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Louisville won 4-2. Box Score

Pensacola lost 3-2, 4-1 in a double header.

Game 1: 3-2 loss. Box Score

Daytona lost 6-5. Box Score

Dayton lost 9-4, won 3-0 in a double header.

Game 1: 9-4 loss. Box Score

Game 2: 3-0 win. Box Score

5/19 Game Preview

Team 1st half 2nd half Time (ET) Probable Box Score Listen Live Watch Live
Louisville 13-24 N/A 7:05pm Lopez Here Here Here
Pensacola 18-24 0-0 7:05pm DeSclafani Here Here Here
Daytona 24-16 0-0 7:05pm Romero Here Here N/A
Dayton 19-20 0-0 7:00pm Jordan Here Here Here

27 Responses

  1. Simon Cowell

    When will Tyler Stephenson be heading to Pensacola?

    • MK

      Not sure lesser competition is the need. Through experience and stuffhe has the ability to be successful in Midwest League. He just has to learn to make the adjustments.

  2. Chris

    8 games under .500 throughout the minors. I know it’s about development but should there be any concern about records? If the minor league system truly is top 10 shouldn’t we be seeing more success on the field?

    • RedsKoolAidDrinker

      Should be no concern. If we have a lot of real prospects doing great but don’t have the best of records bc of the guys who aren’t real prospects anyways, then we should be excited.

    • Doug Gray

      There are 200+ players in the farm system. The farm system rankings are generally speaking, based on about 15 30 of them that might be big leaguers one day. So, no, the rankings shouldn’t directly reflect the on-field product.

      Obviously you’d like to see more wins. But it’s not a reflection of the future, either. Louisville has clearly struggled. The other three teams? They’ve generally played alright. Dayton has been incredibly streaky.

  3. Norwood Nate

    Nice to see Daal back playing in games. Really good start by Mondile, he’s had a rough go of it to start this season, maybe he can use this start to build some confidence. Any reason Stephenson only threw 74 pitches? Speaking of Stephenson…

    Here are some fun numbers to consider:
    Stephenson’s last 5 MLB starts: 26 IP 8 ER
    Bailey’s last 5 MLB starts: 23.2 IP 24 ER
    Marquis’ last 5 MLB starts: 24.1 IP 20 ER

    I get that many are frustrated by BobSteve, and his mindset, but only one of these guys looks like a viable ML starting option. Stephenson, for all his warts was pitching well to end the season last year and was improving throughout the season. Bailey is looking more and more like the other retread veterans we couldn’t wait to get rid of when they were taking starts from young potential starters. Stephenson still has potential and upside, Bailey is getting beaten like a rented mule. If the Reds are committed to sorting out pitching options for the next competitive Reds team, Bailey will stop getting starts. (And before anyone brings up the $, it’s a sunk cost. The Reds are on the hook for it regardless, the money owed to Bailey is a non-issue because the Reds will pay it one way or another).

    • Wes

      I’m coming around on that too about bailey. He’s been one of the worst players in major league since he came back last year. Reds prob can’t afford to just cut him and write him a check til this time next year but they got to be close to moving him to a long relief position.

      As far as bobsteve- Everyman has his pride and his comments reflect his ego. I’m not overly concerned about it and I believe he’s earned a call up.

      • MK

        As I have mentioned before I sat next to Castellini during a Bailey rehab start in Dayton and he genuinely likes the guy which tells you all tou need to know about him be discharged,

    • Keith

      Think there was a rain delay in Louisville- so Bob Steve probably didn’t go back out.

    • B-town Fan

      I’m guessing Stephenson’s short outing was rain delay related, he was only at 74 pitches no walks and 7 strikeouts, because if you want him go 7 innings in games at the MLB level your going to have let him do it at the minor league level. As for Bailey it’s a mystery, accept for his first 2 starts it looks like his control is way off, because his velocity is fine, he was at 93, 94 mostly a few 95’s and 2 or 3 96’s in fact one of his few strikeouts was a 96 fastball.

    • Doug Gray

      Stephenson sat through a rain delay that lasted just over an hour. He came back after that and threw 2 more innings. I’m guessing that’s why he only threw 74 pitches.

      • Norwood Nate

        That makes sense, thanks for the info. (tip of the hat to Keith as well)

  4. MK

    Beltre has a huge Midwest League on base streak going which includes several games from 2017. I am sure he received a mental boost yesterday as his new wife hit town yesterday.

    • Doug Gray

      I don’t. I haven’t played in probably 10-11 years. I don’t have time to keep up with it.

  5. Billy

    It was depressing to watch the Reds game last night. Twice (Winker and Suarez) batters failed to run out ground balls that they would have been safe on. Votto was clueless about the play at the plate on the squeeze. Suarez was hurt, so you can give him a pass. Or, you can make a convincing case that if he was that hurt, he shouldn’t have been playing. And I’ll give Votto a bit of a pass too because it seems to me that there had to be a breakdown in communication there. These are really bad habits that suggest a poorly coached team to me. The team has some decent talent, but they’ll continue to struggle if they continue to fail at doing the little things well.

  6. Jim t

    Been a fan since 1959. I will not go to another game until Bailey is sent to pen and Harvey is DFA’d. Wasting starts on either is a slap in the face to every Reds fan. Often injured, half of year of team control and a significant drop in velocity will net you zero return at deadline. Disco, Stephenson, Reed and Garrett all should be getting regular turns if front office is truly interested in a rebuild. Harvey and Bailey are shamefully using innings that could be spent evaluating our players. I’m done until they are serious about building a team worthy of my hard earned money.

    • Keith

      What if Harvey does well and they flip him at the deadline for a good prospect? What’s the harm in aiming for that? Considering how many times our young starters have barely lasted through the 3rd or 4th inning, I have no problem with them taking a chance on an arm like that and having him eat some innings over the summer that would otherwise be taxing the bullpen. I think Harvey is a great move – low risk, high reward if it works out.

      • Jim t

        He has had 2 starts and hasn’t been more then 4 innings. Isn’t that eating the pen. They will not get a c level prospect for him. Bounce that off the innings it will require to market him off of giving them to prospects that will actually be here and you have a very made acquisition and use of your system.

    • MikeD

      Hey Jim,

      I have always been a fan of Homer’s, probably because I remember when the Reds drafted him and it is easy to get attached to guys that come through the system. That said, his results since his bout of injuries, have been disappointing to say the least. Letting him continue is a sign of a poor organization. I get that they were (are) hoping he will improve as he gets further away from his surgery, but it just doesn’t appear that will happen.

      Picking up Harvey is just another desperate move and again, another sign of a poor organization. GAB is not the place for a pitcher like Harvey at this point.

      The Reds are a mess and it seems as if they keep creating more of one. I am losing confidence in their management and have long lost confidence in ownership. Bring back Bob Howsman!

      • Wes

        I’m not concerned. You either have the players or u don’t. Right now they don’t have players at major league level but it’ll come around. Until then, you prepare for that date. Harvey is merely a lotto ticket- the whole situation has no relevance what so ever- if you are upset w reds- promise that’s not the real reason.

        Every thing they do needs to build for a moment when they are relevant again. If u was ownership I’d rather u not show up vs trying to put an average team on the field. Homer is arguably the worse player in major leagues- what does he bring? A bunch of guaranteed losses and that’s exactly what reds need.

        What matters is stupid trades of note worthy talent, bad draft picks in top 5 and terrible contracts. Been a while since reds have done any of those things. Future is promising.

      • Jim t

        Mike like you I like Bailey. Thought his signing when it occurred was a good move. Unfortunately injuries have turned his signing into a sunk cost. Trying to make it into something other at this point is detrimental to the rebuild. At this point Homer is what he is, a guy who can’t get through 5 innings most nights. The reds gain nothing keeping him in the rotation.

  7. AirborneJayJay

    My wish is coming true. Auburn’s Casey Mize had another hiccup last night. He took another loss in a so-so game for him. His record dips to 9-4 as he went 6 IP, 7 H, 4 R, 4ER, 2 BB, 9 K.
    Keeping my go get a crossed he can slip to # 5.

    • The Duke

      No one is really jumping up to take the top spot away from Mize though. Very thin year at the top.

  8. David

    Chris Okey’s walk-up music should be “Life is a Highway”. That’s all I got.