Last night I got a message that Jose Siri was on his way to join the Daytona Tortugas. This morning, Chris Boyle of the Daytona Beach News Journal also heard the news and reported it.

Jose Siri hasn’t played a game this season. During spring training with the Major League club he injured his thumb during the first spring training game. He chased a fly ball deep into dead center and collided with the wall trying to make the play. There was plenty of time just allowing the injury to heal. By mid-April he was doing some work in the batting cages. On April 30th he began to play in games in extended spring training. Reports were that he looked good out in Goodyear while rehabbing, hitting multiple home runs in his week+ of playing time.

The original plan was to send the 22-year-old Jose Siri to join the Pensacola Blue Wahoos to begin the 2018 season. He hit .293/.341/.530 for the Dayton Dragons last season, with 59 extra-base hits and 46 steals. Then he played in the Dominican Winter League, hitting .321/.349/.500 in 84 plate appearances. However, the injury to start the spring got in the way of that plan. The missed time probably makes it a better idea to send him to Daytona and let him get into the groove of things there. The bigger question is how long will the center fielder remain in Daytona if he plays well? I’d guess it would be a short stay if that happens.


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9 Responses

  1. A.B.

    Excellent news. Rooting for more development and a September call-up.

  2. Datdudejs

    This is the best news I’ve heard in a while now

  3. wes

    Most important guy in system imo- got a long time before Greene and we know what we got in Senzel. If Siri can play close to ceiling for Reds in Cincy sometime soon that’s a huge corner to turn.

    Dick Vital’s favorite player “Are you Sirius?!?”

    • Cinvenfan

      Absolutely agree. Siri might be one of the most important pieces of the puzzle. An upgrade on offense while keeping Bham’s level of defense in CF is a priority for the Reds.

      Keeping a close eye on Tyler Stephenson too.

  4. redleggingfordayz

    Really excited to get Siri back and playing everyday, the Reds could really use someone like him that I think could add a nice explosive factor to the Reds offense and defense. Could be a real spark along with Senzel!

  5. Simon Cowell

    Hopefully the late story and the injury doesn’t stop his progress. This could be our future Center Fielder.

  6. Rich H

    Really glad for the update!
    That being said, Billy Hamilton’s OBP is pretty darn solid, despite his BA. Don’t mean to detract from the good news about a guy who could be vastly better, just wanted to recognize that Billy been walkin. If he starts bunting like Peraza (who, in the greatest Marty B call of the year was referred to as “a bunting fool” immediately before dogging Hamilton) we might have an acceptably offensive guy!

    • A.B.

      What am I missing here? Billy’s OBP is .310. That’s pretty darn solid?

    • Bromleyjake

      This is akin to the asinine pro-Bham argument that “he scores more runs than Winker,” which leaves out the fact that Winker is not getting everyday playing time, and for the first 2-3 weeks of the season Billy was batting 9th (ahead of Winker who was hitting over ,400 with runners in scoring position) while Winker was batting in front of a slumping Jose and a struggling Joey. If you can watch Billy Hamilton strikeout with 0 outs and a man on third and still be satisfied that his “OBP is pretty darn solid,” or that “don’t worry, when he finally gets on he has a good chance to score,” then you are displaying the same acceptance of poor performance that this F.O. is. Billy needs to bat 8th or 9th and he CANNOT be the future in Center field moving forward.