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Louisville was postponed. Double header Sunday.

Pensacola lost 4-1. Box Score

Daytona won 7-6. Box Score

  • TJ Friedl went 3-4 with a walk, double, triple, RBI, and he scored 2 runs.
  • Jose Siri went 2-4 with a steal, 2 runs, and he had 2 RBI.
  • Taylor Trammell went 1-3, was hit by a pitch, scored a run, and he had an RBI.
  • Mitch Nay went 2-4 with an RBI.
  • Calten Daal went 2-4 with a double and he scored 2 runs.
  • Wennington Romero allowed 3 runs in 6.0 innings with 3 walks and 2 strikeouts.
  • Joel Kuhnel threw a shutout inning with a strikeout.

Dayton won 5-3. Box Score

5/20 Game Preview

Team 1st half 2nd half Time (ET) Probable Box Score Listen Live Watch Live
Louisville 13-24 N/A 12:05pm Lopez/TBA Here Here Here
Pensacola 18-25 0-0 6:05pm Lorenzen Here Here Here
Daytona 25-16 0-0 5:35pm Boyles Here Here N/A
Dayton 20-20 0-0 2:00pm Rodriguez Here Here Here

42 Responses

  1. kevinz

    very nice to see garcia Patient seems to be getting into better groove since had not played for awhile before season began.
    Would love to see Siri walk much more but do like he trying to hit it to RF that will surely help him moving forward.

  2. The Duke

    I wonder if we could see Trammell and Friedl moved to AA after the MiLB all star break, and Beltre and Fairchild take their place in Daytona. While not exactly, Trammell’s 2018 is reminding me a bit of Senzel’s 2017 in Daytona. Trammell is showing more power and taking more walks though.

    • MK

      Unless due to an injury need the Reds typically do not do these promotions until the mid way point of the minor league season which will be a little bit less than a month away.

  3. Apolitical Blues

    Is anyone else concerned about Castillo’s 4-5 mph drop on his fastball?

    • Norwood Nate

      I don’t know where you saw 4-5 mph, but that’s quite the exaggeration. According to Brooks Baseball, Castillo averaged 97.87 on his 4-seam FB in 2017. This season he’s averaged 96.09 on the 4-seam FB. That’s a difference of less than 2mph. Castillo’s sinker, changeup, and slider have all seen a slight decrease as well (roughly down 1.5-2.5 mph from last season). Considering pitchers typically don’t hit their peak velocity until we move further into summer, and Castillo’s 2017 numbers reflect only from July on, I really don’t see anything to be concerned about.

      • The Rage

        Even that drop changes things. Both Luis and Romano are fastball dependent to control the zone. Both guns are struggling a bit. Sal was 94-98 when he came back up the 2nd time last summer.

  4. Sandheel

    Disco is nearly ready.

    He should replace Bailey but won’t.

    Who makes room? Romano?

    • Wes

      Bobsteve is ready too. Both have earned it. Marty brennerman said last night Romero is 5th and homer is 4th, but if you send mahle down for a little bit- you get an extra year of service time- not like reds are competing- mahle should be 5th man, then Romero from reds perspective but I’d also like to see Romero get a full season under him as a starter so I really hope he stays and they move bailey to long relief or DL maybe.

      I really hope disco is back! Mahle, Castillo, and disco make a solid core. Just missing an ace for a very good rotation.

      • IndyRedsFan

        Wes, the shipped has sailed on the extra year of service time for Mahle. If they were going to do it, they needed to do it at the beginning of the year when they could argue “he needs more seasoning”.

        If they do it now, when he’s the best, or second best performing pitcher in the rotation…..the union will be screaming bloody murder.

      • Reaganspad

        I’d it right now with his struggles of late.

      • Stock

        If you are looking to gain an added year of control keep Stephenson in the minors all year.

        Stephenson has had 2 starts this year where his BB/9 is less than 3 and only 1 where it is less than 2.5. To say he has earned a promotion is very premature. If he can string together 4-6 starts where his BB/9 is less than 3 then maybe he has earned a promotion. At this point you make a move more because someone in the show deserves a demotion.

      • Bill Anderson

        I really don’t think Stephenson’s BB rate really matters with him. More like how he is getting batters out. If he can go 5-6 innings giving up 2-3 runs, he is a big improvement(and of there will be variations of course) over Bailey and Romero.

        The Reds have been trying to get these guys to produce since 2016 and for some, it is final exam time. Sorta like Jesse Winker’s slump. Let him get some regular playing time in LF and see if he snaps out of it. Hamilton,Duvall and the such need to be dealt, moved off the team. They represent the Reds decline since Homer blew his arm out in August of 2014 than anybody else.

      • donny

        Just for the record Wes. I don’t think i have ever i mean ever agreed with anything that you have ever said in the comment section. I find that weird and very unusual . I am still waiting for the day that something is said that i agree with. No big deal, but just unusual . I mean never.

        Just goes to show just how opposite two people can be.

      • Wes

        @stock. Bobsteve has pitched 18 innings over last 3 starts- gave up 5 runs, walked 5 and struck out 22. He’s the hottest pitcher in system right now. He’s earned it.

  5. Cguy

    Lorenzen starting today for Pensacola. Just getting his rehab work in at the beginning of the game, or maybe letting him start?

    • Bill

      The Reds have stated Lorenzen is expected to go two innings as part of his rehab assignment and they are planning to use him in the bullpen. So, he’s just starting to ensure he gets his work in.

  6. Wes

    Winker hasn’t been as impressive especially of late. No homers yet and we are 1/4 way through season. Even billy and peraza have a couple. Any concerns out there ?

    • Mark

      I agree very unimpressive this year. I personally wouldn’t lose sleep if they included him in a trade with an American League team for maybe some of the better farm pieces discussed with Seattle Carlson Lewis come to mind no home runs is unacceptable from him at this point of season put blandino or Herrera in outfield or van meter. Another guy who is not progress schebler to me he is expendable as well in trade imo

      • Billy Ocean

        everything you just said makes no sense. smh. vanmeter? herrera??

    • SteveLV

      I would bet that Winker becomes a .280+ hitter and .380 OBP guy – valuable things. But if he slugs .340, he’s not a corner outfielder on contending teams in the NL.
      Give him the time to find out, though. There are 2 relatively small sample sizes – last year, which certainly works, and this year that doesn’t. Keep running him out there, get him to 1000 at bats, then we’ll have a better idea.

  7. MK

    Very few rookies do not have ups and downs and it is part of maturing process. Jesse started out outstandingly and the last couple weeks teams have adjusted to his strengths and now he has to adjust as well. I believe he will. He is the one young guy who takes the sainted, highly revered Base on Balls and it still isn’t enough to keep him above the criticism.

    • Tom B.

      MK, I agree with you about Winker. Yeah, he’s struggling right now, but he looks like he has a clue when he comes to the plate. Unlike most of the Reds, Winker is pretty good at working the count, and won’t just give up an at-bat.

    • Stock

      Where does Winker provide value? He is a huge liability on defense and a liability on offense. When Billy Hamilton ISO is 50% greater than your ISO you have a problem. Here are the WAR of our 4 OF.

      Hamilton 0.5
      Duvall 0.5
      Schebler 0.3
      Winker -0.4

      Who should be on the bench?

      • kevinz

        Hate to say it since like Winker but if hes not Hitting he has to sit.
        His D is Horrid so has to hit. Reds need more players with speed with atleast a 55 on a scouting scale. Which if looked who drafted lately the reds are doing that so im happy there. No more 1 or 2 tool players like have now whole outfield can be replaced.

      • MK

        Three weeks ago he was above .300 B.A with a .400 OBP,. Lets see where he is in a month.

      • Wes

        Yeah I was joking. Winker should get 600 ab’s this year. Reds are still rebuilding so his lack of production or poor d shouldn’t impact his playing time. I’d be starting him and Ervin daily.

        How does Duvall go from hitting 240 w 30 homers and 100 rbi 2 years in a row to this ? Guess Schebler is my right fielder as of today.

      • kevinz

        I agree Winker need to Play over Duvall in the least .
        Winker will not be on this team when its good again but have to get some value for him cant get full Value for a DH if dont play him over and over again.
        Instinctive base runners or fast runners with speed like trammell siri downs Senzel needed this team lacks that badly. Its changing though take a little bit but the times are changing for the good.

  8. Stock

    Yesterday’s topic of conversation (trade Gennett to Seattle) makes sense. However it makes much more sense to make a trade with Arizona right now. They lost Pollock and now have zero offense. They have lost 9 of 10 yet are still in 1st place.

    Marte is their 2B and his war is 0
    Amhed is their SS and his war is 0.1
    Dyson is their CF (OBP of .260, OPS .579) (War of 0.2)
    Owings is their RF and his war is 0

    Duvall is warming up and his war is 0.5
    Schebler has a war of 0.3
    Hamilton has a war of 0.5

    Trading for Hamilton, Duvall and Gennett would dramitacally improve the team in 3 positions. This is a team seeking the playoffs.

    When Pollock comes back Hamilton could be place in a role he is best suited for in 4th OF and pinch runner.

    AZ doesn’t have a great set of prospects but far better than what Seattle has.

  9. Norwood Nate

    It’s probably time to move Friedl up, replace him with Beltre. Both could use the challenge of a tougher league and are at an age they should be challenged.

    • Mark

      I agree I feel we need to get more of the next group of potential starting outfielders up to aa and aaa. I personally think Dixon or senzel should be in rf and we need to promote shed and challenge him at aaa to see if we can potentially move scooter in a few months… and another thing can Siri hit for a worse average than Hamilton?

    • Stock

      I would let Beltre take a run at a record before I move him. Good for moral.

  10. Hoyce

    Sunday rant: billy Hamilton is flat useless. I’d have him rotting on the bench or traded so fast it would make his head spin. Can’t win w players like that. Negative baseball IQ

    • Wes

      Insert Phil Ervin to play every day right away. They got millions invested in that dude- play him

  11. Brad

    Reds are getting even harder to watch.

    1) How does Blandino not get a start in either game of a DH?
    2) You cannot complain that SP “cannot throw 7 innings/3rd time through order” when you take Mahle out after 6 with 85 pitches. Let him go.
    3) Reds pitchers still struggle to throw strikes. 6 years running
    4) Reds hitters still struggle to identify the strike zone and maintain discipline. Darvish couldnt throw a strike and Reds hitters continually bailed him out.
    5) Reds make a silly amount of defensive errors and poor plays that do not register as errors.
    6) Baserunners are not aggressive and dont see the play before it happens (ie: Schebler not going 1st to 3rd on flair yesteday)
    7) It is good enough for Kyle Schwarber to drop down a bunt and take an easy single but not good enough for Jay Bruce, Scott Schebler, Jesse Winker or Joey Votto…
    8) Rough weekend series for umpires. 2 games I watched on tv (i attended 1) had ever changing strike zones. Many plays were overturned or could have been overturned.

    End rant

    • Bill Anderson

      The Reds had a rough 4 game series. Terrible pitching by Bailey and Romero. Bad, lazy offense. Lazy defense. Bad bullpen. Manager’s pulling pitchers to fast.

  12. Bill Anderson

    To bad for Castillo and Romero. Both to these guys were counted on to develop and improve, it just didn’t happen. The league adjusted too both and both are struggling to adjust back. Castillo seems to have more potential than Sal. Poor guy is just totally lost.

    I wonder if part of Krall’s promotion to GM is that he has had some winner’s out there while the others losers. This is like a soft rebuild of the FO going on. Jocketty’s FO wasn’t very good.

      • Randy in Chatt

        If I was pitching for the Reds, I’d want an alias too

      • RedHatesBlue

        Man, Wennington hasn’t even made it out of High A yet and people are feeling bad for him. I think he really has improved in the Florida State League. The hitters haven’t adjusted to him as much as one would think.

      • The Rage

        Haha. Sal has had a disappointing year. Both he and Castillo had such promising half seasons. It just has fallen flat this year. A chunk of why this team struggles.