The Cincinnati Reds have traded catcher Tony Sanchez to the Texas Rangers for a player to be named later or future cash considerations. The 29-year-old Sanchez had been playing with the Louisville Bats, but not much. He had appeared in just two games this season for the Triple-A squad, going 1-5 with a double and three strikeouts.

Tony Sanchez signed with the organization on February 25th this season on a Minor League deal with an invitation to Major League spring training. He had previous big league experience, playing with the Pirates in limited action from 2013-15, and getting into one game with the Braves in 2017.

That clears up a little bit of playing time in Louisville behind the plate. Stuart Turner, Tony Cruz and Joe Hudson (who is listed on the roster, but hasn’t played yet this season) were already on the Bats roster behind the plate, and now they’ll be the only options for catchers. It also opens up a roster spot on the team, but at this point in time it hasn’t been announced yet who will fill that spot. We probably won’t find out until tomorrow, either. The Bats game for today has been postponed, so they don’t need a player for the game today.

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12 Responses

  1. Krozley

    I’m pretty sure Joe Hudson has been playing in Goodyear so I’m confused why he is even listed on the Bats roster. This move will probably activate him at Louisville, however.

    • Ryan

      Any Idea if Jon Moscot is still around? His Tommy John was a year and a half ago…

  2. Pat

    The Reds will continue to pick up what I call “free look” or cheap look guys. Maybe for depth, maybe on a hope, but not much cost. Every now and then a waiver pick up works out like Scooter. Most don’t. Include in this minor league deal signings and ill-fated major league deals that don’t cost much like Gallardo. This is one of those deals and they’ll get a little cash in return. It’s how this ownership an GM will operate. Gone are the days of a splashy FA signing for a 1 or 2 or 3 starter or quality outfielder. This move is ok that’s all…a free look that led nowhere and no frees up playing time in Louisville.

  3. RedsinWashSt

    Fire the FO they stink. He’s had almost 2 years to turn this around and can’t do it. In fact lets get a new FO every 2 years.

    • Nate Adams

      yeah that works really well as evidenced by the Cleveland Browns, Phoenix Suns, Chicago Cubs (for the majority of this century), and countless other sports clubs/orgs/franchises/programs both at the collegiate and professional levels. Slow and steady wins the race. Freaking out after two weeks where 25% of your projected OD roster has been on the DL doesn’t make a lot of sense

      • MK

        Sorry Nate, must have been typing simultaneously. Great minds…

    • RedsinWashSt

      I wasn’t being serious I was trying to sound like some of the people on this board.

  4. MK

    Alf Rod on DL, Luis Gonzalez to Pensacola, Hector Vargas to Daytona, Schebler going from Louisville to Pensacola for rehab (that makes more sense anyway. I noticed Alf-Rod left game early but announcers didn’t know why. No Dayton move announced.

  5. MK

    Any idea what happened to rhp Luis Heredia they picked up from Pittsburgh late in off season?