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Louisville lost 7-1. Box Score

Pensacola won 5-4. Box Score

Daytona won 2-1 in a rain-shortened game. Box Score

Dayton won 3-2. Box Score

  • Jose Garcia went 2-4.
  • Miles Gordon went 1-2 with a steal, 2 walks, and 2 runs.
  • Mark Kolozsvary went 1-3 with a walk and a run.
  • Hector Vargas went 2-4.
  • Narciso Crook went 1-2 with an RBI.
  • Hunter Greene allowed 2 runs in 3.0 innings with 8 strikeouts. More on this a tad later in the morning, with video from his start and his post game press conference.
  • Austin Orewiler threw 4.0 shutout innings with 2 walks and a strikeout.
  • Tyler Bufferr threw a shutout inning with a strikeout.
  • Sarkis Ohanian threw a perfect inning with 3 strikeouts.

4/10 Game Preview

Team 1st half 2nd half Time (ET) Probable Box Score Listen Live Watch Live
Louisville 1-3 N/A 6:30pm Nicolino Here Here Here
Pensacola 2-3 0-0 OFF OFF Here Here Here
Daytona 4-1 0-0 7:05pm Santillan Here Here N/A
Dayton 2-3 0-0 7:00pm Naughton Here Here Here

15 Responses

  1. kevin z

    Even when times are rough I try being Positive reds are struggling hard. I hope they play Blandino you just never know how turn out look at Scooter plus Look how Suarez improved. I say lets get him a shot may find another later Bloomer has the Patience maybe another Geno.. Goo Reds find some Positive in a crappy situation so far

    • Doug Gray

      I’ll just say this much, again: I’ll be incredibly confused if Blandino isn’t playing nearly every day moving forward – UNLESS they call up Senzel to play third in a few days.

  2. Hal

    Unless Williams demands that Blandino plays, Price will not play him. I refuse to get hopes up otherwise which is what keeps me sane regarding Price. To expect otherwise will lead to disappointment. Hope I am wrong but seriously doubt that is the case.

  3. Wes

    No clue how they think Finnegan is ready for show. What a terrible performance. He better stay down and get a couple more starts.

    Reds shoulda fired price 3 years ago- he’s not good for the rebuild. But they really should have fired him the second giradi became avaialable and then paid him whatever it took. Giradis track record w marlins is exactly who reds need running the dugout.

    • Kindell

      They have a perfect candiate for the spot right now why Finnegan builds it back up, but he is rotting in the bullpen. If they leave Garrett in the bullpen all year, no one will ever convince me that is the right call.

  4. MikeD

    Wes, I like Giradi a lot for a lot of reasons, but I also read that he’s not a guy that does well with young players. That would not be a great fit for a team like the Reds. Also, Giradi is unlikely to locate to Cincinnati.

    I have been a Price supporter and I doubt that anyone would have been much more successful with the Reds current roster. Pitching, pitching and pitching. That said, I don’t think he’s the best option for this team. His struggle with developing the young players is frustrating, though I’m sure it has to do with trying to win games now and save his job. Williams needs to higher his guy and then let that person have the confidence in playing young guys that will actually make the future Reds better, is okay. Price surely does not have that confidence and I am sure his thinking is correct. Tough position for Price to be in and easy for all of us to judge how he should go about managing. That’s why Williams needs to make a selection and they need to be on the same page.

    • AirborneJayJay

      Check out Ron Wotus regarding the next Reds manager. SF Giants bench coach and former minor league manager. Check out his credentials. Three Manager of the Year awards in leagues where he managed up thru the system. Three World Series rings with the Giants. SF manager Bruce Bochy’s right hand man for several years.
      Fits like a glove.

    • Wes

      Girardi won 2 World Series w a bunch of kids- seems to me he’s not good managing a bunch of overpaid jerks. Those who knock him do it bc he’s old school tuff guy and not super sensitive to milinnial generation. I prefer old school tuff guy for my mlb team manager. Offer him enough money and he’ll relocate.

  5. Kindell

    It was really hard to watch Gosselin ground into that double play in the 6th because it was almost predictable.

    I know we still scored, but I still disagree with allowing him to swing there. That decision cost us at least a run and we just don’t have the ability to makeup for mistakes like that at this point. I thought that we would see Price finish the season no matter what, but now I can see it going bad enough that he doesn’t make it.

    • AirborneJayJay

      If you really want a place to look for a cause in at least 3 of the losses, it would be terrible, terrible hitting with the bases loaded. The Reds hitters are a combined 2-15 with the bases loaded this year. Terrible, terrible hitting. Nothing says clutch hitting here.
      Many on here over the winter didn’t think the Reds needed any offensive improvement. While I was a lonely voice calling for offensive upgrades at 4 positions. SS and CF were the obvious choices that others also called for. But I was very worried about Duvall and Schebler and neither has hit. Both should have been traded this winter and now look at Duvall, with absolutely no trade value hitting .075. Schebler occupies a spot on the DL again. That is trending to look like a perennial concern for him. A path was needed to have been cleared for Winker, but that didn’t occur. The Reds hold onto Duvall and Schebler too long to where their traded value is but a fraction of what it could have been if the Reds had acted prudently, like a Cardinals or Brewers organization.
      Speaking of prudently, the Reds should look into the flame throwing Brian Ellington that the Marlins just released. He might have to go on to the DL at first as he seems to have some bicep tendinitis. But he averages 98-99 on his fastball. He had very good minor league success, but the wheels kind of fell off for him last year at Miami. He had a good season at AAA last year, but just not with Miami.
      He would be worth stocking at AAA to see if he can get his stuff back together. It isn’t like the Reds are flush with bullpen pieces at AAA with some ML experience. He had a good track record up until that stint with the Marlins last year.

  6. sultanofswaff

    Even though he’s 2-16 so far, Dilson Herrera was playing second. Progress I guess.

    Not sure why AlfRod bats 9th. You’d think your top prospects should be getting the most at-bats. Maybe Bryan Price’s cousin manages the team.

    • Greenfield Red

      Completely agree about AR. Sure it’s nice to win in the minor leagues, but are they not supposed to be about development first? To have their $15 million man batting 9th… when his development is critical is crazy. It’s nothing like Billy Hamilton who has proven he can’t hit and absolutely needs to bat 8th or 9th.

      • Wes

        Yeah I try to be selective on knocking reds but it seems frequently they write a check and then don’t invest in the player in Alfrods case or the write a check, invest resources then stonewall like in blandinos case. Get fans excited about a signing then never get to see em in action

  7. Greenfield Red

    700 WLW is reporting the Senzel is moving back to 3rd base. That appears to be incredibly short sighted. Unless Suarez’s injury is career ending, he is the 3rd baseman when he comes back. Why in the world the Reds would prepare Senzel to play 3rd in a year when there is no hope for the playoffs? I’m truly scratching my head over this.

    • sultanofswaff

      Tells me he’ll get called up this weekend?