or two. They entered spring training with four or five guys competing for one spot in the rotation. Sal Romano, as noted earlier today, appears to be the front runner for one of those spots. That leaves Tyler Mahle, Amir Garrett, Robert Stephenson, and Michael Lorenzen all vying for the other spot(s).

It’s possible that Brandon Finnegan will be ready to start the year on time. We don’t know what happened today. With that said, he’s already behind everyone else in terms of building up to a full game, and if he has to miss any time because of what happened today, that likely means that he’s not going to be able to start the season ready to go.


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  1. B-town Fan

    Hopefully this is just something minor, but if this is something that stretches into a couple months or more. It might be time for Finnegan and the Reds to think about a move to the bullpen when he gets healthy, so he can at least get in games and contribute.

  2. AirborneJayJay

    Wow, just wow. The DeSclafani news is devestating. Finnegan news is the cherry on top. At least 3 of the younger guys get a legit chance to shine. This is their big opportunity to reshape the discussion on who starts. They need 3 guys to come through and help Bailey and Castillo. They have 5 or 6 to choose from.
    Can they bring Jose Lopez back from minor league side?
    Or do they dare give out a call for Lynn, Cobb, or Arrieta?

  3. MK

    Radio guys said last night that word around camp was Lorenzen had pitched himself out of starting discussion.

    • B-town Fan

      Well he might be back in the discussion with the Disco and Finny news.

  4. Taj

    Is there any chance the Reds sign a big name? Cobb, Arrieta, or someone of the like?

    • Wes

      Until he’s pulled? Go w Doug. June 1. I’ll take the over. Nothing they can do w that contract and can’t eat it

  5. redleggingfordayz

    Can we seriously be this unlucky? Everyone has injuries, but just unfortunate yet again. I also didn’t see anything that stood out Doug. He did seem to have less control than usual over some of his stuff I guess. This is why I am glad we have depth at least?


    • Ryan Harney

      I mean, who really thought Disco, Finnegan, and Bailey were all going to be healthy all year? I was hoping 2/3, expecting 1/3 to have a healthy and productive season. All 3 complete wildcards.

      Too bad GABP is a launching pad, Cobb is looking nice right about now. They should really look into a guy like him that can come in on a nice 1 year deal and help prevent a crisis in the rotation. I like the young pitchers a lot, but Romano is really the only one I would like to break camp, maybe Stephenson.

      Mahle can the sent down for a month to gain additional service time.

      I would like to see Amir go a few turns in AAA before heading to back to the nati. Injuries considered, he is still coming off a very tough season, no need to rush him back into the fire.

      Bailey (hopefully)
      Free Agent 1 year deal

      • Doug Gray

        All year is a bit much because, well, pitching. But getting through spring training just once without losing two or more starting pitchers from your rotation sure would be nice…..

  6. B-town Fan

    Boy the Mariners broadcasters are terrible they aren’t even calling the game it’s like they aren’t even watching the game, they might as well just be doing a radio show or pod cast some where. I know it’s spring training and all, but geez.

  7. MK

    That Cuto deal not looking that good now. Lamb gone, Finnegan always injured, Reed being Reed.

    • MuddyCleats

      It took U this long? Nothing 4 BP, Chapman, Bruce; @ least Cueto cash still have a chance. Lucy looking for the football and Charlie Brown starting to stretch the leg out. Reds better find a couple more bobble heads to promote.

  8. theRickDeLux

    Deja vu!

    Honestly, it’s time to turn the page on some of these players.

  9. The Duke

    Looks like Romano, Garrett, and Stephenson all might make the opening day rotation at this point. I fully expect service time shenanigans for Mahle before he is up.

    • B-town Fan

      Yes Duke, that sounds like what is most likely to happen with the starters, with Mahle in AAA at least from a while. Lorenzen looked pretty good today but probably won’t be a factor in the rotation.

  10. AirborneJayJay

    If you can find a silver lining in both injuries, it’s the timing. At least it wasn’t 2 weeks later. The Reds have plenty of time to get a rotation going. They were already half planning for such a contingency.
    I don’t know if Alex Cobb is right for GABP. Have to stay in-house now that Lynn and Arrieta are signing.

  11. Andy

    Going into season I was worried mediocre pitching from Bailey/Disco/Finnegan would keep us from seeing BobSteve, Romano, Garrett, andMahle. Now we get chance to see what the young guns can do. It’s Show Me time! So sorry for Disco and Finnegan, it’s just so tough to have more disappointment and rehab ahead. Given (my opinion) higher ceiling/ lower floor of the rookies, I think the chances of great year or train wreck year just went up, and the chance of mediocre year went down. I’m excited to see what these guys can do.

  12. MikeinSoCal

    You know that the Reds will go out and sign a retread for a couple million instead of giving the kids a chance.

    • Doug Gray

      Let’s take bets on this one (no, seriously, don’t do it guys – it’s illegal).

      But, I would bet that they don’t.

    • Colt Holt

      You say that as a bad thing…but we have Luis Castillo and Scooter Gennett as a result of these late “retreads”. Too focused on Arroyo. Feldman was a reasonable result. Dan Straily result was exceptional, and what you hope for. Can’t find a needle in the haystack if you never look.

  13. Cguy

    Take a deep breath people. We may see Finnegan on the mound again before the Reds break camp. DeSclafani- dare we use the “c”word ? (chronic)

  14. Wes

    I start him on short dl stent and let him cut teeth in Louisville for 30 days. No reason to rush him or anyone at this point

  15. Michael B. Green

    Mahle in for DeSclafani and Lorenzen in for Finnegan.

  16. CP

    Something to consider is the impact this may have down the line as well. Consider Reed and Jackson Stephens. They may end up getting in the rotation at AAA instead of being pushed to the bullpen due to lack of space/need. Their insurance at the AAA rotation will be more needed now than before.

    I’m also pulling for Stephenson, Romano & Garrett to make it out of ST.

    My guess at rotation:


    • Ron Arrington

      I believe Mahle will soon be a star. Look at his minor numbers next to Castillo. He looks really good.

  17. donny

    In the long run. Say the next 2-4 years.
    The thing that hurts the most is Finnegan’s and DeSclafani’s trade value with there injury history along with Bailey. Even if they did stay healthy and have a solid to good year.
    This doesn’t help a small franchise like the reds who are in rebuild and sustain window. When trying to acquire good prospects in return in a trade for those three.

    I mean realistically you’re looking at rookie to A-ball talent outside the top 100 prospects that might be able to get in the top 100 in a year or two.

  18. Billy

    I’m not surprised by the news that two of Bailey, DeSclafani, and Finnegan are hurt again. I also think we’ve got decent enough options to weather that. It does make me wonder though… What’s practical?

    I don’t know if there have been any studies to say one way or the other, but my gut says that once pitchers start getting hurt, they keep getting hurt. Pitching is hard on a body. If you are running a front office with three talented but injury-prone pitchers like these three, how much do you expect them to contribute? At what point does the inconsistent usage of your young pitchers – resulting from not knowing when these three will be healthy and when they won’t – become detrimental to their development? Would it make a difference if it were one or two injury-prone pitchers instead of three?

    I’m sure the team would have attempted to move one of these guys if they could have received a decent return in such a trade. Still, at some point, I do believe that consistency is important, and there’s just too much injury risk with this rotation as currently constructed. I wouldn’t suggest that you cut one of them, but I think you have to get to a point where you can tell your young pitchers that if they are given a spot and pitch well, that spot is theirs. If it means that one of the veterans comes back healthy and there’s no room for them in the rotation, so be it. Put them in the bullpen until a spot opens up.

    It’s not really a position that you’d expect a team to take, but I think it needs to be considered. There’s a very real possibility that Bailey will not be part of the next contending Reds team anyway. Desclafani and Finnegan are young enough that they could be, but if their health continues to be an issue, they’re likely just role players and not the reason this team is in contention. For that reason, I think you give the kids the ball, and tell them not to look back.

    • MuddyCleats

      A lot of good pts. 2 B fair 2 Reds they r stuck N a delima. They’re starting 8 R good enough 2 compete 4 WC spot, but SP is NOT! I think everyone understands that; ? Is what will Reds do about it? To date, it’s been more important 2 them 2 control cost instead of making moves 2 go for it!