The Cincinnati Reds fell to the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim of California of the United States of Earth on Monday afternoon, 4-3. You can see the entire box score for the game here.

Homer Bailey got the start on the afternoon and he had some struggles. He allowed four earned runs in 4.0 innings, walking a batter and striking out two more. He may have pitched better than his line indicates, though, as he allowed two runs in the 3rd inning on some bloops. Of the 10 outs he recorded that weren’t strikeouts, nine of them were via the ground ball.

Amir Garrett and Cody Reed followed Homer Bailey. For Garrett, it was a bit of the same for him. He threw 2.0 shutout innings, allowing two hits, walking no one and striking out no one. His ERA dropped to 2.00 on the spring in 9.0 innings pitched. For Reed, he put together a strong outing as he finished out the game. He tossed 2.0 shutout innings, allowing a hit, walking no one, and striking out three batters.

The Cincinnati Reds offense didn’t do much on Monday afternoon. Nick Senzel started at third base and went 1-3 with an RBI. He probably would have had a double, but he slipped as he rounded first base and had to head back to the bag. Joey Votto went 0-1 and walked twice. Adam Duvall went 1-2 with an RBI. Devin Mesoraco continued his good spring, going 1-2 with a walk. He’s now hitting .318 with a .915 OPS. Billy Hamilton, hitting eighth, went 1-2 with a walk and a run, but was also caught stealing.

The replacement players had a few highlights as well. Patrick Kivlehan went 1-1 with a walk and a run after taking over in right field. Alex Blanino, taking over at third, went 1-1 with an RBI. Sebastian Elizalde took over as the designated hitter and went 1-1.

Quick Thoughts

I was unable to watch the game as it was happening, which is why this is posted three hours after the game ended. But, it’s very interesting to see that Amir Garrett only threw 2.0 innings on the day. If he’s being considered for the rotation, he’s got to be throwing more than that at this point in the spring unless the plan is that he’s only competing for that 5th spot in the rotation that won’t be needed until the second week in April. That probably holds true even if the Reds aren’t considering him for the big league rotation at all, but have the idea that he could be a starter in Triple-A as depth. If the team is only looking at him as a reliever moving forward, that would seem awfully strange. What happens the next time out for Garrett will be extremely telling on this front.


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  1. Pat

    Great comments on Garrett. Good problem to have I guess if you’re Price. Romano is becoming the real deal and Mahle is a rarity as a true command pitcher. That leaves big arms like Garrett, Lorenzen, Stephenson and perhaps Davis to debate between starting and a move to the pen. Points can be made on the values on both sides. Is there a long reliever or two in the bunch? Good debate to be had on your site Doug…(Reds reluctance to trade any prospects too). Would love to hear a lot of thoughts…

  2. William Kubas

    Former Stanford Cardinal, Alex Blandino, comes in as a defensive substitution in the bottom of the sixth inning at third base.
    Blandino strikes a single in the top of the seventh inning with a man on second, gaining his third run batted in. The single raises Blandino’s batting average to .350 and his on base percentage to .409.


  3. CP

    Good to see Garrett continue to pitch well, but only throwing 2 innings is a little confusing. Was his pitch count really high? I really do hope they don’t press him into the bullpen, but rather keep letting him develop as a SP. Especially now with the injuries, he will get his chance at some point this year. Cody Reed can be the extra lefty in the bullpen if they want one that bad.

    Gotta trust the process with Bailey. I know the numbers don’t look good, but he knows he doesn’t have to worry about his spot. He just has to stay healthy and get ready for opening day. Not sure if he would get the nod for it, but Price does tend towards the veterans.

    • sultanofswaff

      Like Stephenson, Bailey is getting hammered on fastballs because his command of that pitch is very spotty. Time to start pitching backwards—more curves and splitters, with the fastball as the show-me pitch.

  4. sultanofswaff

    Senzel showed everything you would need to see from an up the middle defender even though he played 3B yesterday. Threw a laser from 15 feet behind the bag, showed plus athleticism to charge a slow roller at the SS, and converted a very tricky hop on a hard hit ball.

    He’s probably the best infield defender on the team RIGHT NOW.

    Meanwhile, Peraza continues his dink and doink plate approach…..2 easy outs punching the ball to the right side. Play him the first 7 days of the season, fine, but get Senzel up ASAP.

    • Tom

      A Peraza – Hamilton platoon in CF this year would perhaps raise their collective OPS to .700. Just need Senzel to stick at SS.

  5. Michael B. Green

    2017 ERA for SP the 3rd time through the order (at least 10 IP in such situation):

    Castillo 2.74
    Stephenson 5.54
    Romano 6.41
    Bailey 8.68
    Garrett 11.85

    Perhaps CIN is looking at running a few different starters out 2 times through the inning and then handing the ball off to the next guy to do the same?

    Here are the 2017 ERAs for 2 times through the lineup:

    Stephenson 3.57
    Romano 3.74
    Castillo 3.86
    Bailey 4.54
    Garrett 6.84

    There is a myriad of explanations for this but if you could get 4-5 IP out of a starter and then get another 2-3 IP out of the next guy, you cut down on runs allowed – the whole goal.

    Of course, you can only carry so many pitchers and you are still going to need high and medium leverage guys too. However, using 2 SP’s per game with a team with so many starts really minimizes the importance of who starts the game.

    Random thinking and probably not reality-based.

    • sultanofswaff

      Not that far fetched. The Rays are going with a 6 man rotation with all the bullpen implications that stem from it, so they must figure it can work.

  6. GM Nep O'Tism

    Doug, I am getting more and more worried as this Spring goes on and it can be summed up in three words: “Winker and Revere”.

    Sheldon recently put out a revised roster prediction, and as expected from playing time, Revere is on it now. While that’s concerning, here’s what really worries me about it. Of the last 7 games that Votto has started (which means most of the 1st string started) Revere has also started 4 times. More than half of the time the starters are out there, Revere is out there as well in some form or fashion.

    As for Winker? The last 7 times Votto has started, he has started ONCE, and didn’t even enter the game as a backup in 4 out of the 7 games.

    Price and Williams have earned 0 benefit of doubt after Patrick Kivlehan had more PA in 2017 than Winker and Ervin *combined*, and we had to watch Feldman/Adleman/Arroyo for 55 starts, while Garrett/Stephenson/Mahle/Reed/Romano/Castillo combined for 61 starts.

    It’s worrying that there’s a good chance that Ben Revere will end up with more PA than Jesse Winker in 2018.

    • Doug Gray

      The only chance that Revere winds up with more PA’s than Winker is if Winker misses significant time with an injury AND so does Billy Hamilton. I’m not even convinced that Revere makes the team, much less sticks around long enough to get 125 plate appearances. He’s definitely not getting more than Winker.

  7. icehole3

    I want Price to keep the pressure on the OFs they need to produce IMO.