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This year we are going to the longest home runs of the week being twice a month. There are a few home runs missing from the list over the last two weeks that I should be getting information on in the future. So this list could be updated in the future.

There have been two weeks so far in May of baseball and we have distances for 23 home runs. One of those home runs is the new longest home run of the year. Last week Brandon Dixon hit a baseball in Louisville 446 feet. It was absolutely crushed and tops the 441 foot shot hit by Dilson Herrera earlier this season. Take a look at it below:

Cincinnati Reds Longest Homers From May 1st-14th

Date Player Distance
11-May Brandon Dixon 446
10-May DJ Peterson 412
9-May Narciso Crook 410
10-May Shed Long 393
13-May Aristides Aquino 390
8-May Aristides Aquino 389
8-May Dilson Herrera 387
1-May Mason Williams 384
9-May Luis Gonzalez 382
8-May John Sansone 379
12-May Andy Sugilio 376
2-May Gavin LaValley 373
10-May Hendrik Clementina 372
6-May DJ Peterson 368
9-May Gavin LaValley 367
6-May Gabby Guerrero 366
4-May Tyler Stephenson 365
12-May Jeter Downs 358
9-May Leandro Santana 357
3-May Tony Cruz 356
3-May Shed Long 351
13-May Shed Long 351
5-May Brandon Dixon 345

There were a few home runs hit by Pensacola Blue Wahoos last week that the camera crew just flat out missed. And then there was one hit by Aristides Aquino that he hit out of the ballpark, on the road, that I am hoping to get more information on. From the sounds of it, it isn’t going to compete for the longest of the year, but it likely topped 400 feet, too. That could put it into the Top 10 for the season.

Cincinnati Reds Minor Leagues Longest Homers of the Year

Date Player Distance
11-May Brandon Dixon 446
13-Apr Dilson Herrera 441
23-Apr Brandon Dixon 435
23-Apr Mitch Nay 434
14-Apr Mitch Nay 431
18-Apr Nick Longhi 420
10-May DJ Peterson 412
28-Apr Brian O’Grady 411
27-Apr Nick Senzel 410
9-May Narciso Crook 410