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Louisville lost 10-4. Box Score

Pensacola won 6-4. Box Score

  • Shed Long went 1-5 with a solo home run (3).
  • Aristides Aquino went 1-3 with a walk and a 2-run home run (4).
  • Brian O’Grady went 1-4 with a double and a run.
  • Cassidy Brown went 2-4 with a run and an RBI.
  • C.J. McElroy went 0-2 with 2 walks and a run scored.
  • Keury Mella went 1-4 with a double and 2 RBI. He allowed 2 earned in 7.0 innings with 7 strikeouts.
  • Robinson Leyer threw 2.0 shutout innings with a walk and 3 strikeouts.

Daytona had the day off.

Dayton had the day off.

5/14 Game Preview

Team 1st half 2nd half Time (ET) Probable Box Score Listen Live Watch Live
Louisville 12-21 N/A OFF OFF Here Here Here
Pensacola 16-21 0-0 7:35pm DeSclafani Here Here Here
Daytona 22-13 0-0 6:30pm Boyles Here Here N/A
Dayton 18-15 0-0 7:05pm Jordan Here Here Here

37 Responses

  1. Norwood Nate

    Mella just keeps on rolling. It’s huge for the Reds if he’s truly turned a corner. He, Santillan, and hopefully Gutierrez will form a pretty formidable second wave of pitching prospects to help supplement the current guys we have sorting out spots in the rotation.

  2. kevinz

    hate to jinx him but Love the start Mella on man o man hope keep that up.
    Nice too vanmeter take some walks like him for a bench role down road here.

  3. MK

    According to mlbtraderumors.com Tyler Goeddel was released today.

    • AirborneJayJay

      Man, I hate that. I thought he was poised for a breakout season.

  4. Jim t

    Disco starting tonight for Pensacola. Lorenzen there as well. The big question is who goes when both are through their rehabs. No way they bump Romano, Mahle or Castillo with the way they are throwing now. Harvey is going to get his opportunities. That leaves Bailey. A guy who is paid a bunch of money. If there isn’t a injury this will be a very interesting. It will be much easier fitting Lorenzen into the bull pen.

    Reds are 11-9 under Rigglemen after going 3-18 under Price. While I would like to blame it all on the manager but I really have to point out that the pitching has turned around quite a bit. Suarez and Schebler were on the DL during Price’s tenure. Duvall has been terrible under both regimes. Votto was his usual cold self early on. Our situational hitting which always seems to struggle was beyond bad. Still haven’t improved a whole lot but the pitching and better. If I had a dime for everytime we left the bases loaded this season I’d be rich man.

    • Brent

      This isn’t going to be popular, but I would send down Mahle to gain the extra year of control. Also need to remember that since he only pitched 144 innings last year, he’s probably only going to get 170 at max. He’s only down there for a month and allows him to probably skip a start in there as well.

      Harvey is probably only on this team through July and I would be shocked if they send Homer to the bullpen

      • Jim T

        I really am having a whole lot of problems with this Harvey situation. So the thought is we fix Harvey and turn him back into one of the most dominate pitchers in baseball and then trade him to someone who needs him at the deadline because he will be a free agent after the season and we can not afford to sign him.. Am I missing something? As a free agent next year and knowing we have to move him or get nothing what could we expect as a return. Would anyone gamble on his health going forward? Would he truly be the best option out there. Is the potential return in the trade market more valuable then the innings we could use to develop one of our own prospects? Disco needs a spot and we ain’t eating Homers deal anytime soon. There also is no opening in the bull pen even if Homer was sent there. The rebuild could move forward if we were able to get out of our own way. Giving innings to Harvey and Homer is not gong to help figure out who are keepers on the next reds contending team is. Homer is a sunk cost and should be treated that way. Harvey should have never been traded for. Garrett should have been in our rotation from day one. SMDH!!!!

      • Wes

        Reds can afford any pitcher they want in this current free agent market. Regardless of what Harvey does- reds can easily keep him if they choose too.

        End of day- Harvey is a 40/45 grade player who was a 60 at his peak. If he is better than bailey for rest of year then maybe 2019 he takes baileys spot in rotation or maybe he becomes a starter turn reliever or they just let him walk- but any of that carries minimal impact on team long term. Prob very small chance of trading him and that’s not really why you acquire a guy.

      • RedsinWashst

        I too would send Mahle down for service time. He is going to hit his max
        inning early anyway. Would hate to lose him a year early because he looks like he could be a great pitcher. If Harvey keeps pitching good team will give up something for him, teams are always looking for serviceable starters especially when they been good in the past. He might be good for a playoff run when there has been injuries.

    • Wes

      IMO you have to take in the whole body of work w price and not this season. Prices best year he took a playoff talented and experienced team and never sniffed the playoffs the whole year. Since then he’s been the manager w most loses in baseball. It got even worse at end of 2017 and imo he lost the team. He carried that same loosing Ora into 2018 and the record showed. Good riddance to price! I would have preferred an A ball bench coach over him from beginning of 2017 til now.

      • AirborneJayJay

        Who is Ora? And why is he on the loose? :)

  5. SultanofSwaff

    Yes, if you look at Homer’s YTD stats in the aggregate they don’t look terrible relative to the other starting pitchers in the division, but each start is a high wire act where he’s constantly on the verge of getting his brains beat in. And yet, he slammed his helmet in the dugout after being pulled for a pinch hitter saturday night after 5IP. Don’t think he’s going to accept a demotion to the bullpen w/o burning everything down first. So, if I were a betting man, I’d say Romano is more likely.

    This is the problem with trading for Matt Harvey. He’s eating up innings that should be going to pitchers who will be with the team past this season. Other than flipping him for the usual trade deadline relief pitching prospect, what’s in it for the Reds?

    • Brent

      Matt Harvey creates an inconvenience for one month, IF Disco can stay healthy. If he can bring back a quality prospect, the long term gain is worth the short term pain. Especially, if it gives you another year of Mahle control.

      • Wes

        I agree mahle is odd man out for disco and only due to service time. Homer starts all year if he stays healthy strictly due to money he’s making.

        What Harvey does is keeps everyone down in louisville and so what if it does? Perform to point where they can’t keep ya in AAA any longer and earn ur spot. Or be part of the veteran Louisville rotation.

        I take reds for their word- I don’t see Harvey as a flip piece. If he performs- he will keep starting, if not he will get demoted or cut. If a team has interest- reds will listen. He’s a low risk player reds took a chance on.

    • Tony Cloninger

      Harvey is not taking innings away from anyone other than an ineffective Finnegan. And when Disco actually starts being healthy enough to pitch at all please let us know. Because not one is believing that until they see it. This team has had issues with starting pitching depth for 3 years now and they have pitchers who will not make more than maybe 25-28 starts this year due to innings and pitch limits but you are complaining about this guy taking starts from who exactly? This is not the 1990 Braves pitchIng staff ready to bust out here.
      I can’t believe that anyone can complain about this.

  6. MK

    If Harvey is healthy and can regain 90% of what he was, and enjoys his life in Cincinnati he can probably had for less than Mesoraco is making this year. With his medical history that might be his top salary in a multi-year deal. He could be the top of the rotation guy the team needs. Might be best if Finnegan and Disco stay in the minors the rest of the year. If healthy Disco might be the one to move by August.

  7. IndyRedsFan

    With the way this staff got beat around during the first 5 weeks of the season, I’m not going to worry about having too many good pitchers in June and July.

    Stuff happens. It will sort itself out.

    • RedsinWashst

      Some of the younger guys are going to hit inning limits, we will need more pitchers. not sure if Harvey is the guy to lead the pitchers I think you get what you can for him and let him go. The idea that Bailey threw his helmet down is laughable, he never seems to know when he is throwing poorly.

  8. Tampa Red

    Nothing against Rosell Herrera, he seems like a decent player, but why is he in the big leagues and not Brandon Dixon?

    • RobL

      Can play SS. Better defender. Can hit lefthanded.

      • Champ Summers

        And the Reds don’t care if he sits and sits and sits. Better to let Dixon work and continue to improve and add to his value.

      • AirborneJayJay

        Champ said it best. Riggleman is way worse than Price about letting callups rot on the bench. Herrera was in form at AAA, but has hardly played at all since being called up.
        Why waste Dixon on that?

  9. HavaKlu

    It would also be nice to give him at least a once a week start—-CF—-. I believe he’s had only one start since joining the Reds almost 3 weeks ago.

    • Doug Gray

      That would be nice to see. It’s not like the Reds have Mike Trout as their center fielder….

  10. Norwood Nate

    The one thing the Reds cannot do is bump Castillo, Mahle, or Romano from the rotation. All three are progressing and developing at this point, and honestly have been our three best pitchers this season. A demotion would be a slight, not to mention it could retard their progress and the rebuild efforts to bump part of the future just so Bailey could continue to get beat around out there.

    If, and it’s still a big if, Harvey can rebound to be a capable back end starter he will have some trade value at the deadline. The Reds owe it to themselves and future Reds teams to try and cash in on this move now that they’ve chosen this course.

    When Disco returns I don’t see any other choice but to move Bailey to the pen or DFA. He’s a sunk cost so it doesn’t matter if you pay it now or later. But definitely don’t let him take starts from guys that are part of the future. That’s just negligent.

  11. Hoyce

    It will take someone w bigger balls than those currently in front office to cut loose bailey or put him in bullpen.
    But I do think the reds will be a better team once they trim the fat. Mesoraco was a good start.

  12. DolphLuque

    All three young guys are going to hit inning limits at some point this year. I understand the Mahle point and being under control, but he has thrown more innings the last couple of years compared to Romano and especially Castillo. If the Reds stick with the theory of only adding 20 to 30 innings per year, each pitcher will need at least one month of downtime to maybe even a month and a half. We don’t want to screw up what looks like a pretty good bullpen especially with Lorenzen coming back, but we are going to need to get real creative to make this work. We may need to rotate young starters on the DL or down in the minors or else we will have to bring back Tim Adleman and Lisaverte Bonilla from Korea to pitch the second half of August and September.

    • The Duke

      Reds are roughly 1/4 of the way through the year.

      Mahle is on pace for 178 IP, threw 164.1 IP last year. +30 would be up to 194, not an issue.

      Romano is on pace for 170 IP, threw 136.1 IP last year, but also threw 156 in 2016. I don’t see innings being an issue.

      Castillo is on pace for 162 IP, threw 169.2 IP last year, not an issue.

      Even assuming with better play all three skew above their averages, still likely not an issue for any of them. Romano has the best case of a possible issue, given that he has gone 148+ IP twice already in his minor league career and given his large frame, I think he holds up just fine.

      Get a rotation and stick with it. If any issue arises, maybe be a little overly cautious, but I don’t think we need to baby them.

      • Norwood Nate

        Plus by the time they’ll be close to innings limits the rosters will expand making it easy to skip a turn in the rotation.

    • MK

      Starters innings should not be an issue. If the goal is to add 25 innings each year that would put Mahle in the 195 area which should be about what he will get to without much lost time. Romano threw in the 160+ a couple years ago so he should be able to get to the 190 area too. Castillo was at 169 last year. Another guy who should be in mid-190s. These three along with Bailey should be OK. Disco, Finnegan, Stephens and Harvey should be able to cover rest.

  13. Nick Salyers

    Question for Doug or anyone that can assist.

    Why do the Reds not go to a 6 or 7 man rotation? Seriously why is 5 the number? Real question not trying to be a smart butt.

    Having a 6 to 7 man rotation would lower innings and allow our young pitchers too gain experience.

    It would lessen the bullpen but if you need a long man, just pull the next days pitcher to come in..

    Thoughts? If this makes zero sense sorry.

    • The Duke

      It’s a balance between pitchers getting proper rest, but also staying on a schedule where they can be consistent. Too much off time isn’t always a good thing. Then you also have roster spots to deal with, going heavy on starters means you either have a short bench or a short bullpen. Then you have the issue with those 6th and 7th starters (arguably being your worst starting pitchers) taking away innings from your best. That could put you at a competitive disadvantage unless you just have crazy good depth, which most teams don’t. Probably more reasons, that’s just off the top of my head.

      • AirborneJayJay

        Plus there are more off days now in this new CBA. That is why a few teams have tinkered with a 4 man rotation.

  14. David

    Andrew Jordan will be making his season’s debut for the Dayton Dragons tonight. Good luck, A.J.

    • MK

      Been wondering where he has been since he hasn’t been active anywhere.