Hendrik Clementina was acquired by the Cincinnati Reds last July when the team traded Tony Cingrani to the Los Angeles Dodgers. He was hitting an insane .370/.439/.554 at the time, but cooled off a little over the final few weeks of the season. Still, for 2017 the 21-year-old catcher finished the season with a .303/.371/.457 line with 11 doubles and six home runs in 51 games played.

The Reds have sent the catcher to Dayton where he’s splitting time behind the plate with Mark Kolozsvary and Morgan Lofstrom. The young catcher from Curacao has played in just three games, so saying he’s out to a quick start may seem like a bit much, but he’s already had four extra-base hits. He’s hitting .364 with a walk, a strikeout, and he’s slugging 1.091. Last night he unloaded on a fastball up in the zone for his second home run of the season.

Take a look at the video below of the 3-run home run by Hendrik Clementina against Lake County last night:

What is Hunter Greene thinking out on the mound?

MLB Pipeline’s Jonathan Mayo was in Dayton earlier this week to watch Hunter Greene’s 2018 debut. The game, if you somehow missed all of the reports, was an impressive one after the first few batters. The 18-year-old struck out eight of the 14 batters that he faced in the game without a walk. You can watch the video of almost his entire start right here. The following day, Greene and Mayo sat down to watch the start and they discussed what he was thinking in each inning. I can’t recommend this enough. Greene goes through several at-bats and breaks them down pitch-by-pitch in what he was thinking, what he was throwing, why he threw it – just outstanding stuff. Go read it.

Nick Senzel isn’t worrying about ‘the extra year’

It’s not a secret.” said Senzel prior to batting 0-for-4 with a run scored in Wednesday’s 8-2 win over the Columbus Clippers. “I think everyone knows the situation with that. I don’t need to sit here and talk about it. … It’s part of it. Scott (Boras) does a good job. We’ve talked, and they’ve educated me on that stuff, but it’s nothing to worry about. Everyone knows the situation. Can’t worry about it. When it’s time, it’s time.

That’s what Nick Senzel told Gentry Estes of The Louisville Courier Journal. Everyone seems to know “the game” that teams are playing, even as ridiculous as it is set up. It makes sense for the teams to do it. If the Eugenio Suarez injury opens the door for Senzel to be called up at the earliest point while maintaining that extra year of control, then the first day you could see him would be on Friday.


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  1. redleggingfordayz

    But Doug, wasn’t he just a throw away player for Tony :P? Seriously though, I love when the Reds target high upside guys like this, and at such an important position too. That HR was just flat out crushed.

    • Colorado Red

      He was and is a lottery ticket
      Sometimes, they hit the jackpot. Let’s hope this is one of them

  2. James Phillips

    Clementina has the textbook catcher’s body.

  3. MK

    The scouting report says poor defense but for as thick as he is from waist down he moves well and gives a nice low target. The guy behind the backstop in the Reds hat and jacket sure adds some good looks to the video.

    • HavaKlu

      Yeah, but it sure looks like you had your head down when Clementina connected!

  4. Brad

    I am not in a rush to see Senzel in Cincinnati. If he comes up in June rather than April, I am fine with it. More of a development thing than a cost savings over 3 arbitration years than 4 arb years.

    Reds timing has been poor. Makes me wonder what they could have done this off-season to get a Lorenzo Cain in FA, Yelich in a trade, Chris Archer in a trade, etc. Some of the higher level prospects seem to lose luster.

    I hope Iglesias is marketed well at the trade deadline this year. Could add 1-2 impact prospects to go along with Senzel, Trammell, Greene and young up and coming guys.

    • The Duke

      Cain I can see an argument for, all he cost was money. Yelich likely costs us Senzel, and possibly Trammell and Mahle as well. .

      If we can net a top 25 level prospect I’m open to the idea of trading Iglesias. Getting guys at the backend of the top 100 or 4 “solid” prospects does not interest me whatsoever. If the Nats want to package Juan Soto, or Kyle Tucker from the Astros, or Triston McKenzie from Cleveland, or the Dodgers for Verdugo plus, then I’m on board.

      • Wes

        Agree 100%. Id rather reds extend him for a couple years vs trading him almost regardless of return. It’s the bullpen era. Him and Garrett make up 2/3s of a World Series caliber bullpen

      • Brad

        I am intrigued with the Verdugo idea. Dodgers will need a better setup man down the stretch and in the playoffs.

      • Kap

        Wouldn’t mind a couple of those highly rated pitching prospects from Atlanta either

  5. Wes

    Senzel is a boras client ?!? That sucks for reds! He’s notorious for going into free agency

    • Doug Gray

      I don’t know how many times I have to tell people this: Agents work for the players, not the other way around.

      • Brock

        And after this past offseason, more players will probably be apt to sign extensions instead of the uncertainty of free agency. Just ask Carlos Gonzalez and Mike Moustakas

      • Wes

        Can u name a few boras client/s that opted to resign for current club for less? All I see is him talking players into passing on 1 year 17+ mill to risk free agency. And he’s talking them into it. If boras would tell em to take 17 mill- they prob would- Bc that’s why they pay him big bucks. He’s had some big misses of late bc he’s after every dollar

  6. B-town Fan

    Doug, I don’t know whats changed since yesterday but none of the video’s you’ve posted today will play on my main browser that I use which is Firefox and when I try Google Chrome it plays and stops and plays and stops eventually stops for good. I noticed that none of your video’s have the Youtube emblem in the right hand corner anymore. So I don’t know if you’ve stopped using the youtube player format anymore or what’s changed.

    • Doug Gray

      The Stephenson video and Clementina video are NOT hosted on youtube, they are hosted on my site alone. That’s why they look different.

      Videos play fine in Firefox and Chrome for me on a computer. Are you on a computer or on a mobile device/tablet?

  7. Jim Delaney

    Doug- fully agree that agents work for the players BUT Scott Boras does like to have his players play out there arbitration years and then be willing to take time in the off season hoping that the BIG number will come-in. Due to this think there are some teams that do struggle to work with Boras and his agency. Boras has had some players look for a long term deal while still under contract Stephen Strasburg and Jose Altuve are recent examples. There are other Boras clients though that have hit free agency, some for home runs but recently a few that may or may not have received the best advice Mike Moustakas or Greg Holland. Would be interesting to know if Boras discussed with these two clients accepting the one year qualifying offer that was higher than what they signed for or if the players and agent totally misread the current market. Boras has hit many home runs having his players wait it out in the past but with teams looking to get younger and not give 30 plus year old players 7 to 10 year contracts, will be interesting to see if Boras and some of his clients look to lock up long term deals with there current teams. Appears Bryce Harper and Manny Machado are going to ride it out and hit free agency. They are a little unique though due to making it to the majors at a very early age. Will be a very interesting 2018-2019 off season!!!

    • Doug Gray

      The reason most Boras guys go to free agency is because he generally represents the best of the best of the best. He’s usually not representing the solid every day guys.

  8. kevin z

    I would keep Senzel down until hits his groove which think called up next week since hit his groove starting tonight lol.

  9. Cguy

    Toni Cingrani has 6 scoreless appearance for the Dodgers this season going 4.2 ML innings allowing 2 hits & NO BB. The idea that Cingrani was only worth Clementina (who had yet to appear in an A ball level game when the trade was made) is sad. So possibly we get a return on a ML lefty reliever in 3-5 years? During an extended rebuild already?

    • Cguy

      If Toni Cingrani was in the Reds pen pitching as he is right now, do you really think Garrett would be in the bullpen also? More likely he’d be starting in Cincy or Louisville.

      • The Rage

        I doubt it. Cingrani had reached the end of the line with Price. He needed a change of scenery bad.

    • Doug Gray

      The plan was to do it on Tuesday, but then a lot of things went down on Tuesday with the Reds that were far more important to write about.

    • The Duke

      Read over in Fangraphs that there is some buzz about Jared Kelenic going top 3, maybe number 1. Travis Swaggerty and Alex Bohm both seem to have a lot of helium and might go top 5-8 too

  10. kevin z

    fun trade idea trade iggy and Billy for Verdugo plus from LAD.
    Trade Senzel Scooter Winker to Hou for Kyle Tucker and Alex Bregman.
    Senzel can replace bregman plus hou control him longer which be a plus for them.
    Reds Sign Bregman to a deal 6 year type deal showed can play OF plus 3rd also SS when Correa was out. Scooter can DH in the AL which help him and Hou since his D stinks. Winker can DH and play LF for Hou.
    RF Verdugo
    SS Bregman
    1st Votto
    3rd Suarez
    LF Kyle Tucker
    CF Ervin and Rosell Herrera
    2nd Blandino
    C Tucker Barnhart

    • MK

      What would the Astros want with Scooter, he is a defensive liability wherever he plays and the Astros have better offensive options. I believe Astros think as much of Bregman as Reds do of Senzel so it would be trading a known commodity for a prospect with no mlb experience. Just does not make sense for Houston.

      • kevinz

        I thought Scooter as a throw in so Hou would do it so get a known atleast MLB player. Scooter could DH then give altuve days off to DH when wanna rest him some. Thats why call up Senzel up within a week let him show what can do them make the trade. Hou would like the longer control of Senzel since paid altuve plus others coming up to pay big bucks to.

  11. The Rage

    Senzel,Santilian,Trammell,Greene,Stephenson is a real real nice set of prospects the Reds are developing their. Real real nice. Maybe the best since the 00’s.

    • kevinz

      Yea sure hope so def gonna enjoy there progress but have to wait until hit the show to Show us worthy of a MLB players first. Been fooled way to many times. Heck even lil iffy on Senzel until proves it in MLB. hoping Senzel Ceiling atleast Bregman his Floor Hopefully Suarez like player in MLB

    • The Rage

      Sal has to pitch better than that. I bet Robert is sitting there laughing………..

  12. Brad

    Not sure about you guys, but I am growing tired of Phil Ervins act. Not producing. Yet comes across as entitled and ‘woe is me.’ hope to see him sent back to AAA tomorrow along with Weiss and Rainey, they just aren’t ready. Bring back Ariel Hernandez.

    • The Rage

      I think in fairness to Weiss, he could not get warmed up, shaking his arm a lot after a long layoff. Rainey is not ready…….right now.

  13. kevin z

    Tough go of it Reds good times will come when it does it will feel and mean more.
    I can make fun cool trades and talk about our young prospects but in the end wont matter unless Pitching Pitching Pitching happens. Reds need to stack themselves with 92-94 mph pitchers who can throw 3 Pitches with location in the least. Flamethrowers seems not Our answer most seem like throwers not Pitchers big difference.

  14. Hoyce

    My high school team is better fundamentally than these reds. Jhc. Can’t throw a strike. Can’t catch a fly ball. Can’t catch a 70 foot throw. This is not big league material. Gut all this crap. Not worthy of a minimum wage paycheck. Let alone millions.

  15. The Rage

    Cody Reed just earned a job in the pen tonight.

    Fwiw, if Price goes. Sal is in trouble.