If you haven’t been living under a rock, then you realized that Hunter Greene pitched last night for the Dayton Dragons. The #2 overall selection in the 2017 Major League Baseball draft didn’t disappoint. He did allow two earned runs in 3.0 innings, but he struck out eight of the 14 batters that he faced along the way without a single walk. With a pitch count of 40-60 pitches before the game, Greene threw 53 on the night, with 35 of them going down as strikes. The only out recorded that wasn’t via the strikeout was a weak grounder to first base.

The Lake County Captains were able to make some hard contact against Hunter Greene a few times during the game, particularly in the first inning. It seemed that they were ready for the fastball, and a few of them caught up to it. But as the game progressed, Greene changed his approach and began throwing more sliders and, well, the Captains didn’t have much luck on those.

The Game Footage

The Postgame Interview


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  1. Big Ed

    The catcher, Mark Kolozsvary, is an excellent receiver. One pitch got by, but he looked great on many others. Even if he never makes it to the Reds, it shows how important the organizational players are to the development of those who do.

  2. Gilbert Keith Chesterton

    I suppose a 24.0 K per 9 IP ratio isn’t too bad?

    From what I recall, the hits all seemed to be early in the count, with hitters looking for a first pitch fastball.

  3. BromleyJake

    Love the emotion on the mound after that last strikeout.

  4. MikeD

    Greene appears to be mature beyond his years on (and off) the pitching rubber. Throwing a 3-1 curve is something you don’t often see from a power guy, even at the majors level. I did not see the first inning, but in the 3rd the first 2 hitters hit him pretty solidly. What he did next was nothing short of amazing and fun to witness. While he is gifted and mature enough now to dominate a majority of the time, he will learn and I have no doubt he will even be better. Baseball players have evolved in that most are able to hit 98 mph fastballs if they guess right. Hunter will develop a feel for when and where to throw his fastball, and that will make a difference.

    For now, he is showing exactly why the Reds and much of of the baseball world think he’s special. There will be rough patches, because if he doesn’t he will be considered an “Inhuman” (Agents of Shield reference). Also as I tell runners that I coach, a bad run is where you become a better runner.

    The Reds need some positive news and a light at the end of this bleak tunnel. Hopefully they improve, but it will be great to have Hunter to enjoy. Offer him a back loaded 200 million dollar deal for the next 12 year. He’ll still be on 30 by the end of it! LOL!

    • Stock

      Good post except the contract offer. I could see $250,000 for each year in the minors, $1 million his first 3 years in the majors, $10 million the next 3 years (the final two being club options) and a perpetual option of $25-$35 million after that. Even better if that option is based upon performance. Buyout option is $6 million. Guarantee $20 million initially (up to 4 years at $250,000, 3 years at $1 million, 1 year at $10 million and buyout option of $6 million).

      I know this will never happen but Greene should jump at something like this because it provides him lifetime security. The Reds should jump at this because you now control a potential ace for life with the downside risk being $20 million over 8 years. You can’t acquire a quality backup at this price in today’s world.

      • Billy

        Greene already has lifetime security thanks to a $7M+ contract he signed when he was drafted.

        Still, signing him to a $200M contract now is just silly. He’s got at least a couple of years of minor league ball ahead of him, plus six years of team control. That’s 8 years for his arm to explode. He looks great, and I think there’s potential for him to become the best pitcher the Reds have ever had. Still, he’s a pitcher, and pitchers do often end up with injuries that prevent them from hitting their ceiling. There’s absolutely no reason to take that risk on right now if you are the Reds.

    • TennRed

      “Hunter will learn when 2 throw the FB.” I hope so because many pitchers,especially Reds pitchers, never do.

  5. Stock

    I like that when a borderline pitch was called a ball he showed no emotion at all. He seemed to be all business and very focused.

  6. sultanofswaff

    Only negative–not sure I saw a single changeup. As we all know, it’s the hardest pitch to master, so to not work it in is disappointing. I get you want to work to his strengths early on, but he seems very mature and would understand getting beat around while developing his stuff will serve him best in the long run.

    Or maybe the Reds consider him a 2 pitch reliever! :)

    • terry m

      After game with media Doug asked him if he threw some change ups and I think he said two.

      • Doug Gray

        And I only saw one. I think it was one – I asked the guy running the Trackman after Hunter left the game, and he said he thinks it was only one as well. And we both agreed on which pitch we thought it was, so I’m pretty sure it was just the one.

  7. MK

    Every first inning fastball was 100 mph and every breaking ball 87. Talk about repeatable. It used to be that the team gum the guys charting used read 3 mph more than scoreboard gun so it might have been 103 and 90. Second inning was 97 tops on fast ball, third inning 96 with one at 98. I really thought from where I was sitting was his best pitch. Kolozsvary did a very nice job, he is a little older but reminds me of Tucker behind the plate, while in Dayton.

    • Doug Gray

      The Dayton scoreboard readings are tied directly into the Trackman this year. So it’s going to be as accurate as you’re going to get and there shouldn’t be any of that kind of stuff this season.

  8. Justin


    Nice article on The Athletic! I hope you get to do a lot more. Everyone go read it and click the “awesome” icon!!

    • Doug Gray

      I will be doing more work over there. I’m officially a contributor now.

  9. Pat

    Baby steps…immense talent that’s learning to be a pitcher – can’t be just a flame thrower as evidenced by 5 hits and 2 earned runs. If class A level minor league hitters can hit a guy throwing upper 90s guess what MLB hitters can do? As he develops he’ll learn the intricacies of the fastball to go with the flame. He’s way ahead of the curve but he’s still growing and will add size too. He has the attitude and presence, now we’ll see if the Reds can truly develop a top talent…and keep him healthy.

  10. Steve

    Wow, what a waste of money. Reds DFA Gallardo and put Rainey on the 40 man. Hope the salary of Gallardo is prorated and not guaranteed for the full amount.

    • Steve

      Must’ve been a tough decision between Rainey and Herget. Herget next in line.

    • A.B.

      Just a complete head-scratcher of a signing from the beginning even to most casual fans. Not a confidence boost for the front office.

    • Doug Gray

      It wasn’t a bunch of money – it sounds like they only owe him the pro-rated amount of money they owed him (which, is something like $50-60K) because he was on a split contract. Still, the decision that got them there is befuddling.