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Louisville was postponed. Double header on Wednesday morning.

Pensacola won 8-3. Box Score

Daytona had the day off.

Dayton had the day off.

4/17 Game Preview

Team 1st half 2nd half Time (ET) Probable Box Score Listen Live Watch Live
Louisville 4-6 N/A 6:05pm Stephenson Here Here Here
Pensacola 5-6 0-0 8:00pm Mella Here Here Here
Daytona 8-3 0-0 6:30pm TBA Here Here N/A
Dayton 5-3 0-0 7:00pm Bautista Here Here Here

27 Responses

  1. Jim t

    Aquino off to a nice start. Making good contact and showing some plate discipline.

    • The Duke

      Still a small sample size, his plate discipline isn’t that far off from his norm over the past 2-3 years. The biggest thing is his BABIP is higher than last year so far.

      • jim t

        You are right but considering how his season in AA started last year this has got to be a good sign.

  2. BromleyJake

    What is the upside to Luis Gonzalez? Could he conceivably be an above average ML shortstop? And was his promotion to due to his performance or a product of the organization trying to clear space for other players in Daytona?

  3. MK

    Watched Blue Wahoos last night and am still concerned that Schebler shakes his hand and fingers after a swing and miss.

  4. Michael B. Green

    Wonder if Gabby Guerrero gets a cup of coffee soon. Not sure who would get bumped off the 40 to make that happen. He is on fire right now though. Would assume that Winker hits the DL or Ervin gets optioned to AAA to ride out the hot streak. Think Gabby has some OF assists too.

  5. SultanofSwaff

    .343 OPS for Chad Wallach with the Marlins in 31 ABs. YIKES!

    I don’t know what Philip Ervin thinks about in RF, but it’s not about the runners on base.

    Boy, give Luis Castillo temps over 50 degrees and he’s nearly unhittable. I’ll be seeing Mahle tomorrow!

    This narrative about unloading Gennett is really tiresome. He’s controllable and could be part of the next good Reds team.

    Iglesias/Peralta/Garrett. This a bullpen core that is as good as anyone in the division. Now let’s add to it.

    It’s too bad the team will be buried in the standings before the real Reds show up in June.

    • The Duke

      Gennett’s last year of control is next year and he’ll likely cost around $10 million. Not to mention his defense is bad at 2B.

      • jim t

        Agree!!! Watching him and Winker in the field is painful. It is no picnic watching Perraza either. Joey hasn’t been very good this year either. Defensively as a whole this team is not very good defensively. I haven’t checked the numbers but watching every game has not been easy.

  6. wes

    Doug, did you ever address any of those comments about how when folks pull up the site from cell phone an Amazon spam link pops up instead? I was dealing w it a ton like 30 days or maybe longer ago and it went away, but last couple days its been happening again….any clue what’s going on there? Always works fine from desktop….

    • Doug Gray

      I’ve addressed it in the sense that there’s nothing I can do about it other than taking down all advertising on the site – which unless about 250 more people sign up for Patreon, isn’t going to be able to keep me in business.

    • Keith

      I get it on Android as well (Samsung S8 using Chrome)

    • Bill

      Wes, I switched to “Chrome” for my browser on our I-phone and I-pad and have not had the problem any longer. “Chrome” is a free app. Hope this helps.

      • Wes

        Thx bill! I’ll switch. Advertising doesn’t bother me Doug.

    • Alex Reds

      I was having a pop up ad issue on a ton of sites including this one on iPhone Safari. It would take over the browser entirely, then I’d have to start over again many times; it was very repetitive and annoying. Then, I got an app called Weblock and it fixed the issues I was having. Please make sure to support the site and sign up for the RedsMinorLeagues subscription as it appears to block the ads too.

      • Doug Gray

        The subscription/support through Patreon isn’t going to block the ads. If they’ve stopped since you signed up, it’s pure coincidence, unfortunately.

  7. kindell

    Last night was so good to see. I know the final line didn’t end up great for him, but Castillo started to look like himself last night.

  8. kindell


    Yes that is Safari. I do not have an Apple phone, but I run an IT Department and one of my guys was able to get to the site without issue. I would try to go to settings > Safari > and make sure “Block pop-ups” is turned on. I would also make sure you do not have any updates pending.

    • kindell

      If that doesn’t work, post a screen shot and I will be able to troubleshoot it better. Restart your phone after you make the changes too.

      • Champ Summers

        Typically it happened when you link to the site through one of Dougs links on Twitter and Facebook either through Safari, Google app or just the facebook app or twitter app direct.

        I had the same problem a month ago but it went away. At that point you couldn’t get rid of the ad. It’s started again recently but it’s not happening every time.

  9. Hoyce

    Or don’t go from p-hub directly to reds minor league.com. Ha. Just kiddin

    • IndyRedsFan

      I’m having the issue on an IPhone 8, and get it just when opening the site from my bookmarks list.

      Same as Champ, was really bad a month ago, went away, now back again.