Matt Harvey made his Cincinnati Reds debut on Friday night in Los Angeles. Taking on the Dodgers, he was rather dominant. He only allowed one hit, and it shouldn’t have been. Scott Schebler lost an easy fly ball in the lights and it fell in for a triple. That was it. The only baserunner that Harvey allowed. He didn’t walk anyone, and he struck out two batters over 4.0 innings.

Matt Harvey last made a start on April 19th. He pitched in four games out of the Mets bullpen before being traded. The Reds decided to keep him on a bit of a low pitch count. He had thrown just 2.0 innings and 39 pitches since April 30th. Harvey would throw 55 pitches and 32 of them went down as strikes.

It’s one start, and in a large ballpark out on the west coast, but Matt Harvey may be the best Reds pitcher of all time. No? Ok, clearly that’s not true. But, it’s a good start for the newest pitcher on the staff. Hopefully the Reds coaching staff and Harvey were able to figure some things out that will let him continue along a similar path, and differentiate the version he showed the last two seasons with the Mets.

Brandon Dixon shows off the power for Louisville

Brandon Dixon has been having a fine season for Triple-A Louisville in 2018. He nearly made the team out of spring training, but the Reds opted to send him to play for the Bats. In 28 games played this season he’s hitting .317/.355/.495. He has also stolen eight bases in 10 attempts.

On Friday night he hit what, at least for right now, seems to be the longest home run hit by a Cincinnati Reds minor league player this season. Take a look at the video:

That baseball landed near the top of the bushes in dead center field. The video makes the bushes appear closer to the fence than they really are. They are 30-35 feet beyond the wall. And elevated.

The Bats officially called it at 446 feet. That was not a Trackman estimate. In Louisville they’ve got an estimation chart based on where the ball lands – but based on what I’ve seen, it’s pretty accurate.


11 Responses

  1. Bromleyjake

    When Harvey does struggle, is it because he lacks command and walks guys or because hes been getting knocked all around the ball park? I saw his avg FB for tonight was 92.something. Thats not big time velocity but other guys have pitched well with less(Arroyo, Leake).

  2. MikeD

    Dodger stadium is a great place for pitchers. Trade Harvey while he has value! LOL

  3. Jim t

    Free Brandon Dixion!!! He should have made the team out of ST.

  4. Stock has his average FB last night at 94.63. It was his first start in which he threw the change-up more than 15% of the time (he threw it 20%). Vs. RHB he ranged from 0% – 3.7% usage of change-up in previous starts. Last night he was at 11.54%.

    Maybe it is the pitch selection. Maybe it is that he was rested and throwing harder than he has all season. Maybe the trade was a wake-up call. Either way a good start.

  5. Mark

    Brandon Dixon should be starting in right field to me schebler is not cutting it at the plate.

  6. RedsKoolAidDrinker

    Doug, I was just thinking, what’s your take at this point looking back on the Todd Frazier deal. Obviously we should have traded him sooner, but considering he wasn’t, what are your thoughts just in terms of what you think based on what you’ve seen up to this point?

  7. Cguy

    After last nights performance, I’m thinking Harvey will probably remain in the Reds rotation through a June 2nd start @ San Diego. Harvey’s 6th probable start for the Reds would be on Friday night , June 8th with the Cardinals in town. That would give Lorenzen & DeSclafani just under a month to rehab. That gives Reed, Finnegan, & Stephenson about 4 starts each to jockey into the front of the line if Harvey is faltering. It could be a very interesting weekend June 8th- 10th in Redsland.

  8. Bob Anderson

    Harvey’s breaking pitches were junk. Luck driven start with park factors. Very similar stuff to Bailey. Both those guys just never regained their sliders.