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Louisville lost 3-2. Box Score

Pensacola lost 5-0 in a rain shortened game. Box Score

Daytona lost 4-1. Box Score

Dayton had their game suspended. Resumption at 6pm on Tuesday.

5/22 Game Preview

Team 1st half 2nd half Time (ET) Probable Box Score Listen Live Watch Live
Louisville 13-27 N/A 11:05am Reed Here Here Here
Pensacola 18-27 0-0 OFF OFF Here Here Here
Daytona 25-18 0-0 10:35am Moss Here Here N/A
Dayton 21-20 0-0 6:00pm TBA/Bautista Here Here Here

18 Responses

  1. kevinz

    That 13 Pitch AB Siri had was Fun for a line out to left lol. Siri has had quite a good amount of full Counts but either lines out or SO. hope learns to take the walk. Ill be Positive though atleast getting to a full count

  2. kevinz

    Jw to anyone is out of question for Blandino to play SS? is it soon to give up on peraza? not saying Blandino do any better just might add lil more BB N PoP

    • Doug Gray

      I’ve only talked to a few people over the years that think that Blandino can actually play shortstop daily. The overwhelming majority think he’s a solid second baseman who can cover shortstop as a backup, but not as a starter.

      It’s too soon to give up on Peraza. But I also think it’s not too soon to think you need another actual option to look at for 2019.

      • kevinz

        Thanks Doug was jw didnt know if Alex D that much worse than jose at SS if not then the added Pop and BB would help i believe

  3. kevinz

    I read a really good article comparing Trammell and Acuna saying acuna may have a touch more speed and a better arm but see the same type of player if true def take that!!!

    • Doug Gray

      Got a link?

      Because for as much as I like me some Taylor Trammell, Acuna’s a different kind of guy.

      In terms of scouting reports for future performance, here’s what Baseball America had for each guy:

      Hit tool: 60 – 55
      Power: 70 – 60
      Speed: 70 – 60
      Defense: 70 – 55
      Arm: 60 – 40

      I’d tend to agree with that pretty much across the board. Taylor Trammell is a very good prospect. Ronald Acuna is the kind of prospect that comes along every 5-10 years. One guy has Hall of Fame kind of tools. The other guy has All-Star kind of tools. Nothing wrong with that, but there’s a stark difference.

      • kevinz

        honestly not brightest with computer doing links lol.
        all did though Doug was Taylor Trammell scouting report into google
        The title was the next OF superstar i believe or Fantasy Superstar.

      • kevinz

        Also agreed Doug not saying Trammell on acuna Level just figured a interesting read. Plus if Trammell progresses like we all hope has advantage being LH plus smaller home Park than Acuna so mayb reach his Numbers in Majors lol

    • kevinz

      Thats the one Mike def a good Read he does say Trammell Not Acuna but very comparable . Enjoyed reading it thought a nice reed

  4. Eric Wormus

    Doug, we all wait with bated breath for the status of Brandon Dixon. Any idea why he was pulled?

  5. AirborneJayJay

    Finnegan with a HR. It would sure be nice to have two hitting pitchers in the bullpen in the late innings. Lorenzen and Finnegan can come in a game and pitch an inning with the pitchers spot up early the next inning. They wouldn’t have to be removed for a pinch hitter and can then go multiple innings. No other MLB team would have such a tandem.

  6. B-town Fan

    Very interesting article you found Kevinz, loved the highlight reel. Doug on the same player, loved your and Chad’s podcast over on Redlegnation a couple days ago. The most interesting info, actually surprised, I heard, was that you thought Trammell could be in Cincy by next years halfway mark, but more likely Sept. That was the first time I had heard you reference such an accelerated timeline for him.

  7. kevinz

    Thanks B-town i found it a very Fun read and had some good Points to figured bring it up to all. Thanks to Mike for Posting it for me though. I think If Trammell was with another club would get pushed harder to Make the MLB Reds will take it slower i think until can Pitch a little better.

  8. citizen54

    TJ Friedl having a very good year so far.

    • kevinz

      Agreed Citi big jump from what did in Limited time there last year good ole AA test not far behind lol

  9. BromleyJake

    Doug-If he continues to hit, how quickly could Fairchild move through the system? It doesn’t seem like he has many true CF’s between him and the Big’s in this system.