The Cincinnati Reds made a set of roster moves today, starting with calling up Dylan Floro. The 27-year-old signed with the Reds before the season began on a Minor League deal. He didn’t make the team out of spring training and was sent to Triple-A Louisville. With the Bats he has made two appearances that span three innings. He’s allowed four hits and a walk (intentional) to go with a strikeout.

Dylan Floro has spent parts of two seasons in the Major Leagues. In 2016 the right hander pitched in 12 games out of the bullpen for Tampa Bay. He posted a 4.20 ERA in 15.0 innings. In 2017 he saw time in three games with the Cubs, posting a 6.52 ERA in 9.2 innings. Over his combined 24.2 big league innings he’s allowed 38 hits with seven walks and 20 strikeouts. He throws a lot of strikes. His career minor league walk rate is 1.4 batters per 9-innings pitched. But, he’s also a guy who doesn’t strike batters out and gives up plenty of hits.

To make room on the 25-man roster the team sent Tanner Rainey to Triple-A Louisville. He had made two appearances with the Reds since he was called up earlier last week. To make room on the 40-man roster the team designated right handed pitcher Ariel Hernandez for assignment. He has pitched in three games for Pensacola, throwing 3.1 shutout innings without a walk and with three strikeouts.

Ariel Hernandez has some of the best pure stuff I’ve ever seen. He’s got a fastball that sits 97-99 MPH and one of the best breaking balls you’ll ever see that works 87-90 MPH. He’s had control problems in the past, and it’s something he’s got to work on. Last year in the Majors he walked 22 batters with 29 strikeouts in 24.1 innings. In Triple-A last season he had 19 walks and 19 strikeouts in 17.0 innings. Neither of those rates are going to work. The consistency hasn’t been there. But his stuff is just other worldly. I’m very surprised to see the team designate him for assignment for Dylan Floro.

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    • James Dehan

      As someone posted on the Cincinnati Enquirer’s website today, this Red’s GM needs to go – and now (before everyone following MLB falls down busting a gut when the words Cincinnati Reds are spoken) – and after Paul Daugherty called the Reds out for being bush league in yesterday’s game? What is Williams anyway, a glorified money manager or stock broker (besides being a close relative of a few minority owners)? Usually when a high ranking Company official proceeds to make a mess of an employer’s operations – they are abruptly fired. As it is, this tandem of Williams and Price is an affront to all Reds fans (Gallardo? Releasing Ariel Hernandez when his stuff is stellar except for bouts of wildness for another no-name pitcher? – and after the Reds have thrown who Weiss and another no-name?), especially those long standing. Yes this front office sounds quite desperate which is what happens when they have no idea what they are actually doing.

      • Tyler

        This is a bit of an overreaction. I wouldn’t say Weiss and Rainey are no names. They didn’t have great debuts but definitely shouldn’t be given up on or anything like that. Also, I’m of the opinion that Paul Daughtery blows a lot of smoke.

  1. kevinz

    Wow something either going on behind the scene’s with this move or Reds making another Reds type Move? I Vote Doug as New GM of the Reds lol and Larkin as Manager. I’ll bet lil money i have them two do much better with who to keep who to bring up or down along making a lineup that makes some sense

  2. mike

    Giving up on hernandez for a 27 yr old with a career ERA of 5.11,used to think just the manager was an idiot now I’m starting to wonder about Williams.

    • AirborneJayJay

      Just starting to wonder?? A little late to the party. Dick Williams is THE problem.

  3. James Dehan

    As someone posted on the Cincinnati Enquirer’s website today, this Red’s GM needs to go – and now (before everyone following MLB falls down busting a gut when the words Cincinnati Reds are spoken). What is Williams anyway, a glorified money manager or stock broker (besides being a relative of a few minority owners)? When employees make a mess of an employer’s operations – they are normally abruptly fired. As it is, the tandem of Williams and Price is an affront to all Reds fans (Gallardo?), and especially those long standing.

    • jbonireland

      The Reds GM needs to go? You do understand the Williams family are part owners of the ball club don’t you. Like most I have no clue as to what is happening here. It seems like every day is more desperate then the last. If this continues for another two weeks major changes have to be made. How can this team be so bad defensively? And why can’t pitchers get people out, they seem to be learning nothing. What is our manager and pitching coach doing.

      The players seem to have left the building, not respect for the coaching staff.

  4. Tony

    Someone will take a chance on Hernandez because of his raw stuff but this guy has no business being anywhere near a MLB pitching staff. When he didn’t show at all this year in spring training you knew his days were numbered with this organization. Let’s be honest, if you can’t make the Red’s current bullpen at age 26 with his arm you are probably not a future big league pitcher.

  5. SteveLV

    This feels like a tantrum thrown in response to a couple of young guys who couldn’t get the ball over the plate yesterday – after a few years of built up frustration on the same subject.

  6. Mac

    Worst team, manager and Organization. And probably owner too. All are clueless. We are the new Cubs.

    • Tyler

      I’ll take that, if the end result is a championship!

  7. bred

    Price’s usage of Rainey and Weiss was ridiculous. I thought Price was a good pitching coach, but he has forgotten how to handle pitchers. Those guys did not deserve to be thrown into high leverage situations the first time in the bigs. He has forgotten how mentally fragile pitcher are. Rainey had to be gun shy last night. His slider is a plus pitch, but it seems he would be better off working the fastball first and the slider off of that.

    • Tony

      Bingo! Price quite possibly has the worst feel for the game (especially pitchers) I’ve ever seen from a former pitching coach or anyone for that matter.

      • AirborneJayJay

        How many MLB games have you managed? How many Minor League games have you managed? How many college games have you managed? How many high school games have you managed?
        Probably Zero!!
        So how on God’s green earth would you know anything about the “feel for the game” from a manager’s perspective?
        Tony LaRussa, Joe Torre or even Joe Giradi could not manage more wins out of this roster. Scapegoat Price all you want. But this mess belongs soley to Dick Williams.
        It is all on the Reds GM, Dick Williams. Williams sets the roster. Price has to go with what he has been given. And that ain’t much. Players in camp on minor league contracts and over the hill never has beens.

      • Tony

        If I refuted every senseless point you made in this post Doug’s server might run out of space so I’ll spare Doug the additional cost.

    • weigarp

      I respectfully disagree. Rainey and Weiss are two members of the Cincinnati Reds bullpen. They were needed yesterday to pitch well and keep their team in the game. They did not. That is neither Price’s or William’s problem. The other relievers in the Reds bullpen were gassed from over-usage. If Rainey and Weiss cannot get it done, then try someone with at least a little MLB experience to help… which is who the Reds called up.

  8. Kap

    They designate Hernandez but not Rookie Davis, who won’t be claimed. Williams is a joke

    • Doug Gray

      Designating Rookie Davis would have just meant designating two guys instead of one. Rookie isn’t taking a spot on the 40-man roster. He’s on the 60-day DL.

    • Brad

      Somehow, Cliff Pennington with a sore arm is a better option than Alex Blandino at 3B tonight…

  9. Dave

    Hey let’s look at positives. At least they didn’t bring back JJ Hoover.

  10. MikeinSoCal

    Desperate, dumb, depressing. This has the makings of a very ugly season.

  11. Matt McWax

    I count myself as a hopeful Ariel Hernandez fan and his Reds debut had me salivating but he has been professionally pitching for almost 10 years. That’s a lot of time to find your control. In his last 8 years, his BEST BB/9 was 5.45. It was 10.06 in AAA last year and 8.14 with the Reds. If you walk a lot of minor leaguers, you will probably walk more major leaguers. I wouldn’t have done the move myself but it’s kind of just betting against a miracle.

    • RedsinWashSt

      I agree, the GM has been on the job for a year and a half. But he must be an idiot and does not know a thing. I wonder if all these guy were given a team to run how they would do. Hernandez has been in baseball for 8-10 years and still has not figured it out. Some guys are not going to figure because the problem is between the ears. Just maybe the GM has been talking to the coaches, they have a pretty good pitching coach in 2a and did what they advised. Maybe next time he can get his information from the people on this board. Maybe just maybe there is something else going on besides what it looks like. A GM deserves more then 1 1/2 years to see if he knows what he is doing. But no I’m sure he’s clueless.

  12. bred

    I agree that no one could win with this roster, and that is on FO. My point is that putting players in the best situation to succeed is the manager’s responsibility. I don’t think Price is successful at that either with pitchers or position players. Tucker pinch hit to bunt? That is just a non pitcher example. There are many more instances over the past few years of confusing decisions.

  13. Wes

    If he passes through waivers it’s a good move. Seems to be sense in sending guys down early in season vs off season. But if he doesn’t- the world isn’t going to end bc u lost a 45 grade player. I’ll hold my criticism for a better argument.

  14. Pat

    Looks to be a simple filtering through relievers to see if they’re either ready or worth hanging onto. The Reds are accumulating minor leaguers and some free agent and waive pickups and this is the process. It does have to be hard on the field starters like Votto, etc to be subjected to the shifting clubhouse due to injuries and call ups/send downs. Managing and GMing a club that doesn’t spend is precarious at best

  15. Alex Reds

    New pitcher: Floro, age 27, 9.2 innings in MLB in 2017, 15 hits allowed, 6 strikeouts, 6.52 ERA.

    DFA pitcher, Ariel Hernandez, age 26, 24 innings in MLB in 2017, 14 hits allowed, 29 strikeouts, 5.18 ERA.

    The whole point of rebuilding is to develop the prospects and put them in position to succeed. Hernandez was one of the top bullpen prospects the Reds had based on stuff and performance. His walk rate has been improving and he’s already shown he can dominate at the MLB level. It makes no sense to risk losing Hernandez for Floro, who has no upside, and won’t be here next year.

    WTF is Williams doing???
    It’s one thing for the Reds to lose, but I’m not surprised by that; but it’s another for Williams and Price to make bone headed moves left and right to stint the rebuild and the development of prospects and losing them for no reason. Garrett should be starting in AAA or MLB. We need to develop starters. We don’t need another Chapman mistake just because we’re desperate for relievers, apparently.

    We shouldn’t be desperate at this point, this season is over already so there’s no point to be DFAing and benching prospects for journeymen.

    Just one less chance for this rebuild to work.


    • weigarp

      The Reds aren’t the first team to designate Ariel Hernandez.

      • weigarp

        According to Fangraghs, from 2009 to 2013, Hernandez was a member of the San Francisco Giants organization and in 2015 was a member of the AZ Diamondbacks organization. He only came to the Reds in 2016.

      • Doug Gray

        You said designated him. That’s a formal thing with a definition. You can’t be designated without being on the 40-man. He’s only been on the 40-man with the Cincinnati Reds.

        The Giants released him. The DBacks lost him to the Reds in the minor league Rule 5 draft.

      • weigarp

        I stand corrected. However, he was a part of two other organizations before coming to the Reds, which, I assume means these teams did not think enough of him to keep him in their organization or protect him from a rule 5 draft.

  16. Alex Reds

    Guess how many runs and walks Hernandez has given up in his 3.1 innings of 2018 in the minors?

  17. HavaKlu

    Except for a year in age and the money invested in Rainey there isn’t much difference between Rainey and Hernandez—–both have exceptional stuff but have struggled with command. I thought it curious that Hernandez was sent to AA this year instead of Louisville—–could it be that an attitude or work ethic problem might exist? I would think info from the AA pitching coach factored in the decision.

  18. Kong

    Morons making moronic decisions. Not surprised at all. Dick Williams is a baseball idiot who has his job because of his daddy. Price is one of the worst managers in the history of the organization and they keep renewing his contract. Hopeless, absolutely hopeless.