We ran into a few audio issues in the second half of the podcast this week. We are doing our best to figure out exactly what is causing the issue that seems to pop up every so often. Please polar-bear with us. This week we talk about the start of the season, including the quality starting pitching that the team has gotten so far. We also talked about Yovanni Gallardo, and the bullpen in general.

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3 Responses

  1. Tom

    Doug, just a tip, pass the mic more often to your co-host. Or Snow, just a tip, jump in anytime.

    • Doug Gray

      Part of the issue this week was that for some reason Brian had audio issues (you heard some of them). I had to cut out, probably, 6-7 minutes of Brian discussing stuff, and about 2 minutes of me responding to what he brought up, because it was just inaudible. This is totally a me problem, because it’s on my end. It would be very easy if we could just “pass the mic” because then there’d be no audio problems. But we are recording via the internet, and for some strange reason, even though his audio comes through clean as a whistle while we are talking, the recorded version of it gets messy, and for the life of my I’m unable to figure out what is happening with that.