There has been a whole slew of roster moves over the last 48 hours. The two biggest ones involve Nick Senzel and Jose Siri. The Louisville Bats placed Senzel on the disabled list, retroactive to May 6th due to vertigo issues. He last played on May 3rd. Siri was added to the Daytona roster after missing the first month of the season. For Senzel, the trip to the disabled list is the second in his career while dealing with complications due to vertigo. He missed the final two weeks of the 2017 season while also dealing with the issue.

It wasn’t just these two moves that have led to plenty of movement in the system. The trade of Devin Mesoraco for Matt Harvey has also led to plenty of movement over the last few days as well. Let’s break down the other moves:

Tony Cruz was promoted to Cincinnati to replace Devin Mesoraco as the backup catcher. That led to Morgan Lofstrom taking over the backup catcher spot in Louisville. That, however, only lasted for one day. He returned to the Dayton roster on Wednesday. Lofstrom was replaced in Louisville by Garrett Boulware, who was promoted from Pensacola. He was also joined by utility-can-play-everywhere Josh VanMeter. The Reds also released Ben Rowen, who was relieving for the Bats.

Pensacola, needing to fill the spots left by Boulware and VanMeter, acquired two players from Daytona. Catcher Chris Okey was called up, as was outfielder Daniel Sweet. Both played on Wednesday afternoon for the Blue Wahoos.

Daytona had their own set of activity to work through. Jesse Stallings was placed on the disabled list. That move is retroactive to Tuesday. Reliever Aaron Quillen joins the team from extended spring training to fill out the bullpen. Cassidy Brown also joins the team from extended spring straining. He’ll take over for the spot vacated by Chris Okey’s promotion at catcher.

For the Dayton Dragons, they weren’t effected by any of these moves. But that didn’t stop them from seeing their own set of roster moves made on Wednesday. Reliever Connor Ryan was either placed on the disabled list, or transferred to the Billings roster. Both of those things were stated, though being placed on the disabled list was the more recent statement – coming about an hour after the statement that he was moved to Billings. Either way, his spot on the roster was taken by reliever Adrian Chacon. He joins the team from extended spring training. Chacon is a former position player. He threw 2.0 innings in four years of college, but the Reds saw some arm strength and decided to see how things would go on the mound.


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  1. Scott

    Why do you think it was Okey and not Stephenson, Doug?

    • asinghoff

      I would guess age was the primary factor with Okey being over 2 years older than Stephenson and needing a slightly more aggressive timeline.

    • Wes

      If okey can hit 200 at mlb level- he’s my choice to back up Barnhart. Give him on the job training and he has most upside.

    • Kap

      Okey has a less numbers of years in the minors available as a college as opposed to a high school player. The urgency for okey to float rather than sink is higher because of that

    • Doug Gray

      I think it’s two fold. First, I think Okey is going to split more time than you’d think. They aren’t going to want Stephenson doing that, and letting him play every day. Second, regardless of the fact that it went poorly, Okey’s got a full season under his belt in Advanced-A. Stephenson has a month.

  2. Jim

    I figured because Okey was a college player and Stephenson came out of HS.
    They both need to catch and not split time behind the plate.
    In other news, our hometown reds can’t draft or develop pitching. Can’t waste first round picks like 2011, 12 and 14. Stephenson, Howard, Travieso and Ervin.
    I’m disgusted with this Franchise!!

    • Cguy

      I’m not sure about the premise of the 2nd half of your post. Robert Stephenson (@ age 25) has 121.2 IP at the ML level with a 7-9 record & a 5.10 ERA. He was exclusively developed in the Reds organization & will most likely pitch at the ML level again. That’s modest success for a 1st round pick. Tyler Mahle, Sal Romano, & Amir Garrett were all drafted & developed by the Reds & have promising ML careers ahead of them. Howard & Travieso have been hampered by injury. Neither’s failure to reach the ML is etched in stone- just delayed. Ervin represents more of the lack of Reds player development. While he has some ML capable skills, he’s not very polished or fundamentally sound. The same can be said of Winker (defense,baserunning) & Blandino.

    • Wes

      Jim you are not looking at it in comparison. Pick a couple teams who draft in 2nd 1/2 of first rd on the reg and see where all there 1st round talent is as of today. Reds to better than most.

      They also have 4 of the highest paid pitchers in baseball home grown.

    • Wes

      I looked it up-

      since Jeter in 92- Phil Hughes in 04, Ian Kennedy in 06 and judge in 13 were only contributers to team I can remember

      Since elsbury in 05- benintendi is only contributor to that team that went in 1st round and he was a top 10 pick.

      Plenty to be frustrated at as red fan- but reds have drafted better than Sox/yanks combined in past 15 years.

    • MK

      Chad Tromp has hit better than Okey even when health was not an issue so.Tromp should still get PT.

  3. The Duke

    Starting to think Dusty cursed us when we got rid of him. Endless SP injuries, first round picks getting Vertigo and .700+ BABIPs against them…

    Good to see Siri back.

  4. Wes

    Trying not to over react on senzel but the uncertainty of vertigo is demoralizing. If senzel gets this way in early May how’s he gonna handle the heat of July and August down the road? Reds most for sure prospect as long as I’ve been following minors may never have a major league career in a time when reds need him more than any player I can Remember. Sucks !

    On a brighter note- big sal is finding a grove lowering his era below 4 w 3rd quality start of season and bullpen looked fantastic! If reds starters can get through 6 and game is close- reds should be able to win some games.

  5. greg

    How do you pronounce VanMeter? Is it met, or meet?

  6. kevinz

    The Senzel news a bummer for sure looking more like a health Problems for him. Hoping other Prospects step up big time looking like cant count on Senzel.

    • Doug Gray

      This seems like a bit of an overreaction at this point.

  7. Ghettotrout1

    Doug or anyone else – has anyone said what the underlying issue is with the vertigo. Like what is actually causing it because i’ve heard there are a lot of different things that actually cause it to happen and depending on which it is will really determine if we should be worried long term.

      • lollipopcurve

        Apparently, Senzel is quite enamored with something called Fortnite, which is a video game. I know nothing about this game — or video games generally — but a simple search did turn up that video games — heavy use, I assume — and vertigo/motion sickness is a thing. If I’m the Reds, I’m looking closely into this possible connection. Among whatever else, of course.

    • Bromleyjake

      What is happening is Nick’s equilibrium is being thrown off due to max capacity of his nissan maximus. When that happens, his cranial fluid within his nissan sentranium starts to be in flux. Adding to the problem has been the seasonal change which is causing his nissan xterrian to generate a lot of hemoglobic friction with his nissan murannian. And Presto you got a dizzy top prospect.

      • David

        Well, if there is no cure for all of that, they need to locate a doctor who is a Pathfinder, to lead Senzel back to good health. What we don’t need is a physician who will go Rogue with his diagnosis. I’ll bet when Nick is finally cured, he will have a Rava-nous appetite.

    • Wes

      I talk to people bout their health all day for a living. My aunt got it when she went to Rockies and she couldn’t walk or stand for a couple days but she gradually got better and it’s been a couple years and she has no reoccurring signs. Another lady has it and hers is reoccurring like it seems senzels is. She chooses to just stay in a wheel chair all day at this point due to progression of vertigo. She’s a pretty healthy old lady too. Not a ton of meds and her weight is in order. So the fact that it’s back so soon and so severe and he already missed a ton of time is for sure worst news by any measure for reds. Be praying for him !

  8. AirborneJayJay

    Is Senzel’s DL stay a 7 day or 10 day stay? If it is 10 days then he won’t be able to be activated until next Wednesday, the 16th, at the earliest. That is if all goes well. I just get this feeling we won’t see Senzel back at AAA until sometime in June if there are no setbacks. There is not much the Reds can say publicly here.
    Hope for the best for Senzel.

    • David

      Minor League Baseball uses a 7-day disabled list for all injuries. Players who are on the 40-man roster but get hurt in the minor leagues are placed on the minor league DL, but not on the major league DL

  9. BK

    Not trying to overly insensitive to Senzel’s health issues, but how does time on the DL impact Super 2 status? Does the clock stop or keep going while he is out?

  10. david

    Jose Siri is back in Daytona, and leading off tonight for the Tortugas. Yay!