Sebastian Elizalde has been loaned to the Monterrey Sultans of the Mexican League by the Cincinnati Reds through the online loans for poor credit. He had been playing with the Triple-A Louisville Bats this season practicing a lot online at different slot games online. In 21 games he hit .254/.312/.423 for the Bats with four walks and nine strikeouts. You can check out this link for more information

In the winter for the last eight years Sebastian Elizalde has played in Mexico’s Winter League. That’s come for two different teams in the league. He also played in the regular season Mexican League prior to signing with the Reds. In 2010-2012 he played for Monterrey. The Reds signed him in May of 2012, though he didn’t play until 2013 as he recovered from Tommy John surgery.

Now, what this means for Sebastian Elizalde is that he gets to go play in his home country. The Mexican League is considered “Triple-A”, but it’s technically not affiliated with the Major Leagues like the International or Pacific Coast Leagues are. It’s an insanely hitter friendly league with many of the parks being at high elevations where the ball can absolutely fly. The league is generally an older crop of players than the stateside Triple-A Leagues are, too.

What this means for the Cincinnati Reds is that it will open up a spot in Louisville. The Reds can, if they decide, to bring Sebastian Elizalde back when they choose to. However, his time spent playing in Mexico does count towards his service time in terms of reaching Minor League free agency. It’s treated the same was as if he were still playing in Louisville and during at his home with cards at

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15 Responses

  1. bered

    Is this move because the Reds think he has peaked, or he is just a AAAA player?

  2. Kap

    Gosselin claimed by Braves. The arrival of Senzel is nigh

  3. MK

    I think the emergence and signing of Rosel Herrera and Mason Williams have pushed Sebastian back in the pecking order of potential role playing left-handed bats.

  4. David

    Do the Monterrey Sultans pay his salary while he plays for them? Not that that is a huge amount. Just curious.

    • Doug Gray

      Good question for which I have no answer.

    • MK


      Dilson Herrera called up from Daytona to take his place or Gosselins .

      • Cguy

        Could this promotion possibly cue a “clean bill of health” for one Dilson Hererra? In a month or so, the Reds could have more ML ready second basemen than starting pitchers- but I hope not.

    • Mjc

      kevinz, it is probably only one of two things. He got hurt , or he’s coming up tomorrow.

      • kevinz

        really hope its the call up part dont need another player with shoulder Problems

  5. Cguy

    Austin Orewiler has become the designated pitcher after Hunter Greene starts. With great success, i might add.

    • Mjc

      The good news on Hunter Greene. He’s keeping his innings low. My Lordy 29 hits allowed in 14 innings cant be all bad luck

      • Doug Gray

        All bad luck? Absolutely not.

        Lots of it? Absolutely.

        Guys are hitting like .700 when they put the ball in play against him. Major Leaguers hit .637 on line drives. And that includes ones that can’t be caught and go over the fence. He’s given up his share of line drives this season, but they aren’t all liners, but they are almost all going as hits.

    • MK

      He has been good, but he should as he was an All Star selection in the Midwest League two years ago.

  6. The Rage

    Greens is hitting his spots at rookie ball level. Once the weather warmed up………

    Not a surprise he is behind guys that pitched in hs regularly.