John Sickels released his 2018 Farm System Rankings on Tuesday evening over at Minor League Ball. He ranked the Cincinnati Reds farm system as the 11th best in baseball. That isn’t overly surprising. When the individual teams were all graded by Sickels earlier this month, I used the value of past rankings to show the value of each system and the Reds came in at #10 on that list. With a grade adjustment a few days later to Nick Senzel, it bumped the Reds up a spot on the list to #9. The Cardinals were ranked 8th, while the Brewers fell to 14th after their trades in the offseason. The Pirates came in at #21 on the list, while the Cubs bring up the rear for the division at #24.

Checking in on The 2018 Draft Prospects

This week, as you’ve probably noticed, I’m out in Arizona for spring training coverage. A typical day has me at the practice fields around 9:45am until about 4pm. Then it’s about a 45 minute drive back to the hotel (Phoenix traffic hasn’t been kind – it generally keeps moving, but 40 on the highway sucks), eating, and then trying to write about what I saw that day, edit some video, edit some photos and next thing you know it’s time to pass out at 11pm. With all of that going on, I skipped over the draft check in article this week. There simply isn’t enough time to research and track down the information on everyone while doing the spring training thing. It will return next week, probably on Tuesday (I leave Goodyear Saturday evening to start driving back to Cincinnati – which means I will get back at some point on Monday).

What was helpful for me, and now for you, was shared with me on twitter. The good folks at Talking Chop, the Braves SB Nation site, have their own draft-related weekly article. So go give their work a look-see for this week.


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  1. Kap

    Jonathan India is having himself a good season so far. Would be a border-line miracle if he is available for the Reds with their second pick. McClanahan is doing well, but his control scares me. Having a tendency to walk a lot of batter I’ve noticed.

    My favorite draft prospect is Mize, but I’m starting to get the feeling that he won’t be available at #5 anymore

  2. The Duke

    I read an article on Gorman on I think it was that has me a little lower on him. Light tower power, but sounds like the potential for a lot of swing and miss and less and less confidence that he ends up as anything other than a 1B/DH. That power though, even bad contact is carrying over the fence.

    As long as Mize stays healthy, no way he lasts until 5 with the way he is throwing. He’s been sitting 94-96 with command of 4 pitches, the splitter a plus pitch.

    McClanahan still has a 0.00 ERA, but the walks are adding up a bit. Stuff is electric enough that I doubt he lasts until 5 either though.

    Can’t remember where, but I read a very positive report on Nander De Sedas. Haven’t been able to find much (not behind a paywall) about Brice Turnag this spring.

    My top 5 right now are probably (in no particular order):

    Casey Mize
    Shane McClanahan
    Matthew Liberatore
    Nick Madrigal
    Nander De Sedas

    Completely agree about keeping an eye on Jonathan India, but that he likely doesn’t make it to our second pick. He’s been the best bat on a very good Florida team. #5 is a little too rich for him as well.

    • wes

      I read that article on Gorman too. Hate how certain they claim to be about hitting tools- they blistered that kid from Louisville’s hitting tool and he went from hitting 500 in high school to 400 in pro ball w a wood bat. That being said- Gorman seems to be a classic to hyped bust. Just bc you have the most power- doesn’t make you a top of draft prospect.

      Really hope reds pass on him. Too much risk. May be last pick toward top of draft in while- take a sure thing

    • RobL

      On Fangraphs, I believe in Kiley McDaniel’s chat, it was mentioned that Gorman is most likely a 1b. Also mentioned some difficulty with spin, I guess that’s breaking balls.

      In the same chat, De Sedas was also mentioned. Stated that he is already probably too big to stay at SS. But did give him good grades across the board.

      • The Duke

        Turang is the only high rated sure fire SS that’s a possibility for 5, but his power potential is in serious question. If we go for a high school bat, I’d want the highest collection of hit tool, defensive value, and power that we could get, probably preferred in that order. If a good choice for that isn’t there at 5, then we should probably stay away from high school hitters. With De Sedas, even if he doesn’t stick at SS, he might still stick in the dirt at 3B or 2B. His speed isn’t very highly rated though, but his arm is well regarded so if he has enough speed RF might be a possibility too.

        Most of all, any bat we’d draft at 5, I want a highly rated hit tool.

      • The Duke

        Not a fan of his delivery or arm action. Hasn’t been able to add any muscle at Florida either. Still 180 lbs at 6’5″

      • RobL

        I have often seen Singer’s arm slot compared to Aaron Nola. Nola was worth 4 wins last year and 3 the year before. I am not a fan of Chris Sale’s arm action, but he had certainly made it work. Same for Scherzer. And Sale is as skinny as they come. If Singer steps up and shuts down the SEC like he did last year, then he should be a no doubter at 5. When the pressure is on, let’s see how he does.

      • RobL

        I believe Castillo has a low slot as well and he is considered the Reds ace.

      • asinghoff

        My thought was that having Singer, Mize and McLanahan all end up as top 5 picks, one of them would make it to the Reds and hopefully give them a pretty quick impact in 2020 once Bailey is off the books after the 2019 season.

      • asinghoff

        Right now, I’m hoping Mize somehow finds his way down. The Reds could use some pitchers that have a knack for avoiding walks and his K/BB ratio is pretty nasty at the moment. That 17 to 1 ratio is incredible, and even tempering the enthusiasm with the small sample size, he still led the country in K/BB last year.

  3. Big Ed

    Doug, instead of continuing on I-10 East (coming back), get off where it begins to back up, at about 83rd Street when I was there; go south about 600 yards; and go left (east) on Van Buren, which will take you all the way into downtown PHX. You can get back on I-10 at 43rd or 39th-ish, which is past the construction. Do it in reverse on the way out, remembering that the construction is from 43rd to 59th.

    I have no tips for avoiding the downtown jam, other than to avoid rush hour, which will be hard to do.

  4. MK

    Doug, Stop at the Snyder’s of Hanover pretzel factory there along I-10.They have a great Factory Store. Eating cheap pretzels a great way to pass time sitting on the highway. Also try taking McDowell. A lot more lights but during busy times it can be faster and it runs parallel to highway all the way through town.

  5. kevin z

    I think Reds system will rise once play out this season. Hoping see the jump in Daniel Sweet think under rated athletic more power than has shown as well. He had a pretty good 2nd half this past season. Hope shows everyone he is a good Prospect.

    players hope reds interested in the draft
    Connor Scott as a OF
    Mason DenaBurg
    Carter Stewart
    Nick Madrigal