This season is another one where we will be trying to track the distance of the home runs hit by Cincinnati Reds Minor Leaguers throughout the year. Some home runs hit I am able to get the information on the distances via the Trackman system at the stadiums. For others I use video replay and google maps measurement tools. In both cases it’s just a strong estimate. Trackman doesn’t factor in weather. With google maps, it’s just me guessing on exactly where the ball landed, and using the measurement tool and adding a few feet given the trajectory of the ball when it was on it’s way down. For a few home runs, the camera simply missed them or the video wasn’t clear enough to see where the ball went. And a few others happened on the road and I was unable to get video or trackman information on them.

The first installation this year has a total of 25 home runs since the start of the year. For reference, the longest home run tracked last season was by Michael Beltre at 453 feet. That distance was from the Trackman system. Only two other home runs went over 440 feet (Gavin LaValley in Daytona, Taylor Sparks in Dayton). Here’s the list for the first week-and-a-half of the season.

Longest Home Runs from opening day through April 15th

Date Player Distance
13-Apr Dilson Herrera 441
14-Apr Mitch Nay 431
14-Apr Taylor Trammell 408
14-Apr Steve Selsky 408
12-Apr Narciso Crook 404
10-Apr Miles Gordon 402
13-Apr Mason Williams 402
13-Apr Mitch Nay 397
15-Apr Nick Longhi 392
13-Apr Rosell Herrera 390
14-Apr Mitch Nay 389
12-Apr Jeter Downs 387
11-Apr Gabby Guerrero 386
10-Apr Sebastian Elizalde 384
6-Apr Josh VanMeter 381
11-Apr Hendrik Clementina 380
12-Apr Stuart Fairchild 368
7-Apr Rosell Herrera 364
14-Apr Daniel Sweet 363
13-Apr Nick Senzel 362
13-Apr Tyler Goeddel 360
6-Apr Stuart Fairchild 357
13-Apr Steve Selsky 356
11-Apr Taylor Trammell 355

The longest homer of the week was by Dilson Herrera off of rehabbing Dan Straily. If last year suggests anything, that’s probably going to hold up as the longest one for a while. Mitch Nay smacked three home runs over this early stretch of the year and absolutely laid into one at 431 feet.

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  1. MK

    Mitch Nay, a former first round draft pick might be a nice pick-up, making this list three times already. Looks like his leg and infection issues are behind him.