Good news: It seems that, at least for this week, the audio issues that have popped up recently are fixed. The bad news: The Cincinnati Reds are 2-8 and things have looked ugly while getting there. In the episode for this week we talk about Bryan Price, and just how much longer he is going to be able to keep his job, and the curious decisions that he’s made along the way.

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8 Responses

  1. Shawn

    How much content will the athletic have on the reds minor leagues? Will it just be you every other week or will other writers also talk about them? I’ve been considering signing up but am mostly just interested in the minor leagues. I can watch the reds on TV

    • Doug Gray

      I will probably be doing a few articles a month there. I can’t speak to how much anyone else will be writing a minor league related article there.

  2. Kong

    It’s amazing how you guys continue to be shocked by the decisions Price makes and continue to defend the home office. The Reds are run by extremely dumb people who know nothing about how to win baseball games. They make dumb decisions because they are morons. Price is incompetent but keeps his job because the Reds front office think he is making good decisions. Again they are all idiots doing exactly what you expect idiots to do. It isn’t surprising it isn’t a shock. It’s the Reds.

  3. The Rage

    Reds have some talent, but no clue how to use it.

  4. Hoyce

    Doug- u say that these people (reds owners) are not stupid people. I could argue that .. while they are def great at business. Prob great at philanthropy. Have any of these guys had any experience at baseball? Or any sport?? The reds as an organization have no baseball IQ. That goes from player to manager to owner. Peraza has no clue what he’s doing on the field. Ball gets thrown to backstop and he can’t score from third… no secondary lead. A high school freshman knows better than that. Price is clueless. And management wants us to think they are profit free? Really?? And if they are profit free-they are dumber than I give them credit for.

  5. Colorado Red

    even the next game, Price only has Garret pitch 1 inning.
    I am sorry, but I think it is time to get rid of Price.
    Not just a PR move, but he has lost the team.

  6. Colorado Red

    Ok, Fat fingers or brain.
    Price only has Amir pitch 1 inning.
    What a catch Billy mad that game.

  7. Ghettotrout1

    I could not agree more with Doug on this…..”why do you fight for Garrett to be in your bullpen and then only use him for mop up duty” LOLOLOL. I think that is the best question anyone could ask Price. It makes zero sense.