After skipping things last week to give more than 2-3 games to talk about for the season, Reds Minor League Talk is back on schedule. This week we cover a few of the hot starts to the year among players in the farm system, and I got a little off topic while talking about the strangeness in which young players are coming up and not playing every day. We also discussed Nick Senzel and when he could be called up. This episode is just over 17 minutes long, so hit play and give it a watch/listen. And while you are at it, be sure to tell all of your friends.

Reds Minor League Talk: Episode 32


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  1. wes

    Bryan Price has a loosing ora he can’t shake. Retaining him was by far the worst move of DW tenure. Fire him and give Girardi whatever it takes to come to Cincy.

  2. MikeD


    I have to respectfully disagree on Mesoraco. In the games I have seen him play, his bat looks more imposing than most of the other Reds at this point. Though that’s not saying a whole heck of a lot. I believe the Reds would do well to let him get some a bats. Again, this season is lost, so the best thing is to find ways to find value in the entire roster. If that means Mesoraco splits time behind the plate, do it. That might give them a chip to trade. Otherwise, they just waste another opportunity.

    Where are you on Aquino? You kind of blew by Pensacola in your podcast and I was interested in hearing your thoughts on his small sample start. Are you holding judgement until you see a greater amount of at bats? While that is understandable, I would hope that you might have some resources that could give some indication as to his progress. Just hoping.

    A few of us chatted about Tyler Stephenson over the weekend and whether it would benefit him to eventually move positions because of his size and also that his bat may become more valuable and protected at another position. I know this is probably not something that will happen anytime soon but here is my question to you: In watching his defensive skills, do you believe that they can be superior enough that the Reds will want to keep him behind the plate? It makes for an interesting discussion at the very least.

    Great job as always!

    • Doug Gray

      Mesoraco has 20 at-bats this season. The last time he hit was 2014. Would you trade anything at all for him?

      • MikeD

        You are absolutely right Doug, but your words were correct when you said: “this is a lost season already.” Why then would they not get him in the lineup enough to let him gain some trade value. I am happy the Reds have Tucker and he is now their catcher, however, if the Reds want to try and get something for Mesoraco, why not play him enough to try? Playing Barnhart over him will do what for the team this year? I get that he may help the pitching staff more than Mez, but again, if the idea is to get better return, the Reds need to think about a strategy to increase trade value in some.

        I was hoping you might comment on the other thoughts I mentioned…

        Thanks again

  3. Michael Smith

    Doug by any chance do you think there could be an internal power struggle in the front office? That could explain the weird combo of movies and why the manager seems to be ignoring the GM