Four days ago Jason Linden reported that Nick Senzel was on the field in Louisville running before the game. After the game he reported that manager Dick Schoefield said that he was getting close to heading out on a rehab assignment. That was on May 13th.

Yesterday Mark Sheldon of reported that Nick Senzel was heading to Arizona to begin his rehab. For the three of you reading this who may not have seen, Senzel was dealing with another bout of vertigo. He last played on May 3rd when he left the game after his first at-bat. Here’s what Dick Williams said to Sheldon:

“There’s been improvement, enough to go to Arizona and keep progressing,” Reds president of baseball operations Dick Williams said. “He’ll do a little more baseball activity — ground balls, running and eventually get into some games.”

There’s not exactly a timeline for when he could return to Triple-A and rejoin the Bats. It’s going to come down to how things progress out in Goodyear.

This article has been updated. It originally had an entirely different section to it on quotes made by Robert Stephenson, but I decided to create a separate post about that as it seemed to warrant it’s own discussion.


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  1. kevinz

    It a lil off Topic but is it Possible that Senzel could be our future RF? jw with all the future players for at 2nd base along with Suarez at 3rd. Most of top OF Prospects in lower minors.
    How long does Luis Gonzalez have to Perform before becomes a higher Prospect? or is he to old to add?

    • kevinz

      If Senzel healthy along with others with no trades Lineup would like to see by July is.
      SS Peraza
      RF Senzel
      1st Votto
      3rd Suarez
      2nd Scooter
      LF Schebler
      c Tucker
      CF Hamilton

      Have a Winker Duvall Blandino Herrera as our Bench

  2. wes

    With Senzel, the news that keeps coming out is shaky. Seems to keep getting worse IMO. A lot of dancing around hard questions in hope of pure optimism is what I hear. Seems like there is a lot not being addressed like the treatment plan and time tables and expectations moving forward. Be pretty devastating if he don’t make it to the bigs as a big time contributor.

  3. Doug Gray

    Guys, I decided to take the Robert Stephenson part of this post to it’s own column. In doing so, I deleted the comments on this one that related to that part. Unfortunately moving them to the other post is impossible. So they just went in the trash and I’d encourage you to continue the discussion on that over with that column.