Cincinnati Reds starting pitcher Brandon Finnegan will make a rehab start for the Louisville Bats on Monday night. The left hander is coming off of a simulated game thrown on Wednesday. In that game he and Cody Reed faced off against some of the Bats just prior to the start of the Triple-A season.

For Brandon Finnegan, he’s looking to get through the start healthy and return to the Reds rotation. After missing nearly all of the 2017 season with two different injuries (a muscle problem near his left shoulder, then requiring shoulder surgery to his right, non-throwing shoulder after an accident on a boating deck), the lefty had a strained biceps muscle in the spring, which set him back by about a week. But, when you couple that with the fact that he got started in the spring a week behind the other pitchers, he’s behind the rest of the pitching staff.

What a rehab start for Brandon Finnegan means for the Reds rotation is that Cody Reed will step in on Monday for the big league club. He has yet to pitch this season after the rain out led to the team skipping the 5th spot in the rotation. Reed has gotten his work in since spring training, and threw 5.2 innings in Louisville on Wednesday in the simulated game – so he should be ready to handle a full start despite the time off.

Where will Jose Siri begin the season?

Jose Siri started out spring training in a not-so-great way, injuring his thumb as he crashed into the center field wall during the first game with the Reds this spring. As I reported three weeks ago, he was going to miss the entire spring and it’s possible that he could miss April as well before starting his Minor League season.

On Wednesday, MLB Pipeline’s Jonathan Mayo wrote a preview of sorts on the Reds farm system for the 2018 season. In there, it included “Where the Top 30 Prospects will start the season”. In there it lists Jose Siri as being on the disabled list, but projected to start in Double-A with Pensacola. That would have meant skipping completely by Advanced-A Daytona, an aggressive move for the 22-year-old Siri.

On twitter, Mayo was asked about the projection of Jose Siri heading to Double-A and he noted that it wasn’t so much an opinion, but “what he was told“. I reached out to someone in the organization to ask about it and was told that the original plan was to start him with Pensacola after having a strong showing in the Dominican Winter League during the offseason, but with the injury that the decision hasn’t been decided for when he is ready to begin the year.

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16 Responses

  1. Kap

    To me, Siri starting in AA means that they want him to have a shorter road to travel to get to majors and that Hamilton’s time as the starter in center is running out, Silver lining speaking. Otherwise, he would started in Advanced A and played center there.

    • Doug Gray

      Well, they do need a slightly shorter road to travel because he starts using options this season.

      • dan

        doug, do you mind explaining in more detail what that means?

      • Doug Gray

        Sure, Dan.

        He’s now on the 40-man roster. That means he has to be optioned to the minor leagues out of spring training if he doesn’t make the big league club. Each player only gets 3 years of options once they are added to the 40-man. So, this year will count as one option (regardless of how many times he is called up/sent down – it only counts as one). In 2019, assuming he’s not on the big league club from the start of the year, it will be another option that’s used. Then in 2020, the same thing applies.

        Basically, he’s got to stick in the Major Leagues by 2021. So, for him, he’s got less time to “figure it out” than some other guys who aren’t on the 40-man roster. While the team doesn’t need to really push him this year, the time he’s got to hang out in the minors is getting shorter by the day.

    • CP

      I just hope his bat can keep up. We already have a defense first, fast base running CF. Now I think we would all agree that Siri has a higher ceiling offensively than Billy, but I just would hate to see his development stall by pushing him too fast. On the other hand, I love the FO being willing to try and move him quicker for the sake of being competitive. I think it shows a development in their line of thinking that they are ready to compete!

  2. Wes

    If I could pick a player I’m most excited to follow/root for it’s Siri. Reds got tons of depth but are hurting at cf and ss. If Siri gets close to ceiling than that fills a huge void at a big position.

  3. CP

    Happy for Cody Reed to get a chance. He had to really be bummed by his “shot” getting rained out. Hopefully he makes the most of it!

    • Ghettotrout1

      Sad for Amir Garrett he deserves the start over Reed. I’m fearful that he will be forever banished to the bull pen never to be seen again. Thank you Bryan Price Czar of confusing decision making for the Reds.

      • Wes

        There was a higher annual base and more money spent on relief pitching then starting pitching this past off season. Relievers were signed fastest of all players and In trades quality relievers bring back more than starters. Direction of how management views pitching has changed since kc won ws w 3 lights on relievers.

        Garrett is just fine! On the big league team w a low pressured position. Produce, get promoted and soon he’ll be 8th inning guy and closer in waiting. Better chance of a long mlb career than bobsteve, Reed, finnegan, or disco….

      • MK

        Think if you asked Amir he would tell you he would rather be in majors than starting in minors. Because whatever Reed does Finnegan is going to take his roster spot while Amir is being successful in the pen, drawing big league pay, mlpa licensing money, and retirement service time,

  4. MK

    Doug you see or know anything about Wyatt Strahan, Brian Hunter, or Ajay Antone?

  5. MIchael B. Green

    I posed this very question a month or two ago. Cedric Mullins of BAL wowed BAL with that jump but then got hurt. If Siri does not display plate discipline, he could get demoted but based on his agent, talent level and the fact that he is on the 40MR, it is time to see what he can do at the AA level.

    • MK

      Agreed. All of the players on his Dominican Team were AA or better and he competed very successfully there. That being said he does need to improve on reading the slider or AA will eat him up.

  6. The Rage

    Anyone want to bet Gallardo gets axed when Price is fired? He is serving his role well…………..

    Next manager has already been hired.