Brandon Dixon is known for his power. And coming into Monday night he had yet to hit a home run for the Louisville Bats. It was time.

In the bottom of the 8th inning, Brandon Dixon took a 2-1 pitch and launched it a nautical mile. Well, not really, but he hit it a very long way. It went over the berm in left-center in Louisville Slugger Field. The distance on that one was 435 feet. Take a look at the blast in the video below. He didn’t miss it. Maybe it should count as two home runs.

Hunter Greene struggles on Monday night

Things didn’t go well for Hunter Greene on Monday night in Lansing. After dealing with terrible weather in his first two starts of the season, one with temperatures in the 30’s, and the next one with rain coming down, it was the one in solid conditions that was the first real struggle for the young right hander.

The 18-year-old didn’t make it out of the first inning. Greene faced nine batters in the inning as he battled his control. He walked three batters in the inning with one strikeout. He allowed two doubles and a grand slam in the inning before being removed for reaching a pitch limit for an inning of work. In total he was charged with seven earned runs, two of which scored after he left the game.

The control wasn’t there, but the velocity was also down a bit in the start. Greene topped out at 97 MPH with his 29 pitches. In his previous two starts that would have been the slowest fastball that he had thrown, and he topped out at 101 in both starts.

It was a rough night. It happens to almost everyone at one point in time or another. His ERA is going to take quite a while to recover after that outing, though.

Eugenio Suarez to begin rehab in Louisville today

The Cincinnati Reds announced late on Monday night that Eugenio Suarez will begin a rehab assignment in Louisville on Tuesday. He fractured his thumb on April 8th when he was hit by a pitch. The initial diagnosis was 4-8 weeks. The next update was good, and that things looked better than expected and he may only miss 4 weeks.

Well, apparently even that was longer than it appears that it’s actually going to take. Suarez has been taking ground balls on the infield, and hit off of the tee without pain over the weekend. That was good enough for the Reds medical staff and now the third baseman is heading to Louisville to start a rehab assignment. He’s allowed to spend up to 20 days with the club on his assignment, but if he’s there for more than 4-5 days, I’d be very surprised as long as there’s no set backs.

Mitch Nay keeps on slugging

When the Reds made a minor league rule 5 draft pick up of Mitch Nay this past December there wasn’t much written about it. Part of that is because, well, minor league baseball. But the other part of it is that the players typically available in the minor league rule 5 draft after players that aren’t considered to be among the best 78 players in the organization (players from the MLB Rule 5 aren’t on the 40-man, but players in the Triple-A Rule 5 are also not among the next 38 players that an organization protects). These players usually are selected to fill a role that is missing in an organization, not always someone seen as a future piece in the Major Leagues.

Mitch Nay, however, could be an exception to that rule. His numbers in 2017 weren’t good for the Lansing Lugnuts. In 61 games the then 23-year-old hit just .222/.265/.393. But, there’s a whole lot more to what was going on than just the numbers. Nay was coming back after basically missing two full seasons of baseball. In the second half of 2015 he began to feel something in his knee. Eventually it would come out that he had a staph infection. That would lead to three different knee surgeries over the next few months.

It took a while to recover from that. Nay played in eight games at the Blue Jays complex in rookie ball at the end of 2016. He wouldn’t get onto the field in the 2017 season until June. Even then, he wasn’t quite playing at 100%.

In the 2018 season, Mitch Nay has played nearly every day. He has played in 17 of the Daytona Tortugas 18 games this season. The former 1st round pick (2012 – Blue Jays) has been hitting like he’s making up for lost time. He’s hitting .313/.347/.627 in 67 at-bats. The right handed hitting third baseman has six doubles, which is tied for 2nd most in the league. He also has hit five home runs, one behind the two leaders in the league. Those five home runs are the most he’s ever hit in a month during his career. In July of last year he had four homers in 23 games with Lansing.


27 Responses

  1. Rich H

    Ha, should’ve counted as two. Dixon nailed it. Put good wood on a ball early in the game, but broke his bat. I’m actually the guy in the stands (upper left) on the video, had to get the head back more than a little bit to watch that one go lol. Had some vert to it.

  2. Dutch

    In this lost year why rush Suarez? Thumbs are tricky.

  3. Alex Reds

    The Reds medical staff is horrible. The first or second day he has no pain, he’s taking grounders and swinging the bat. Let him heal. Force him to wait a week. Geez, no wonder the players keep getting reinjured. There’s still 140 or so games to play, why rush it.

    • Tom B.

      Absolutely agree. I seem to recall that Mesoraco had thumb problems early in his career and that messed him up for a whole season at least.

    • AirborneJayJay

      Isn’t it possible that Suarez is coming back sooner than expected is the result of the medical staff? The daily ultrasound treatments help the fracture heal more quickly. Surgery wasn’t required, or it might have been more likely 8-10 weeks.
      I don’t want to see them rush Suarez either, but if he is ready, he is ready then. Dr. Alex what would you do to improve the Reds medical staff??

  4. The Duke

    Weird to see Greene’s control go like that after looking pretty solid in spring training and in his first two starts. Bound to happen from time to time with an 18 year old in full season ball though.

  5. Brad

    Is Senzel going to sit while Suarez rehabs? Seems about how our Front office thinks.
    * I know Nick plays 2nd. Just sick of this team.

  6. Datdudejs

    I’m telling you guys Greene is super over rated. There are quite a few guys who throw 98+ and can’t throw strikes. They should trade him while his trade value is so high. They could get a lot back for him

    • Brad

      Do you trust the reds to get anything good for anyone?

      I don’t agree with trading Greene though.

    • Jonathan

      Ohh the sky is falling…..

      The kid is 18. maybe wait 4 years before calling him a bust.

    • Gilbert Keith Chesterton

      If one bad inning by an 18 yr old kid against guys 2, 3, 4 years older makes him a bust

      then i’m guessing that just about every baseball player ever drafted could be called a bust?

      he’s still super young with super high upside.

      now, in 2 years if we’re still talking about these same pitching issues vs low level minors hitters… then the bust label starts to apply

      • Datdudejs

        He has consistently had control problems, in all of his starts. Just because he doesn’t give up a walk doesn’t mean he’s controlling his pitches he’s throwing a lot of pitches per at bat. That’s not a good sign. He has gotten by so far because he’s facing hitters who probably haven’t seen many fastballs that speed, even if they are right down the middle. The Reds have never really been successful in teaching a pitcher control. Everyone is in love with his stuff, but Ariel Hernandez has just as good if not better stuff and look where he is. If you wait much longer his value will plummet and there will be no point in trading him

      • Doug Gray

        This is a ridiculous post. I’m not even going to respond further than that.

      • Datdudejs

        It’s ridiculous because it’s different then your opinion Doug? You have a tendency to over value prospects and ignore any opinion that’s different then your own. What’s ridiculous is that you think Greene is on the same level of a prospect as Senzel. He throws hard. He can’t control it. He only shows flashes of a good second pitch, let alone a third. He’s over rated.

  7. MK

    ATold my wife last night, that some folks here would be pulling their hair out this morning saying the sky is falling. Greene had a bad night. Not an excuse but it was the first time he ever pitched a road game as a professional.
    Doug I don’t know if you are taking velocity numbers from Lansings Stadium radar or not but it was mentioned on radio before the first pitch that it is most unreliable in league. That is saying something since Dayton’s didn’t work half the time last year.

  8. jim t

    We have a player who was cut by a division opponent batting clean up for us.

    Batting him in the 4 hole behind Joey is beyond stupid. His splits against lefties are not good. He is a good utility player that flourished in that role last year. Can we please stop the insanity. If he must start bat him 7th.

    Winker LF
    Senzel 3b
    Votto 1b
    Duvall RF
    Schebler CF
    Suarez ss
    Barnhardt c
    Perraza 2b

    Scooter becomes a super utility guy. Replacing Pennington. He doesn’t hit lefties well enough to play everyday and his up the middle defense is not good enough to play there everyday.

    • wes

      Scooter put up the best stats in NL last year at 2nd base. He earned that clean up spot. I’m not ready to see him bumped yet, but the start of the season hasn’t been good for him. Hopefully he will start producing, but I do like your idea and lineup. I do prefer Peraza over Scooter right now. Let Peraza/Schebler be main lineup and Scooter/Hamilton be back up.

      • jim t

        They played him at multiple spots last year which helped shield him from lefthanders. He did well. Why not use him the way he had success. Batting a lefty behind Joey who can’t hit lefties is insane. Especially late in the game.

        My bench would be


    • Alex

      You are hating on how the reds are setting their lineup I’m going to hate on yours. Suarez is the best hitter not named Joey votto. Bat him 2nd have 3 guys in a row who get on base.
      That way we have our beat hitters together instead of having Suarez behind a guy like Duval who is just as bad at getting on base as Billy is. Billy defense is way to good for us to not be playing him unfortunately. I think winker needs to take full-time duties away from Duval in Lf until Duval starts to hit the ball.

      • jim t

        I have no issue batting Suarez second. Duvall has hit 30 HR’s and drove in 100 runs. While I like Billy’s defense he is a liability at the plate. he can’t steal first base. I also don’t like batting 2 lefties together even with Joey being one. as happened last night they brought in a lefty to face Joey and Scooter.

  9. Eric Wormus

    Doug, any update on Dilson Herrera? I understand he is at A+ so he can DH, but it looks like he’s played 13 games at 2B down there. If he can play the field I don’t understand why he isn’t up with the Reds.

    • Doug Gray

      Well, he’s no longer on the 40-man roster, so I’m guessing it’s going to be a bit before he’s back up in the Majors. His biggest problem right now is that Shed Long and Nick Senzel are playing second base at the levels ahead of him. Those guys are going to get their playing time. I’d bet we see Herrera stick around in Daytona for a bit.

    • Greenfield Red

      I really want Herrera to be successful, but I would agree with you that he should be in Cincinnati if he was hitting .359 in High A rather than the .259 he is hitting.

      • Eric Wormus

        Yeah, I get that he’s not exactly tearing the cover off the ball, but he’s already had at least some limited success at the big league level (he drew 18 walks in 149 big league plate appearances as a 20 and 21 year old; Jose Peraza drew 20 walks in 518 PAs last year at age 23). I guess I look at Cliph Gosselington and think I’d much rather a healthy Herrera than either of those two. Find out what he can do at least.

      • Greenfield Red

        Fair enough EW. I want Herrera to get to the majors and be great. I just want him to hit better in the minors first!

  10. B-town Fan

    Interesting tidbit of info yesterday from Jim Riggleman he said that he plans on using Garrett a lot more out the bullpen to build up the repetitions and could transition him back into the rotation sometime later in the season, without sending him back to triple A. He said that Garrett could go a couple 3 inning stints out of the bullpen and be ready for a 5 inning start and go from there. I figured Garrett would be in the bullpen the rest of season especially since he seems to like it. I guess we’ll have to see how this turns out, it seemed like Riggleman was really leaning toward moving him back to the rotation. You never how things will go, depending on how Finnegan performs over next month or so, you could see the two lefty’s flip spots on the pitching staff.