Well, the title is a little bit misleading. Sort of. I used the word we’re. Or, well, the contraction. But it implies we, and on this episode of The Unnamed Reds Podcast, it’s just me. Sorry Brian, but I just wanted to get my thoughts out there quickly and I didn’t even ask if you were available.

In this episode I just express my confusion about what exactly is happening inside the Cincinnati Reds organization. Today’s roster moves, and today’s lineup are just mind numbing. I can’t make sense of hardly any of it. And I spent 12 minutes, talking about just how confusing, backwards, and disconnected all of the things happening right now inside the organization are.

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15 Responses

  1. AirborneJayJay

    Dazed and Confused. Cannot get a better description of Reds GM Dick Williams.

  2. AirborneJayJay

    Is there a more desperate team pitching-wise in MLB than the Reds?
    The Texas Rangers just signed Yovani Gallardo. At least they were smart about it and made it a minor league contract and not a major league contract like Reds GM Dick Williams gave him.
    The Reds just keep sinking deeper into the abyss of the Puerto Rico Trench with Dick Williams at the helm.

  3. RTG!

    Honest question: can Dick Williams be fired by his family or will he pretty much have to resign?

  4. Hoyce

    Doug – it is what it is. Any chance that the reds wanted to “tank” the year for top prospect? That’s kinda grasping at straws- but at least makes some sort of sense. What has to happen now is -convince Joey to waive no-clause. Or his contract is gonna kill reds from here on out. They got great value and much love from votto- but u can’t expect production from someone his age here on out.

    • Alex Reds


      Tanking makes sense. If you’re gonna suck, you might as well pick in the top 2, 3, or 5 picks that are the highest caliber and hope they stay healthy.

      However, stunting Blandino on the bench to play Pennington, stunting Garrett in the bullpen, stunting Ervin in the bench, and DFAing Hernandez for Floro doesn’t make the team much better or worse – so it shouldn’t impact tanking. It just means the prospects won’t get to play or won’t be in the organization to develop. No wonder this team struggles to develop anyone, they have no patience other than for Peraza so far, who still might pan out – but they might give up on him soon too and put him in a bench role.

  5. terry m

    Saw Mr. Williams on TV this spring several times this spring. How about coming on now to explain things ? Would also like to see Bob C. on TV and talk about bringing a winner to Cincy. How is the plan going ?? or What is the plan ??

    10 Mill to Alf Rod-Not trading Chapman because of all star game-Panic and getting robed by Yanks when Chap was traded. I just do not understand them and all of their moves. Hard to watch !!!!

  6. Krozley

    At this point, they might as well bring up Iribarren. He would be their 3rd best bullpen guy (1.75 ERA in his 25 career minor league innings) and he could also start at 3B ahead of Blandino.

    In less sarcastic news, I saw a report that said Daal had a triple in an extended ST game. It would be nice to see him back this year.

  7. Adam

    The Reds’ entire rebuild plan is: a) sign veteran FAs or guys off wavers who can’t play anywhere else; b) give them an opportunity to play; c) get lucky when one of these guys over-perform; and d) trade him away for prospects.

  8. The Rage

    The problem is Price and his slack spring prep. Pitchers going through dead arm in April. Hitters a month behind.

  9. Troubled

    I hear and feel the exasperation in your voice and echo your confusion.
    After 2017, which I feel was a lost year in the “rebuild”, I felt that there was several things that needed to be addressed:
    1. Who is going to play 2B? Obviously Gennett will be traded after a career year and he’s not the long term answer at second, right?
    2. Who is going to play SS? I get it, the front office traded for Peraza so they want to see if he can play there. This, of course, could have been done last year but the Reds wanted to play a guy that was going to walk at the end of the year. Consequently, no information gained and now we know that Peraza can’t play SS.
    3. Obviously the Reds will trade Duval to make room for Winker to play LF. Not only didn’t happen but now Price is playing Winker in RF, which he plays worse than LF.
    4. I thought the “Hey, we’ll teach Billy Hamilton to hit because we don’t have a lead off hitter and he’s fast” experiment was over and they would start using Ervin in CF. You can’t have 1/3 of your lineup (Hamilton, Peraza, pitcher) not be able to get on base. BH is a great defensive CF but…
    5. After watching Garrett pitch in ST, he’s the starter, right? Nope, he’s in the bullpen for mop up duty.
    I could go on but I’m just echoing your frustration. However, one final note, for a guy that was a pitcher and pitching coach, Price doesn’t seem to have any feel for when a pitcher needs to come out of a game. In addition, and this may be that he’s taking orders from the front office, doesn’t seem know who to play where.
    Well… there’s always football. Oh Shoot! I’m a Bengals fan so no help there!

  10. Simon Cowell

    Will there be a franchise in Cincinnati if we are basement dwellers for 10 more years and our stadium looks like a ghost town for home games? It’s a fair question to ask.

  11. RedsFaninPitt

    I am not all that surprised by the start. I am not alarmed either by anything that has happened. The Reds are still in the middle of the rebuild and part of the rebuild is allowing the young guys to ‘take their lumps’ and ‘learn the ropes’ of the major leagues. The Reds have unsuccessfully tried to prevent what has largely occurred over the past couple of seasons and that is a free-fall by balancing youth with experience in the lineups. Last year it was mostly balancing the two in the rotation, and this year it is mostly balancing the two in the lineup. At some point, with or without Price, they will fully embrace their young position players like they have in the rotation this year. But, don’t expect the ‘learning pains’ to end. A rebuild takes a long time, and I think the thoughts of the vast majority on this website is that as soon as the young players get their chance the team will be good again. Not so fast, some of these players – e.g. Blandino, Ervin, Stephenson, Reed maybe even Peraza, Garrett, Mahle and Romano – may only prove to be utility backup or bullpen options. Some others – e.g. Castillo, Senzel – may prove to be stars or average players with more players needed to fill more holes.

    This team will eventually fully embrace the youth movement, but I believe the front office and coaches don’t believe the young position players it has are either ready or will be able to be regular starters. I believe that is why the hedging is occurring with Blandino and Ervin, in particular. They may also want to trade these players soon and don’t want them fully exposed as no better than utility players at best. More trades will occur by mid-season. I think the handwriting is on the wall for Iglesias. The Reds are weak in the upper minors in all of the following positions – SS, CF, RF and C and their pitching is not as strong as the past couple years. Mez could be resigned to help cover catching duties until Stephenson is ready. Schebler can probably play a decent enough CF until Siri or Trammell are ready. The Reds need at least 2 of Bailey, Finnegan and Desclafani + at least 2 of Castillo, Mahle, Romano, Stephenson, Reed, Lopez and Gutierrez to stick as good starters by 2019 to be successful that year. The Reds could be quite good next year, but a lot depends on those young pitchers, Peraza, Schebler and the return for a likely trade of Iglesias by mid-season to fill a couple holes that will still exist.

  12. Colorado Red

    And it is now Sunday, and the Deads are 2 – 13.
    A change needs to be made.
    My friends are giving my garbage out here in the front range of the rockies.
    I really think we need a new manager. He will paid anyway.