Baseball America unveiled their list of minor leaguers who hit 100 MPH during the 2017 season throughout baseball. In total there were 81 players that hit triple digits in the minors last season. That’s just under three per team, on average. The Cincinnati Reds were represented by four players.

  • Luis Castillo
  • Hunter Greene
  • Ariel Hernandez
  • Tanner Rainey

There’s not much of a surprise on there. Luis Castillo had the second highest velocity among starting pitchers in Major League Baseball last season after reaching being called up. Hunter Greene topped out at 101.7 MPH in his professional debut with Billings last season. Ariel Hernandez, like Castillo, reached the Major Leagues last season and was one of the hardest throwers in the game, averaging 98 MPH. Tanner Rainey is probably the least known of the entire group, but he’s been known as a hard thrower since the day he was drafted and reportedly topped out at 102 MPH during the season.

Taylor Trammell speaks with

When the Cincinnati Reds drafted Taylor Trammell, the word was that he was a two-sport guy who was still a bit raw because he had played football in high school at a high level and didn’t have as much time to focus on baseball. It turns out that wasn’t really the case at all. The year he was drafted, Trammell hit .303/.374/.421 in Billings. Last year he improved on that in Dayton, hitting .281/.368/.450. So much for being raw.

Earlier this spring, Taylor Trammell sat down with Chris Tripodi of to talk about his love for baseball, and where it came from – among several other things.

I take myself back to the time when I was younger and I’m just like, ‘This is amazing.’ I close my eyes most of the time when I run out to the field and focus on my breathing, and the smell of grass doesn’t get old. I just try to put myself in a happy place.

Personally, it was never the smell of the grass – it was the smell of the dirt. But, Taylor, same. We all get it. There’s a lot of good stuff in the interview, so go check it out.

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3 Responses

  1. Mk

    I often thought the Jim Bowden era wasn’t as productive developing players as it should have been because he was big on collecting 5-tool specimens who didn’t necessarily like baseball so we’re not baseball players. It seems a difference now is we are bringing people with tools who are baseball players as well. Trammel, Friedl, Senzel, and Winker are a few examples who are guys with physical tools, but probably not 5, who added a 6th tool, they are baseball players who love to play.

  2. icehole3

    I know people hate Rose, but as a kid I wanted to be dirty every game like Rose. I dove for every ball, ran to first, etc. My batting stance was like Doggy.

  3. AirborneJayJay

    Auburn’s Casey Mize has taken the lead ad top college pitcher and most likely top pick. He had a phenomenal start Friday night vs. Missouri.
    McClanahan had a tough weekend for second week in a row.
    Florida’s Jonathon India continued to hammer the ball this weekend vs. Vanderbilt. 2 more HRs.
    UF’s Singer pitched very well in Friday night game and Rowar pitched good in Saturday game. UF swept Vandy.
    Mize and India are separating themselves from the pack big time.