The Seattle Mariners losing Robinson Cano to injury, and then shortly thereafter a suspension has led to a lot of questions for Seattle. It seems that their current plan involves moving Dee Gordon to the infield to replace Cano. That does leave them short in the outfield, though.

Ken Rosenthal openly wonders about what this could all mean in the long term over at The Athletic. One suggestion that he offers up is for the Mariners to make a trade for Adam Duvall – though he also notes that the Seattle farm system stinks and it may make for a tough match up in many deals for non-bench caliber players.

A sports radio host in Seattle also offered up some thoughts on what the Mariners could do, and he too, thought of the Cincinnati Reds. He mentioned both Billy Hamilton and Scooter Gennett. Obviously, Gennett would slide right into second base and Dee Gordon could remain in center field for Seattle. We’ve talked about that quite a bit this week.

Billy Hamilton, though, could change their entire lineup. In that scenario, Gordon would slide to second and Hamilton would take over in center field. That would change their plans on how they use Ben Gamel and Guillermo Heredia, who were going to find more playing time with Gordon playing second and no outside help in center.

Louisville uses one bat

The Louisville Bats did something fun on Friday night. The entire team decided to just use one bat as long as they could. It paid off early. Both Josh VanMeter and Steve Selsky used the bat to hit home runs in the first inning of the game. The balls went to nearly the same spot, too.

Robert Stephenson is back to throwing strikes

There was certainly an interesting article written the other day about Robert Stephenson in the Louisville Courier-Journal. I wrote about some of the things that were said in there, and expanded on some ideas with pitching theory to go along with it. But, the idea behind it all was that Stephenson is being asked to throw more strikes by the Reds, and it’s what he’s been working on with pitching coach Jeff Fassero in Louisville.

When you look at the overall numbers for Robert Stephenson this year for Louisville, you can see that he’s walked 25 batters in 42.0 innings. You can’t slice that in any way and make it look good. It’s entirely too many batters to be walking. He’s had two very poor games when it comes to walks, and they came in back-to-back starts. He walked 11 batters in 6.1 innings between two games, coming on April 25th and then May 1st.

In the three starts since, including last night in Norfolk, he’s walked just five batters in 18.0 innings and he’s struck out 22. He’s thrown a total of 264 pitches in those three starts and thrown 181 strikes. That’s good for a strike rate of 69%. That’s a very strong ratio of strikes to balls thrown.

Michael Beltre extends his on-base streak

Last night in Dayton’s double header, Michael Beltre went 0-2 with a walk in game one, and then went 2-3 with 2 doubles in game two. In 29 games this season he has reached base in every single one of them. And it’s led to an impressive .337 batting average, an incredible .448 on-base percentage, and he’s showing pop, too, with a .471 slugging percentage. For a little bit more icing on that cake, he’s also stolen eight bases in nine attempts and has 21 walks with just 24 strikeouts.

But, if we want to extend things to last season, his streak is actually sitting at 33 consecutive games of reaching base. Dating back to August 31st, when he began the streak to close out the year, going 1-3 with a triple against Bowling Green. The season wrapped up with a 3-game series in Lansing where he reached base 11 times in 14 trips to the plate.


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  1. Amarillo

    I’m now imagining an outfield of Dee Gordon and Billy Hamilton and a 5 man infield.

  2. kevinz

    Better Pay that meter to park your van lol i like Vanmeter he just a ballplayer like Blandino not saying same style or type player but just solid players who will have Long MLB Careers.
    The trade with the Sea dont think fit with Prospects we need or want but sea needs what we have if makes sense

    • Doug Gray

      The value of Hamilton and Duvall can’t be all that high right now….

      • kevinz

        Very true Doug agreed i guess get what can for them i obviously wasnt thinking haha gotta trim the fat somehow so lets do it is there a chance

  3. Tom B.

    It doesn’t appear that Seattle is a good trade partner with the Reds. Sounds to me like a perfect set-up for a three-way trade. With whom else? No idea. But as much as I’d like the Reds to use Gennett and Hamilton as the trade assets they are, I don’t want them to just settle.

    • Grover

      Why? Mahle had his 4 best starts all quality before his last start when he pitched sick.

      • Reaganspad

        Mahle needs time in AAA to continue his finishing as a major league pitcher.

        You also want to manage his innings and service time to pick up the additional year of control

        Now is the perfect time to send him down for a few weeks, skip a start and work on specifics: 3rd pitch, send him to AA and let him DH for some time to work on his swing and bunting.

        The guy will be in the bigs a long time. No need to lose the extra year of control

    • CP

      Let Bobsteve get good and consistent till they Trade Harvey, then give him the call up and hope it keeps this time…

  4. Wes

    I think reds and mariners fit great ! If I’m Seattle I’d want scooter and an outfielder which ensures the reds a decent return. Maybe Schebler and scooter for a trade that headlines either Lewis or Carlson. That’s big for log jam and farm

      • Wes

        Service time. Poor management loosing a year of control for a lost season.

      • RedsinWashSt

        You are replying to the wrong post. Schebler and Hamilton have nothing to do with service time. (WES)

  5. Hoyce

    I know everyone wants Lewis. And I do too. But I think there is no way scooters trade value is even close to that.

    • Shawn

      I’m not sure what scooters value is but Lewis’s has to be dropping after his knee surgery and missed time. I would definently ask for him. Would settle for less tho. I’m not sure how many teams are going to be needing a 2B.

    • Shawn

      Lewis’s stats this year.
      1BB, 10Ks

    • Wes

      Hoyce, got to take into account Seattle is willing to deal more so than other organizations. They traded their best prospect to cardinals for a so so pitcher. And they have been trying to win for a while now. If they are high on reds players- they’ll pay. Not sure if we have an outfielder they would want though.

      Also Lewis was a shaky prospect coming out and fell to Seattle. Been hurt whole time. I agree it’s a tall order but I think there’s a chance. And don’t see other teams willing to take much less either.

    • Stock

      I think you are highly under rating Scooter Hoyce. He struggled early this year defensively but has been coming around lately.

      Offensively he is 2nd only to Albies in the NL and third in the majors (Altuve). His offensive skills allow him to slide over to 1B when Cano returns. To date he would be in the top 5 in 1B production.

      He has been doing it for a year now so it is time to assume it is real, especially since the underlying stats say it is.

      Scooter, Hamilton and Schebler/Duvall for:

      Kyle Lewis (OF) (Age 22)
      Sam Carlson (RHP) (Age 19)
      Julio Rodriguez (OF) (Age 17)
      Juan Quercuto (SS) (Age 17)
      Joe Rizzo (3B) (Age 19)

      This may not even be enough.

  6. madd

    Is there anybody on the mariners roster (bullpen guys) and maybe some lower minor leaguers they could package together to make it worthwhile?

    • AirborneJayJay

      RHP Wyatt Mills at A+.
      OF/CF Ian Miller at AAA.
      OF_CF Braden Bishop at AA.

  7. Wes

    Castillo let 11 baserunners on in 5 innings but only gave up 1 run. If reds can get 5/6 innings out of starters and giving up 3 or less runs- then turn it over to pen- they will win a lot of games !

  8. Jason Stamper

    Give them duvall and bailey who cares what we get in return..they will spend money and we owe bailey a get a feinge prospect and im good

    • Nolan Ryan

      Like what someone posted recently – that Bailey is a sunk cost (he’s going to get paid his $$$ no matter what). And just like the Federal government wasting $10M on a toilet seat for the space program – the Reds wasted $105M on ‘Homer’. Just hope the Red’s front office can make wiser decisions on players going down the road – and Suarez is a step in the right direction.

      • Shawn

        I don’t think it was a bad decision. Bailey just got hurt. That’s a chance you take. Especially with pitchers

      • Colorado Red

        Just a note on toilets (no 10 Mil toilets out there)
        When you have a toilet on a plane or a space craft.
        It needs to not go flying off if there is a crash.
        No household toilet needs to handle 10 G’s

  9. MikeinSoCal

    Hey the Mets need OFs too. They have a lot of injuries and no one to bring up. My gut feeling is I would rather trade Schebler than Duvall or even Hamilton. Duvall seems to get his power numbers no matter what. I like his defense also. He has saved some runs and maybe games with critical catches that I don’t think Winker could have made.

  10. Cguy

    Scooter Gennett is not mincemeat. Lewis has to be included, or no deal. Problem is that Lewis has potential plus injuries & Scooter is putting up big numbers. So Reds need Carlson, Rodriguez, or Bishop added to deal. Hey, Seattle can find a 2nd baseman to put up Cano type numbers almost anywhere, right?

    • The Duke

      I’d rather have Sam Carlson and Julio Rodriguez. Both are still in rookie ball, but one was an over slot 2nd rd pick that got paid like a 1st rd pick and the other was given nearly $2 million in IFA and has major power potential. Lewis is already multiple surgeries in on the same knee and has barely played since drafted.

      • Shawn

        That’s who I like too. It also helps that I they wouldn’t be on the 40 man roster. We may be in a crunch for the rule 5 draft next year.

      • Norwood Nate

        I’m with you Duke. I wouldn’t scoff at a Lewis/Carlson package, but having to get Lewis isn’t a requisite for me. To be honest, most of me feels only luke-warm toward the idea of getting Lewis and would gladly take a return of Carlson/Rodriguez for Gennett.

  11. kevinz

    My hope is if trade scooter its to a team with a good Farm System get better Prospects from them.
    Duvall or Billy and schebler should be from weaker farms like Sea Etc.

  12. SteveLV

    The problem with Scooter isn’t Scooter, it’s the situation. He’s only a bargain for the next 4 months, other teams know the Reds aren’t going to pay him to play next year, and as far as I can tell, there are only 4 or 5 teams that might – might – be interested. It’s the Cozart situation all over again. Hard to believe we’d get much back in a straight up deal. If we can, take it. A package may make more sense.

    • Bob Anderson

      Scooter,Romero and Duvall should get a starter

  13. Steve

    Great to see Calten Daal back on the field for the Tortugas! Got his first hit in a while today. Also, welcome back Andrew Jordan. Pitching well for the Dragons today.

    • The Duke

      Daal has done nothing but perform when he’s been on the field, just so so many injuries.

  14. Nolan Ryan

    Gennett brings a lot of energy to the Reds – so until Senzel is ready – he should be kept.

    • The Duke

      If a good deal can’t be struck, I’d agree with that, but if we can get value, make the move and roll with Herrera and Blandino until Senzel is ready.

    • victor vollhardt

      Gennett has been a great deal so far and it looks like his bat is now real. He plays with HIGH energy on both offence and defense. To make that good deal better—Don’t trade him —sign him to a good, fair (for both sides) deal long term now not later. If and when Senzel is ready things can be worked out. What everybody is forgetting is that vertigo can be a life long aliment and it can come and go without warning. My guess would be if you asked those who post on this site–how many have had this problem at one time or another(over a lifetime-young to old)you would be surprised how many have dealt with it

      • kevinz

        I agree with all said Victor love scooter hes a all out ballplayer as well.
        I think have to cash in though cant miss out like did with Cozart Duvall Frazier deals when Flipped them to late for low Prospects.

        Senzel has me worried for sure happened end of last year now this year.
        ATM he MIA to me cant rely on him being who thought he was so should plan like he a busted pick til proven other wise .

        so for moment see if Blandino and herrera along with Long lil later battle for 2nd . Hopeful Senzel comes back healthy for good and becomes our RF got alot talent for 2nd not so much close for RF .

      • The Duke

        Take that money and the Mesoraco money and get another starting pitcher on a 3-4 year deal for $15-$20 mil per year (that’s what a mid rotation pitcher costs on the open market).

  15. MK

    Back about 1992 I had a kid on the high school team who had a wooden bat and he bugged me every day about using it in a game. I would explain the performance just wasn’t the same as the medal and told him no. But every day it would be the same thing. Finally one day in a conference game we got down 10-0 by the 4th inning so I said that’s it everybody uses the wood bat. We had an 11-run inning and ended up winning 12-10.. So it ended up being a fun day.From that point on our batting champion received a mini wooden bat.

  16. Hoyce

    With the Howie Kendrick injury. I offer Iglesias and Duval for a package that has Juan Soto in it.
    Take advantage of their needs

  17. kevinz

    some fun trades like to add on the late night.
    Iggy to Atl for LHP Gohara and OF Pache
    Scooter and castillo plus Hamilton to LAD for OF Verdugo RHP Buehler C-2nd Barnes

  18. Kap

    I like duke’s idea for scooter to seattle. Then I would say iggy to the twins for nick gordan, stephen gonsalves, alex kirilloff, and john curtiss