Tuesday saw some of the Reds top prospects showing off their power. Dayton started their game at 10:30am on Tuesday morning, in what remains the most ridiculous ask in sports (seriously, morning games are ridiculous when games typically start at 7pm). While not quite a top prospect in the organization yet, Hendrik Clementina may be the guy making the most movement up the charts for his start to 2018. He hit his organizational best 8th home run of the season for the Dragons. He hit the ball out to left field, giving him five home runs this season hit to the left of center and three hit to the right of center.

In the afternoon the Daytona Tortugas began what was supposed to be a double header. They were able to complete game one. However, game two was postponed by rain. The first game, though, saw two of the Reds top prospects go deep. And both home runs were key to locking up the win. Jose Siri got things started in the top of the 5th inning. After a TJ Friedl double led off the inning, Siri took the first pitch he saw the opposite way for a game tying 2-run home run into right-center.

It was Jose Siri’s first home run of the season. Of course, he’s only played in four games after missing the first five weeks of the year with a thumb injury suffered early in spring training with the big league club. Siri’s home run was just the first of the inning for the Tortugas, though. Taylor Trammell followed Siri’s homer with a single. And that brought Tyler Stephenson to the plate. He took a 2-2 pitch that missed it’s spot and was nearly dead center of the strikezone and he didn’t miss it. Stephenson crushed the pitch into the completely empty left field stands. The left fielder took a step or two before just turning and watching the ball fly beyond the fence. It was the catchers 4th home run of the season in just 33 games played.

When the night rolled around the Pensacola Blue Wahoos got started. Aristides Aquino, who had been on a power-hitting binge entering the game, continued that. In the 2nd inning he hit a long home run over the scoreboard and out of the stadium. It was his 5th home run of the season. Later on in the 6th inning he would do it again, once more hitting a ball out of the stadium and onto the street. That would make it six home runs on the season. It would also give him five home runs in his last eight games played.


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  1. Ghettotrout1

    Is Aquino looking like he getting some of his prospect shine back this season seems like he is off to a pretty well start?

    • theRickDeLux

      Only if he ever improves his terrible strikeout to walk ratio. Up to this point he hasn’t shown that he can.

      • The Duke

        I won’t really expect to see Siri or Aquino in the show before they learn to take a walk. I think Siri is going to get the same wake up call that Aquino got once he arrived in AA.

      • Stock

        I think Siri faced AA pitching all winter and more than held his own. I think he will be promoted in a June if not earlier. The second half will be interesting.

      • Doug Gray

        Held his own in the sense that he hit for power. But he also had 3 walks and 25 strikeouts. Eventually that is going to catch up to you. I think he can improve in that area, but he’s going to have to do it, too. I’m not too worried about things right now. He’s starting to see good stuff that can be located for the first time since last year right now. Give him a few weeks, then start watching the strikeout-to-walk ratio and let’s see what happens.

  2. Stock

    Aquino is on an interesting streak. 7 for his last 46 with 5 HR. His OPS in this 12 game period is < .700. Not very good. However his BABIP is 0.071 which is almost unbelieveable. change that to .300 BABIP with a couple of the hits being doubles and his OPS is 1.000.

    A positive take on a poor 12 game streach.

    • RedsinWashst

      He has always seemed to be a streaky player except for last year when he was just bad.

  3. Stock

    It is becoming a great battle to make the mid-season top 5 prospects for the Reds.

    At Louisville you have Senzel.
    At Dayton you have Greene.
    At Daytona you have Trammell, Siri, Stephenson and Santillan
    Finally you have whomever the Reds draft in the first round.

    At this point I think whomever the Reds draft in the first round sits at 7. Last year the Braves had the 5th pick and Wright ended the year in the top 50 on all prospect lists. So if someone falls to the Reds ala Wright I still see him as our #5 prospect. Maybe this means all 6 of these others have a chance to be in the top 50 prospects in baseball.

    By year end I see Jeter in the top 100 also.

    Finally I have hopes that Long, Friedl or Nay could crack the top 100. Either way the Reds should have a strong top 10.

    The top 15 looks very strong also. I have Sugilio, Fairchild, Clementina, Guiterrez, Beltre, Mella and Aquino in the 12-18 slots. I think this group is strong also.

    My top 25 have lost several players to graduation but the play of Beltre and Nay have placed them in my top 25. This along with the upcoming draft makes this midseason class of Reds prospects very strong.

    Who knows, maybe we will see Nick Hanson force his way into the top 25 at some point this year.

    • The Duke

      If Shed starts hitting more like he did to start out 2017, he could maybe crack a top 100. 0 chance on Nay or Friedl, and I’d consider Siri a long shot. Senzel will lose his prospect eligibility by the end of the year barring injury. Trammell, Greene, and Santillan has a strong case of top 3 in our system regardless of who we draft, and we might be able to include Tyler Stephenson in that if he stays healthy.

      Michael Beltre turns 23 in 6 weeks and he had a nice start last year too before it all fell apart. I’d pump the brakes on him a bit unless he gets to High A soon and continues to hit hit hit.

      T Steph
      #5 pick

      That’s my guess of our top 10 going into 2019, provided that they think Clementina can stick at C and he keeps hitting well. Kind of makes me think a college arm wouldn’t be a bad idea at #5 seeing that, as long as the Reds think the value is there.

      • victor vollhardt

        Off the subject of this topic—-The Reds just finished LA and SF with a record of 5 and 2. To all those who wanted to help Seattle out and move Gennett ( some wanted to add Duvall as well) for prospects—Please look at Gennett (on offense and defense) and Duvall(offence and defense) in the final game in SF. These two need to stay with the Reds. On another note Harvey– had he been pitching in Cincinnati instead of SF would have given up at least two or three more runs (with maybe two home runs) due to the size of the Giants’field. For many,many reasons(on and off the field) the Harvey move will prove to be a bad fit for the Reds. I believe the Reds now have something going (and some pitchers on their way back from rehab too)–it would be a shame to have some portion of the Harvey baggage(on or off field) crop up to spoil the little bit of momentum that the Reds now have.

  4. kevinz

    Agreed Both could be gone. I like Scooter alot but need to sell high. If dont get king ransom type keep him.
    Duvall would be gone if got some value if not keep him dont trade to just to trade.
    Hate to trade iggy but if a Fall down type offer comes trade him if not keep him.